Requirements for modern construction machines & mining vehicles HYDAC offers you systems perfectly tailored to your requirements

Energy efficiency

Rising fuel prices, stricter regulations and the push for sustainable solutions are increasing the requirements on construction machines & mining vehicles. There is a clear focus on energy efficiency: this can only be optimised with innovative systems and an integrated approach to engineering. HYDAC offers you comprehensive solutions which allow you to save on operating costs in the long term.


Our environment is particularly polluted in towns and urban areas. To protect people and the environment, HYDAC develops systems that are designed to meet the stricter emissions requirements. For example, we rely on electromobility and hydrogen solutions. And all of this without sacrificing productivity – our control and drive solutions enable both high performance and energy efficiency.

Machine availability

With increasing complexity and rising demands on the productivity of mobile machines, one thing in particular is in focus: maximum operational capability. This is because failures and unplanned downtimes are expensive. Improve your planning certainty with HYDAC. Effective fuel filtration and intelligent condition monitoring lead to increased machine availability. As experts in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, we lengthen the service life of your fluids and components.

Your challenges – our solutionWe're your development partner for comprehensive solutions

We work with you to develop the next generation of your construction machines & mining vehicles: we're a development partner who can help you reduce complexity and set you apart from the rest of the market. Our goal: to transform challenges and trends into custom solutions. 

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Assistance systems & automation

System electronics

Joystick steering

Precise joystick steering thanks to HYDAC and hydraulic proportional valves. The system can be used in parallel with a mechanical-hydraulic steering system and can also be activated via switching. Thanks to the modular design, the HYDAC joystick steering is easy to integrate into new or existing vehicle architectures. Rely on our comfortable and easy-to-use steering system – for use on construction sites, company premises or fields.


Comfort and safety – factors which are especially important to machine operators on long working days. HYDAC offers you tailor-made solutions for this: our suspension systems help to compensate for uneven ground, reduce vibration loads on the driver and increase driving stability. Our HYDAC experts can find just the right solution for your requirements. Benefit from our system expertise and engineering know-how: rely on HYDAC for your perfectly tailored suspension system.

The optimum suspension system for every requirement – discover our product range

HYDAC axle suspension

The optimum suspension for every vehicle type: thanks to the highly integrated HYDAC components, our ready-to-install solutions can be precisely configured to your machine – we offer intelligent control with smart sensors as well as software and parameterisation via display. For driving comfort independent of the load.

HYDAC cab suspension

Minimised rolling and pitching movements for the machine operator: the compact hydropneumatic cab suspension from HYDAC decouples the cab from the vehicle chassis. The intelligent suspension strut adjusts the damping force to the driving situation. This increases driving comfort and ensures safe machine operation.

HYDAC boom suspension

Reduce pitching movements: for safe handling, HYDAC offers solutions for boom suspensions in all kinds of sizes and versions. Our tried-and-tested systems enable more stable steering behaviour, improved handling performance and lower mechanical stress. In short: you reduce wear and downtimes, saving you valuable costs.

Machine control

Whether it's in confined workspaces or changing environmental conditions, construction and mining vehicles don't just need to operate safely and reliably. Because simple operation combined with high precision creates a decisive competitive advantage. With HYDAC, you get a space-saving and energy-efficient machine control – for increased productivity. Our modular design enables standardised, modular systems tailored to your machine requirements. We offer you all elements in the control chain, from the appropriate electronics, such as HMI and controllers, to electrical and hydraulic drive and control technology as well as sensors and software.

HYDAC machine control – innovative systems for your construction machines and mining vehicles

HYDAC main control

Different actuators work in parallel, especially in mobile applications. With our wide range of main control valves, we enable simplified machine operation while increasing productivity. Thanks to the large fine control range, you can control up to ten functions simultaneously – with maximum precision. For efficient machine control and maximum results, our valve technology can be optimised for specific functions.

HYDAC pilot control

Innovative valve technology: our HYDAC pilot valves impress with their low hysteresis and leakage and high repeatability. The precise HYDAC pilot control enables accurate response behaviour and therefore an accurate machine response – even with the most subtle changes in signal. You too can benefit from our wide product range. Combined with a filter, accumulator and sensors and extended to form a pilot control system.

HYDAC fan control

A significant proportion of the drive motor's nominal power is accounted for by the fan drive alone – which makes it all the more important to select the right cooler and the associated fan control. Our experts are able to provide you with fuel-efficient fan controls tailored to your requirements as well as comprehensive thermal management solutions for increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

Hydraulic controls for additional circuits

Attachments increase both machine versatility and efficiency. Earth-moving machines are increasingly being used as multifunctional equipment carriers. Because of this, construction machines need to be equipped with extra additional hydraulic circuits and quick-change systems. With HYDAC you lay the foundation for your tool management – from control valves for flexible additional circuit configurations to individual pressure protection in combination with a separate tank return to control quick-change systems. Get advice from our experts on your optimal solution. 

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Tank optimisation

Filtration concepts which are perfectly adjusted to your requirements allow you to reduce the volume of your tank by up to 30 - 40 %. And you don't need to compromise on efficiency – HYDAC develops filtration solutions for small tanks with increased degassing performance and perfect air separation, all tailored to your requirements. This gives you significantly more freedom in how your machine is designed and offers reduced material use, a lower oil volume and simple, convenient service access.

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Diesel Protection

In production-oriented industries such as mining or construction machinery, factors such as performance, reliability and low operating costs are crucial. Effective fuel filtration offers the solution to these challenges. From production to use – for this reason, HYDAC offers you specific products for optimal fluid monitoring and conditioning for every step of the process. This ensures the highest level of diesel quality over the entire transport route.

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