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When you think of e-mobility, does your mind go straight to the automotive industry? Then you're overlooking the potential of electrification: accounting for 25% of the EU's total greenhouse gas emissions, the transport sector in particular is subject to strict guidelines. In addition to cars, this also includes commercial vehicles and mobile machines. Compact construction machines benefit from electrification, particularly in urban areas. But large, powerful machines are also becoming electric, whether it's in mining or at airports.

With innovative solutions for e-mobility, HYDAC can support you on your journey towards zero emissions: with many years of experience and an extensive knowledge of machine architectures, we're your partner for development expertise when it comes to electrified mobile machines. Our experts assess your challenges and offer you custom solutions that will prove themselves today and in the future – from components and subsystems to complete series development.

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Let's start where electrification begins. With the energy. Because at the heart of every electrified machine is its core components: a robust battery and an efficient drive. With INVENOX as part of the HYDAC group of companies, we're able to offer you the solution – our jointly developed lithium-ion battery system has an outstanding energy density thanks to its single-piece design and compact arrangement of the battery cells. And there's another HYDAC company that's important: ENGIRO. As a technology leader for highly efficient, innovative electric drives and drivetrain solutions, we offer you an answer to the demanding environmental challenges in our rapidly changing world.

Proven in use: discover our range of electric drives & battery systems

ENGIRO electric drives

Concentrated power in a variety of sizes: as the drive specialist in the HYDAC group of companies, ENGIRO offers you a wide range of highly efficient electric motors and generators. With high power and torque densities and a robust design in the 5 – 400 kW drive power range. Count on our application expertise: with over 4000 motors in the field, our electric motors have already proven to be successful in use since 2018.

INVENOX battery systems

Flexible & robust – with their compact design, the advanced battery systems from HYDAC and Invenox are ideal for mobile machines. We offer you complete turnkey systems with integrated BMS and PDU. What makes them special: the patented and recyclable contacting system that cools right where it matters most - at the cell.

HYDAC Power Distribution Units

Use the custom Power Distribution Unit from HYDAC for your complete system: whether it's low-voltage or high-voltage – our experts perfectly customise the HYDAC PDU to your requirements with tailor-made engineering. The focus here is on the dimensions of components and cables to optimise the use of your machine's installation space.

HYDAC HY-ROS mounting solutions for high-voltage cables

High electrical voltages that supply drive components in hybrid and electric vehicles (BEV/PHEV) pose a major challenge. This is because optimised mounting solutions are essential, especially when it comes to high-voltage cables that transport electricity in the vehicle's on-board electrical system. HYDAC offers you a wide range of solutions for mounting and routing your cables with additional features such as tolerance compensation, heat reduction, cable protection, friction minimisation and cable spacing, to name but a few.

More information on HYDAC high-voltage cable mounting

HYDAC mounting solutions for battery modules

With innovative steel band straps manufactured in accordance with the strict IATF 16949 guidelines for the automotive industry, we offer safe and efficient solutions for battery systems from 24 V to 800 V. Thanks to a wide range of mounting options and customised designs, our band straps can be precisely adapted to your specific requirements. They also effectively insulate against noise and electrostatic charge and allow easy tolerance equalisation thanks to the inserts.

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Control technology, software & system integration

With increasing directives and legislation, electrifying mobile machines is no longer just an optional extra. It's gradually becoming the standard. But electrified architectures are complex – and the complexity is increasing. What counts here in particular is all the components and their interfaces interacting in the best possible way. This makes the demands on system design and integration all the greater. Our goal: to help our customers shorten their development times. Our solution: standardisation & modularisation. With expertise in the fields of functional and electrical safety, we're your perfect partner for software development and systems development in the electric machine industry.

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HYDAC electrification kits

Pre-validated systems reduce complexity – saving you even more time when developing your electric machine. That's why we offer complete electrification kits. In addition to a uniform diagnostic interface, the complete solution provides all the basic functions. From battery systems and electric drive units to controls with standard software and fans – get advice from our experts on your ideal system.

HYDAC software modules & libraries

Our tested, certified and documented libraries simplify your software development. This saves you unit tests, documentation and time-consuming certification of individual modules – choose from our various embedded toolboxes for your machine functionalities: whether these are generic, functional for your subsystems or protocol toolboxes for the simple addition of protocol functionalities.

HYDAC MATCH development environment

Our TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery: the platform provides perfectly coordinated solutions across the machine’s entire life cycle and enables rapid implementation of safety functions. The main highlight: with MATCH, you can incorporate aspects of functional safety into the development of your control systems from the outset.

HYDAC control units, HMIs & telematics

Efficient, safe and reliable: as complex machine functions increase, so does the need for data. HYDAC offers the ideal platform for a wide range of requirements and applications. From programmable controls and displays for optimum ease of use to needs-based telematics units. Use our advanced connectivity solutions to ensure maximum safety and user comfort in your machines.

Thermal management

Needs-based thermal management is the foundation for electrified machines. The interaction between the heat emitted and the heat required in mobile machines is more complex than ever before in the age of electrification. Our intelligent systems ensure improve comfort, range and productivity. Shorten your charging times with efficient battery cooling or enable a longer service life by minimising the thermal load. With a high level of system knowledge when it comes to your vehicle, HYDAC offers you holistic thermal management solutions for electric drive components.

Tailored to your specific requirements: find out more about our broad product range

HYDAC electric drive cooling

Whether it's a cooler, cooling system or custom development: HYDAC offers you the optimum solution for cooling electric drives and power electronics. We provide you with a turnkey system specially developed for mobile applications. Our focus is on weight-optimised, space-saving and contamination-resistant solutions with a compact design and simple installation.

Thermal management for lithium-ion batteries

Energy-efficient and robust – our experts work with you to develop the best solution for your battery’s temperature management, adapted to the available installation space. Because active cooling is required to prevent overheating under continuous loads and to enable fast charging. Mobile cooling units from HYDAC ensure a constant temperature level.

Complete vehicle solutions

Development partner and system provider for all cooling and temperature control tasks in electrified machines: efficient thermal management extends your electrified machine's range and working time. HYDAC provides you with comprehensive thermal management solutions – we combine expertise with innovative components and find the optimum system for your specific cooling task.

Energy-efficient work functions

Optimise your machine’s efficiency: in mobile machine electrification, there is an increasing focus on the efficiency of the entire drive train. This is because the installation of highly efficient electrical components means that the hydraulics are now responsible for the majority of energy losses. How can you use the strengths of robust and compact hydraulics while increasing their efficiency in the drive train? With clever solutions and optimisation concepts that our experts develop regardless of the machine and the performance class. What challenge are you facing? Contact us now to discover your potential for optimisation

Optimise your machine's efficiency – with HYDAC's product range

HYDAC electrohydraulic pump drives

The HYDAC E-Pump is a power unit product range with a variable-speed drive. It offers a decentralised, standalone solution for supplying each of your hydraulic actuators as required. Several pumps can be driven flexibly with a wide range of speeds. The advantage: integrated internal gear pumps significantly reduce noise emissions.

HYDAC variable-speed needs-based power control

The perfect addition to our modular power unit product range with a variable-speed drive: take advantage of the freedom that the variable speed gives you to achieve an efficient and quiet supply for your hydraulic system. The variable-speed needs-based power control takes place in a closed control loop and doesn't require any additional sensors in the hydraulic system. The functional scope of the HYDAC application software is supplemented by the integrated power and error management. Reduce the level of complexity and development work by using our pre-validated plug-and-play solution - which only requires your release signal.

HYDAC components for efficient hydraulic systems

Discover the potential savings hidden in your work functions: with decades of experience in component development, HYDAC has established itself as a reliable partner for efficient drive systems. Rely on our proven hydraulic products for your electrified machine – from pilot oil-free main control valves to power units and load compensation cylinders. Contact our experts for your tailor-made solution.

HYDAC electromechanical actuators HEZ

Efficient, powerful and maintenance-free: our electromechanical actuators are the ideal solution for work functions in mobile applications, especially in battery-powered electric vehicles. What makes them special: the energy requirement precisely adjusts itself to the required cycle and adapts to the application's functionalities. Find out more about our electromechanical actuators in the HEZ electric cylinder series now.

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Are you already using alternative energy sources?

Innovative solutions, tried-and-tested products, decades of expertise: HYDAC is your partner for hydrogen and fuel cell applications. Take a look for yourself.

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