HYDAC – your reliable partner for rail technology

The specific requirements and standards/directives in this industry have led to increasingly complex structures and processes in recent years. Whether it’s in rail vehicles, track-laying machines or infrastructure – as a reliable, experienced partner, HYDAC finds solutions for all kinds of challenges from cooling and diesel filtration to hydrogen cleanliness testing.

Rail vehicles

All over the world, light rail vehicles, underground trains, goods trains and passenger trains, railcars and locomotives travel with components and systems from HYDAC. Whether it’s with traditional diesel power, electric power or future-oriented operation with hydrogen – with our product range for rail technology, HYDAC provides a high degree of safety and operational efficiency. The components fulfil all important standards, such as the European standards for fire protection (EN 45545), vibration testing (EN 61373) and weld quality (EN 15085).

Find out more about our solutions in the industries 

  • Cooling systems for converters, transformers, traction motors, diesel motors and similar

  • Mounting technology for pipes, cable guides and tank clamping bands

  • Filtration for diesel, hydraulics and hydrogen
  • Hydraulic accumulators and valve technology for hydraulic brake systems in light rail systems

Track-laying machines and track-maintenance machines

In rail transport, there are a large number of work, service and special-purpose vehicles, for example track maintenance vehicles, track-laying machines and railway cranes. The entire rail transport system ultimately relies on these special vehicles. To avoid line closures or to end track-laying work as quickly as possible, individual vehicles and entire track-laying trains have become highly specialised.

As an experienced supplier, HYDAC supplies fully developed components and systems for operational safety and performance that have proved their worth over years of use by our customers. So that rail transport can operate smoothly and you can meet your project plan deadlines no matter what happens.

Contact us for solutions in:

  • Hydraulics and sensors for track-laying
  • Oil filtration for cleaning and de-watering
  • Cooling systems
  • Diesel filtration




Even in rail infrastructure, HYDAC is an experienced supplier with an extensive portfolio – from hydraulic systems for railway point machines, rail lubrication and train lifting systems to systems for hydrogen filling stations.

Our range of services:

  • Hydraulic power units for track switching mechanisms
  • Rail lubrication systems
  • Hydraulic service units for depots
  • Systems and components for hydrogen filling stations

Downloads Find more information on HYDAC’s rail technology in our brochures and data sheets!