HYDAC DieselProtection

Diesel fuel requirements are increasing. This makes it all the more important to filter and dewater the fuel at every step of the transport chain – from production, to the diesel filling station to the end consumer. HYDAC offers tailor-made solutions which ensure and monitor the required diesel cleanliness.

HYDAC DieselProtection – all-round protection from the refinery to the engine

Increased requirements due to emissions directives Strict emissions limits are increasing diesel fuel requirements

With the Europe-wide Stage V emissions standards, the strictest emission limits to date apply to vehicles and mobile machinery. The guidelines also influence the requirements for diesel fuels: suppliers are forced to ensure significantly lower contamination levels and water content in their fuels. This doesn't just mean more time and effort. Higher costs are also the result.

Increased use of biogenic diesel fuels Biodiesel requires fluid care at every stage of the transport chain

The increasing proportion of biogenic fuel also means that existing systems have to be retrofitted with diesel care systems. In order to meet the requirements, it's not sufficient to only condition the diesel just before usage in the machine. From production in the refinery right to the diesel filling station and the end customer – the fuel must be filtered and dewatered at every stage of the transport chain.

Climate-neutral diesel fuel generationE-fuels are on the rise

Synthetic fuels are produced using an endless source: hydrogen.

Climate-neutral manufacturing is the focus here. The processing of e-fuels is of great importance when ensuring their use in combustion engines.

Our solution: all-round protection for your diesel fuelsProtect your machines and conserve valuable resources with HYDAC

For every step of the process  ̶  from production to consumption  ̶  HYDAC provides specific products for optimum fluid monitoring and conditioning. This ensures the highest level of diesel quality over the entire transport route. Rely on our tried-and-tested systems.

Fuel monitoring for monitoring your diesel fuel

For high quality of the filtration and dewatering measures carried out throughout the entire process chain: for clean diesel, you need continuous monitoring of both the solid particle contamination and water saturation of your fuel. Both of these units can be optimally monitored with HYDAC measuring devices. Thanks to sophisticated technology, you can evaluate the diesel's entire transport route in terms of the required cleanliness values and water content values and make the information available online. This enables optimal transparency and the generation of recommended actions for optimising your diesel care. Contact our experts now to learn more about our fuel monitoring systems.

Clean diesel throughout the entire process chain: discover our product range now.

Portable service unit HYDAC FluidControl Unit FCU 1000

The portable FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 is ideally suited to service work. It temporarily measures the solid particle contamination, water saturation and fluid temperature of your fuel and is perfect for diesel in accordance with DIN EN 590 and ASTM D975.

HYDAC ContaminationSensor Module CSM-E

For optimal measurement of fuel cleanliness according to ISO 4406: firmly integrated in the system, our compact and cost-effective online condition monitoring module is ideal for stationary use.

Diesel transfer filtration & dewatering between storage facilities and at diesel filling stations

The diesel cleanliness also has to be ensured between the storage facilities or at the diesel filling stations when transferring to the engine. For the best possible cleanliness, the diesel fuel flows through three stages - filtration for particle separation, dewatering by coalescing and finally dewatering by separation. Our experts offer the perfect solution for this: thanks to clever designs, our HYDAC systems are ideally suited to safely removing large amounts of contamination from diesel – in just a single pass instead of several time-consuming steps.

Best possible cleanliness in just a single pass with the HYDAC product range

HYDAC LowViscosity Housing Filter LVH-F

The LVH-F housings for filtration are extremely well-suited to ensuring the required fuel cleanliness in accordance with ISO4406. As a result, the diesel engine can be operated with minimal wear and loss of efficiency. Thanks to the built-in Optimicron® ON-DF filter elements, you can rely on constant filtration with a high contamination retention capacity for optimum cost-effectiveness.

HYDAC LowViscosity Housing Coalescer Diesel LVH-CD

The LVH-CD housings can be flanged onto the filter housings. This enables efficient fuel dewatering straight after the filtration stage. The HYDAC Optimicron® dewatering elements ON-DC and ON-DS impress with their high level of filtration efficiency.They ensure consistently low water contents, helping to avoid biological growth and diesel bug.

Tank care for clean diesel

Storage tanks and day tanks become contaminated due to the continual flow of fuel. Both solid particle contamination and water lead to silting and biological growth (diesel bug formation). This leads to short filter service lives for fuel filters at the engine and increased wear on the injection system. There is also a risk of system failure. With HYDAC, you can protect your fluid and avoid early and above all costly disposal of your fuel.

Learn more about our HYDAC diesel tank care solutions now

HYDAC dewatering unit LowViscosity Unit LVU-CD-10

Even when the engine is switched off: the HYDAC LowViscosity Unit enables the removal of solid particle contamination and free water from your diesel fuel thanks to two-stage offline filtration. Benefit from flexible use of the adjustable transfer pumping function. Whether it's the standard or cost-effective economy version – you can reduce your risk of diesel bug with HYDAC's LVU-CD-10.

HYDAC dewatering unit LowViscosity Unit LVU-CD-40

The HYDAC dewatering unit is suitable for installation in the bypass flow or for use as a transfer unit. It impresses with its cost-effective, unlimited dewatering and prevents internal corrosion.

HYDAC is your partner for all-round protection of your diesel fuel Your advantages with HYDAC DieselProtection

HYDAC filtration solutions can be easily integrated into your system.

Simple system integration

Benefit from our solutions which can be quickly and easily integrated into your system, e.g. with housings that can be flanged onto each other.

Conserve valuable resources with HYDAC

Conservation of resources and minimising the environmental impact

Conserve valuable resources and reduce your environmental impact thanks to our wear-free dewatering filter elements which can also be recycled. With improved diesel quality, you'll also reduce your emissions. 

Benefit from the low maintenance requirements of our solutions.

Low maintenance costs

Our solutions guarantee easy element changes – this ensures low maintenance costs.

HYDAC systems and components can be used worldwide.

Can be used worldwide

As our filter housings are designed in accordance with local design directives, our systems can be used worldwide.

HYDAC offers a wide product range.

Wide range of applications

For flow rates of up to several thousand litres per minute: the versatility of HYDAC products guarantees a wide variety of applications.

Reduce your costs with HYDAC filtration solutions.

Optimisation of operating costs

Optimise your operating costs with low life cycle costs.


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