Extensive know-how in hydropower technology

Hydraulic steel structures

In hydraulic steel structures, durable and high-quality hydraulic systems are required for the gates, weirs and intake gates. Using standard components, we supply these to you cost-optimised in the tried-and-tested HYDAC quality. As one of the few providers worldwide, we offer you – in addition to cylinders to DIN ISO 19704 – large cylinders with up to 20 m strokes. Take advantage of our extensive portfolio. 

Shut-off devices

Shut-off devices realise safe operation in your hydropower plant. Mechanical hydraulic control devices handle the high pressure of the enormous volumes of water and enable short, safe closing times. HYDAC can support you with highly functional cylinders in accordance with AD2000 and DIN ISO 19704. Our many years of expertise in hydraulics, process filtration and accumulator technology make us the perfect partner.

Water turbine

Whether it is a Kaplan, Francis, Pelton or pump turbine – HYDAC produces custom system solutions with standardised components for your water turbines. In addition to hydraulic turbine controllers, which are essential for controlling a turbine’s adjustment devices, we provide impressively efficient accumulator solutions and expertise in process water filtration (e.g. shaft sealing). Thanks to our international service, we are on hand to advise you wherever you are.


The energy converter in the hydropower plant: driven by turbines, the generator uses the water's kinetic energy and converts this into electric energy. Its functionality must be guaranteed at all times. An optimal oil supply for lubrication and cooling makes a significant contribution to safe system operation. HYDAC provides comprehensive advice on solutions for lifting, braking and cooling systems as well as lubricating oil systems.

Balance of Plant

The auxiliary functions have a significant impact on the productivity of your hydropower plant. It is not only the monitoring of the key parameters via condition monitoring that plays a major role, but also the extensive observation, treatment and filtration of operating media. Trust our expertise as a specialist in hydraulics and fluid power – since 1963.


Sustainably save costs, despite constantly rising energy and raw material costs - HYDAC makes this possible thanks to standardised, installation space-optimised components and systems. We use optimised filter systems and drive systems to help you conserve resources in an efficient way. Reduce your CO2 emissions as well as the expenses for your hydropower plant in the long term.

Sustainability in hydropower plants: our product solutions

HYDAC KineSys variable-speed drive solution

Reduce the energy consumption, noise emissions, tank size and maintenance intervals of your hydropower plant? How is this possible? The variable-speed hydraulics paves the way for resource-conserving plant operation. With electromechanical cylinders, you no longer need to use oil as an operating medium, which lowers your contamination potential.

More information on the HYDAC DVA

HYDAC Air-X filter technology

Save installation space with optimised degassing of your lubrication systems – thanks to the innovative Air-X technology from HYDAC. Reduce your tank size by up to 40 % and sustainably optimise your hydropower plant’s use of resources.

More information on HYDAC Air-X

HYDAC dewatering unit FAM

Our FAM series dewaters, degasses and filters your hydraulic fluids and lubrication fluids. The efficient care means that you benefit from longer oil change intervals, reduced life cycle costs, greater reliability and increased system reliability.

More information on the HYDAC FAM

HYDAC Varnish Elimination Unit

Are solid or gel-like deposits blocking your plant? Then your problem is oil degradation products, also known as varnish. The solution is our service-friendly Varnish Elimination Units, as they can reliably remove varnish from your mineral oils.

More information on the HYDAC VEU

System availability

The trend towards digitalisation is everywhere and shows no signs of stopping, even in water power. HYDAC can support you on your journey with smart sensors and innovative monitoring devices for your systems and plants. With condition monitoring combined with predictive maintenance, we can reduce your servicing and maintenance intervals. Together we can increase the productivity of your large or small hydropower plant.

System availability in hydropower plants: our product solutions

HYDAC Contamination Sensor Module

To increase your system availability, use our impressive compact and cost-effective online condition monitoring module. Rely on our tried-and-tested technology for measuring solid particle contamination and water saturation in the oil-hydraulic systems in your hydropower technology.

More information on the HYDAC CSM-E

HYDAC Metallic Contamination Sensor

The HYDAC MCS continuously measures the particle contamination in your fluids. The sensor detects critical machine states early on, so that you can plan maintenance accordingly. The MCS can optionally be switched between ISO 4406:1999 / SAE AS 4059 and ISO 4406:1987 / NAS 1638.

More information on the HYDAC MCS

HYDAC IO-Link sensors

With Industry 4.0 in mind, we have added IO-Link and smart sensors to our range, which can do much more than just measuring. Benefit from valuable detailed information such as the overload situation, process value statistics, temperature profiles and operating hours. For reliable condition monitoring of your hydropower plants.

More information on HYDAC sensors with an IO-Link interface

HYDAC p₀‑Guard pressure switch

Our reliable p0-guard monitors the pre-charge pressure of your hydraulic accumulators. This can increase the safety of your hydropower plants and enables gas leaks to be discovered faster. This saves not only time but also costs. Minimise your failure costs with the HYDAC p0-guard.

More information on the HYDAC p0‑Guard

Functional safety

Hydropower plants are climate-friendly, cost-effective and – above all – reliable. Many years of dependable plant operation confirm this. With HYDAC you are always on the safe side: reliable components and monitoring systems, developed for your country’s specific requirements with many years of successful operation in real applications. Together we can take care of the functional safety of your hydropower technology.

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Functional safety in hydropower plants: our product solutions

HYDAC 4/3 proportional directional valve

The HYDAC C4WERE 6 series are direct acting, electrically operated directional valves. Always on the safe side with the fail-safe function of our solenoid-actuated control valves. We also offer you pilot-operated valves for greater flow rates.

More information on HYDAC industrial valves

HYDAC 4/3 control valves with ESD sandwich plate

Our pilot-operated, electrically powered directional valves are designed for large flow rates in hydropower plants. A sandwich plate that can be operated electrically or hydraulically is available as an option – ESD-function inclusive. Choose between versions with or without switch position monitoring.

More information on HYDAC industrial valves

HYDAC directional valves with switch position monitoring

Whether it's a piston spool valve or poppet valve design: our solenoid-actuated and direct-acting WSER reliably process your safety control system's signals. Learn about our WSER valves with their leak-free design and integrated monitoring sensor.

More information on HYDAC WSER

HYDAC sensors

For use in safety-critical applications, we supply – in addition to our standard range – sensors up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508) and PL d (ISO 13849). They have two channels (cat. 3) and include an optional self-diagnosis function (cat. 2). 

More information on HYDAC sensors

HYDAC laser linear position measurement system

Our measuring system is used for visual piston position monitoring and thereby fulfils an important safety task in your hydropower plant. Discover the advantages of our non-contact and leakage-free system.

System solutions for small hydropower plants

Small hydropower plants secure a stable local power supply. In addition to their high efficiency, their rapid realisability makes them especially attractive. Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge, we can develop and optimise consistently innovative and modular system solutions for your small hydropower plant. Rely on our tried-and-tested technology in turbine control, lubrication, filtration and much more.

Small hydropower plants: our system solutions

HYDAC Hydrobox controller system

Enhanced especially for hydropower technology, the modular and hydraulic controller is based on the tried-and-tested HYBOX basis system. Its aim is to fully modularise the hydraulic power unit. Configure the HYDAC hydrobox to suit your individual needs. 

HYDAC water-glycol circuits

HYDAC WGK applications were developed for use in closed cooling circuits – with the aim of ensuring reliable operation of fluid-cooled plants. Integrate our tried-and-tested WGK for a consistent coolant temperature in your small hydropower plant.

HYDAC automatic filter AutoFilt® ATF

When you use our automatic filters from the HYDAC AutoFilt® series, both you and the environment benefit – thanks to longer service lives and less power consumption. Learn about our cyclone and filter element combination.

More information on the HYDAC ATF

HYDAC compact lubricating unit HYLU

A tear in the lubricating film can lead to major damage in a small hydropower plant. Our HYDAC Lubrication Unit is the solution for optimising your lubrication systems thanks to its compact and modular design.

System solutions for large hydropower plants

When it comes to covering base load and peak load in power generation and storing energy efficiently, large power plants are the perfect partner in the transition to clean energy thanks to their high conversion efficiency. You can avoid unexpected failure in your plants thanks to our expertise in closed-loop control, lubrication, filtration and treatment of your operating media. HYDAC can support you in optimising your large hydropower plants with global service.

Large hydropower plants: our system solutions

HYDAC piston accumulator stations

From the component to the system – our modular piston accumulator portfolio with innovative monitoring possibilities enables precise implementation of your specific requirements. Together we will find the optimum solution for your application.

More information on HYDAC piston accumulators

HYDAC turbine controllers

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are able to design high-quality hydraulic turbine controllers that are perfectly aligned with your individual challenges. Contact us for a solution that perfectly suits your needs!

HYDAC process water filtration

Together we can optimise the process water filtration for cooling water and shaft sealing in your large hydropower plant. HYDAC can supply an extensive portfolio of filter skids. Find out more about our systems and components.

More information on HYDAC process water filtration

HYDAC bearing lubrication system

HYDAC can supply an extensive assortment of high-efficiency lubricating systems perfectly tailored to suit your specific challenges. Our degassing strategy rapidly lowers the amount of air in the oil, so the dwell time that is standard for the application is drastically reduced. Contact us for a solution that perfectly suits your needs!

HYDAC generator auxiliary plant

HYDAC has been active in hydropower technology for many years. Building on this experience, we design high-quality generator auxiliary systems such as cooling systems, lubrication oil systems and high-pressure plants. We make great efforts to configure your system to perfectly suit your requirements on site. 

HYDAC oil mist separator STENO

HYDAC has proven itself as an expert in fluid and filtration technology for decades. On this basis, we developed our oil mist separator which has our efficient Optimicron® Drain filter element technology at its core.

HYDAC lifting and braking cylinders

Tailor-made and modular lifting and braking cylinders, including auxiliary systems: rely on our decades of experience in power plant technology. HYDAC is the contact partner for optimising your large hydropower plant.

More information on HYDAC lifting and braking cylinders

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