ADSteer - Electro-hydraulic additional steering The new type of electro-hydraulic additional steering

Increase the flexibility of your vehicle fleet with ADSteer Profi - the autonomous subsystem for electro-hydraulic additional steering, which calculates the target angle of the steering axes in a non-contact manner. Get to know our unique solution now!

Trailers and towed work machines face big challenges

Particularly manoeuvrable, little wear, precise and gentle on the ground - agricultural machines must meet high demands. It is a factor that electro-hydraulic steering systems face major challenges in towed and semi-mounted trailers and work machines.

This is especially clear when coupling the sensor system for detecting the angle of articulation of the towing vehicle and trailer. Conventionally, this requires a coupling rod between the drawbar-mounted trailer sensor and the defined coupling point on the towing vehicle. These mechanics are not only susceptible to faults, but they also determine the towing vehicle's hitch. A sensor integrated in the towing eye is alternatively available, but this requires a special counterpiece from the towing vehicle. If a towing vehicle is not equipped with the appropriate predefined hitch, vehicles cannot be flexibly combined. Changing towing vehicles generally influence the quality of the set angle calculation, since the spacing between the rigid axle and the coupling point may vary by machine.

Our aim at HYDAC was to develop a subsystem that works without these restrictions.

AdSteer - the optimal solution for your machine fleet

ADSteer Profi is an electro-hydraulic forced steering that steers around the rigid axle without shearing forces. This reduces the tyre wear, reduces the forces acting on the axles and increases manoeuvrability.

This makes the difference

Our innovative sensor technology calculates the nominal angle of the steering axles contact-free and wear-free. The underlying chassis geometric data was reduced to the distance of the rigid axle to the steering axles. This means the influence of the spacing between the pivot point and the coupling point is eliminated, both from the towing vehicle itself as well as from the trailer itself. ADSteer Profi works independently of the towing vehicle here. Only the hydraulic and electric supply is sourced from the towing vehicle. There are therefore no restrictions with regard to the hitch or the coupling of the sensor system. This concept does not reduce the steering angle, ground clearance or power take-off shaft clearance.

Of course, ADSteer Profi also offers the required performance level as per EN ISO 13849 and AgPLd according to ISO 25119 in order to meet the legal requirements for the application.

The Cat3 inclination sensor, for the redundant recording of the yaw rate to the nominal angle calculation, can be fastened to any place on the vehicle frame. This allows for secure positioning against external forces. At the same time, there are no mechanical couplings of the sensor to the towing vehicle.

Everything you need to know about ADSteer Profi!ADSteer Profi is the perfect interplay of efficiency and flexibility. Learn more in our system brochure.

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Our HYDAC ADSteer components For modular flexibility

HYDAC modular steering valve

The HYDAC steering valve from our electro-hydraulic steering kit fulfils the specific application requirements. A combination of an input plate, designed for the standard hydraulic supply in agricultural technology and single or double steering/release modules provide the required hydraulic functions. Of course, LS pressure limiting, shock valves as protection against overload from external forces and a pressure transmitter for system monitoring are also integrated.

HYDAC HIT inclination sensor for yaw rate measurement

The target steering angle is calculated by yaw rate detection by default. Only a HYDAC HIT 1500 Cat3 inclination sensor with CANopen safety can be used. The software and hardware versions of the HIT 1500 are checked by the software. As an alternative to the target steering angle detection via yaw rate, angles or position sensors can be used on the drawbar.

HYDAC steering controller TTC32s with user interface

The brain of our system: the HYDAC TTC32S steering controller with ADS application software can be combined with different control units. It works with an eVision2 7" display from HYDAC, an optionally available ISOBUS gateway for operation via the ISOBUS display of the towing machine or proprietary via the machine controller and the machine manufacturer's operating terminal. In addition to the standard operating functions and status display, all variants have an extensive service and diagnosis menu.

Your advantages with ADSteer Profi at a glance

Robust and durable

Robust & less susceptible to faults

Your reliable partner for off-road use: without the fault-prone external device and superfluous system of rods, ADSteer Profi is your robust subsystem for on-road and especially off-road uses in tough conditions.

More flexibility

ADSteer makes it possible - combine your work machine or trailer with any towing vehicle, independently of the clevis, hitch, ball hitch or adjustable drawbar. For your diverse machine fleet!

Conservation of resources

Environmentally responsible

With ADSteer, the steering angle, ground clearance and PTO clearance can be maximised. Our sophisticated HYDAC additional steering thus allows for optimal manoeuvrability while being as gentle as possible on the tyres. 

Functional safety

High functional safety

Our extensive software controls precisely, guaranteeing you the most reliable steering while complying with the safety requirements up to PL d as per EN ISO 13849 and AgPLd as per ISO 25119.

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