Increased efficiency with needs-based thermal managementCreate your tailor-made cooling solution with HYDAC

From simple hydraulic oil coolers and combined coolers for multiple circuits to comprehensive cooling systems. As the complexity of mobile machines increases, so do the requirements that apply to needs-based cooling. HYDAC has the perfect solution: our efficient thermal management solutions are the key to increased productivity and a longer service life for your vehicle.

Thanks to advanced technology and our in-house production, we are able to offer comprehensive service and systems tailored to suit your specific needs – worldwide. Our processes and innovative development tools guarantee the highest quality products and designs.

Development partnership

From individual components to comprehensive systems: we develop the things that are important to you. Our HYDAC experts can put together the perfect solution for you thanks to their many years of experience in the thermal management of mobile machines. Working together as partners, we can identify any potential for optimisation and tap into this potential with a compact and efficient cooling system. Using CFD and FEM calculations, we can develop optimised new components in our in-house production. The series validation is performed with in-house test benches and prototype tests, guaranteeing reliable systems with the highest level of safety. You can also reap the benefits from reduced development times, products validated in advance and minimised risks – get in touch with our specialists today.


As intelligent systems improve comfort, range and productivity, needs-based thermal management forms the foundation for electrified machines: shorten your charging times with efficient battery cooling or lengthen service lives by reducing thermal stress. With extensive system know-how for your vehicle, HYDAC provides comprehensive thermal management solutions for electric drive components – tailored to suit your individual needs.

Noise reduction

The HYDAC EHC (electro-hydraulic control) offers you the perfect subsystem with machine application software for manual control of hydraulic mobile valves with proportional or on/off operation. With the EHC, you can easily build a system for machine control: connect analogue joysticks, function keys or seat switches to the controller and simply connect the pilot valves of the mobile valve axes. Parameterise the application software and configure the functionalities according to your required system behaviour. The subsystem is optimised for HYDAC mobile valves and pilot valves. Learn more about our software and the different versions that are available.

Installation space optimisation

With HYDAC, you can make efficient use of the limited space in your mobile application. Thanks to extremely compact and customisable cooling systems, you can save space and valuable resources as a result. Benefit from the integration of all kinds of functions in one system: our HYDAC cooler-filter-tank unit combines components in a harmonised design. The pre-assembled cooling system is designed as a drop-in unit for direct installation in your machine. This means that the HYDAC solution saves as much space as possible while increasing performance and reducing noise. With extensive calculations and innovative development tools, we can support you from the design phase to the series solution.


Innovative solutions for changing environmental conditions – in off-road applications in particular, increased dryness, dust and dirt really put the cooling system through its paces. After all, rapid contamination results in a severe loss of performance and in the worst case overheating. With our HYDAC anti-clogging cooler, you can prevent failure effectively: the defined conveyance of air guides cooling air and particles through the system in an optimised way, so that far fewer particles adhere. This results in up to 50% less contamination and drastically reduces pressure loss. At the same time, our service-friendly design makes it easier to maintain your cooling system. Discover the benefits of our anti-clogging solutions.

Weight reduction & stability

Avoid compromising on stability and performance even when weight-reduced solutions are required. Comprehensive calculations and extensive tests have enabled our experts to design new, more lightweight components – adjusted to suit your needs. We work with you to identify potential and develop weight-reduced cooling systems which retain or improve on stability and performance. We then manufacture these systems in our in-house production. This was also how we began to develop new, lighter cooling elements. For an element 1m x 1m in size, we can reduce the weight by no less than 30% while retaining the same performance. As a skilled partner, we are able to develop your custom solution – get in touch with us today.

HYDAC cooling solutions for your mobile machine Get to know our comprehensive product range now

HYDAC mobile air coolers

A high level of performance combined with a compact size and straightforward installation – the HYDAC air cooler series AC-M was specially developed for mobile applications and their various potential uses. Choose between two different air fins for a higher cooling capacity (PC) or lower susceptibility to contamination (HB). Our AC-M series can also be used as an oil or coolant cooler, even for low electrical conductivities. Explore all our mobile air cooler options today.

HYDAC combination coolers

Whether it needs to be weight-optimised, space-optimised, contamination-resistant or for multiple cooling circuits: the CMS series was specially developed to meet the demanding requirements for mobile applications. HYDAC supplies cooling systems customised to suit your needs – achieving high levels of performance and efficiency while keeping dimensions compact.

HYDAC mobile fluid cooling systems

Wherever all kinds of electronic components lead to increased waste heat, the equipment service life is impaired. To prevent damage and failure, efficient cooling is particularly important. Our various fluid-cooling systems supply you with coolant with the right temperature and pressure for efficient results. HYDAC can supply a complete turnkey solution for your thermal challenge. Discover our systems today.

HYDAC mobile chillers

Our experts work with you to develop the best solution for your battery's thermal management – energy-efficient, resistant to vibration and impact, and adapted to suit the available space. After all, active cooling is vital if overheating is to be prevented despite continuous stress. HYDAC’s mobile cooling units – referred to as chillers – ensure a constant temperature level even below the ambient temperature.