HYDAC EHC - the subsystem for electrohydraulic controls Reliable machine control for mobile machines

The electrohydraulic control HYDAC EHC offers you the perfect subsystem for manual control of hydraulic mobile valves with proportional or on/off operation. Easily build a system for machine control: parameterise the application software and configure the functionalities according to your required system behaviour.

Precise and dynamic working functions thanks to electrohydraulic machine control from HYDAC

Optimise your mobile machine: with the HYDAC EHC, you can easily configure a system for mobile machine control. Get advice from our experts now. 

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Automation upgrade Machine control without needing to do your own programming

The requirements on mobile machines are growing, increasing the demand for automation. But modernising machines is often complex: automation requires time-consuming programming as well as extensive expertise. With HYDAC's EHC electrohydraulic control you get a state-of-the-art machine control for the first steps towards your vehicle automation. The subsystem offers a fast solution – without the need to do your own time-consuming programming.

Operating comfort & easing the burden on users Assistance functions for more comfort

Machine operators often work long days in very tight spaces or in difficult environmental conditions. Comfortable operation which guarantees high reliability under a variety of conditions is especially important. The HYDAC subsystem for electrohydraulic pilot control relieves the burden on the user and offers them convenient operation – even under high loads.

Complexity reduction Your rapid solution for machine modernisation

Software development, programming, commissioning – implementing assisting control systems requires a high level of expertise and is often time-consuming. Factors which are especially relevant at market launch. With the HYDAC EHC software, you can easily configure a system for mobile machine control. The ready-to-use control solution ensures fast configuration and offers comprehensive tools for commissioning and service.

Our solution: HYDAC EHC electrohydraulic control The HYDAC machine control for electrohydraulic valves

The HYDAC EHC is the control solution for electrohydraulic valves with corresponding adjustment options for optimum flexibility. Our subsystem makes it easy to build a system for machine control: you can apply the signals from analogue joysticks, push-buttons or switches to the controller inputs, combine the current outputs in pairs with pilot valves of the mobile valve axis and then configure the software functionalities to suit the system behaviour you require. Up to three proportional axes and one digital valve axis can be controlled per controller. Included in the scope of delivery is the HYDAC Subsystem Configuration Tool SCT for easy parameterisation of your tailor-made control solution.

In addition to the standard EHC Basic version, the following variants which all build on each other are available: 


The electrohydraulic control HYDAC EHC plus enables the control of a continuous function, such as a road sweeper or a milling machine, with an adjustable oil quantity. We also enable controlled electric flow sharing. The advantage: you can assign priorities to the consumers. 


The HYDAC EHC Assist package allows you to control load-sensing pressure cut-off. We are able to offer you additional functions: with the integration of our HYDAC sensors such as linear position or angle sensors, we can achieve a height limitation, for example. Do you want to control two cylinders or actuators in a defined relationship? EHC Assist makes this possible.

This makes the difference Advantages for customers with the HYDAC subsystem for electrohydraulic controls

Suitable for any machine & scalable HYDAC's modular system for more flexibility

Whether it's stand-alone or by connecting to a diesel engine CAN: HYDAC EHC gives you the necessary flexibility to act independently of framework conditions. If new functions are added and the capabilities of a controller are already exhausted, the system can be expanded as required. 

Easy to integrate and parameterise Simple parameterisation instead of complex programming

For rapid commissioning: connect your controller and simply configure the parameters according to the functional requirements. You define which operator input controls which output with which performance. Thanks to a variety of setting options, you are also able to fine-tune your system as desired. The parameterisation software required is provided free of charge.

Modular & expandable Tailored to your requirements

Benefit from a variety of functionalities for your machine control: thanks to the adjustable options and capabilities, HYDAC EHC makes you independent of the input signal of the joystick and can also map the first clear logical functionalities via the release logic.

Components for your electrohydraulic control from HYDACDiscover the modular expansions for our application software

In addition to our controller with flashed software, our standard product range also includes the HYDAC Subsystem Configuration Tool SCT for easy parameterisation of your machine control. This means that you get everything you need for your application – without hidden costs.

HYDAC controller TTC32S

Our TTC32S controller with flashed software is included in our standard scope of delivery. We provide you with comprehensive support during the initial configuration and parameterisation. 

HYDAC Subsystem Configuration Tool SCT

With the HYDAC Subsystem Configuration Tool, the behaviour of the system can be adapted by parameter adjustment. Errors and current pin values can also be read out.

Individually tailored to your requirements, our extensive product range also offers optional add-ons. 

HYDAC pilot control via pilot valves and mobile valves

We enable precise, repeatedly accurate execution of your working functions with our wide range of HYDAC electrohydraulic and load-sensing valves.

More about load-sensing valves

HYDAC cable harnesses

With our HYDAC cable harnesses, you can put your first prototype into operation quickly and flexibly. We offer standard and specific cable harnesses which can be designed to perfectly suit your needs after commissioning. 

HYDAC joysticks & operating elements

Benefit from our wide range of products: along with our partner Technion, we offer joysticks, operating elements and supply boxes to suit your requirements.

Possible applicationsOptimise your mobile machine in partnership with HYDAC

Benefit from the extensive know-how of our HYDAC experts: we advise you on the optimal system design for your electrohydraulic control and pilot control by taking an integrated approach to your machine.

The example of a front loader shows that with the subsystem for electrohydraulic controls (HYDAC EHC), a third function can also be operated proportionally in addition to the two main functions, (lifting arm and bucket tilt). In addition to increased operating accuracy, this ensures improved sensitivity and better dosing. Whether it's bale grippers, silo grabs or other grippers or control functions – you too can benefit from HYDAC's precise control suited to all machine types. Contact our experts now – we'll be happy to help. 


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