Your Custom-Made Architecture for Functional SafetyFrom risk analysis to a tailor-made system – HYDAC is your partner for expertise in functional safety

Machine manufacturers are facing big challenges: the dynamics of the market are calling for increasingly rapid development times – and this is on top of greater demands relating to inspection and documentation. Mobile machines also need to meet extensive safety standards these days. This doesn't just apply to individual components. It applies across the board to all safety-relevant functions.

HYDAC offers a wide range of products for this purpose and provides a great deal of assistance when it comes to developing a functionally safe mobile machine: rely on our comprehensive consulting and training service on current international and national directives. We provide you with our expertise so that you can implement your application quickly, affordably and, above all, safely. You can count on our know-how.

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Directives & Standards

Your safety in mind: all mobile machine manufacturers are familiar with it – the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC defines all functional safety standards across Europe. But are you having a tough time negotiating your way through the large number of directives? HYDAC is your guide: from AgPL for agricultural machinery (ISO 25119), MPL for earthmoving equipment (ISO 19014) and ASIL for passenger vehicles, lorries and buses (ISO 26262) to SIL and PL (IEC 61508 / EN ISO 13849),  ̶  we help you to comply with all A, B and C standards, even if a risk analysis may be necessary. Get advice from our experts now on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and all other directives. 

Did you know? The Machinery Directive is becoming the Machinery Regulation.
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Safe Components

The right components for your safe machine architecture: are you looking for a reliable addition to your system? Then you've come to the right place. Whether it's safe actuators, sensors, controllers or software, ̶  HYDAC offers you an extensive product range of components with an increased level of functional safety. And our experts will provide you with comprehensive support on the way to finding your custom-fit solution – from risk analyses and defining all safety functions to integration and determining the required performance level. This is how we help you to increase your machine reliability and safety. Contact us now to find the ideal components for your system.

Safe Software & Software Development

In addition to the right component selection and machine design, a safe system also requires corresponding software measures. Because every library used, every plug-in and every implementation must meet the respective requirements. This is where you can take advantage of our expertise: we'll help you throughout your journey to creating your functionally safe machine – from the conception and design to the validation and safe parameterisation. Whether it's a comprehensive project package for your safe software, the implementation of specific machine functions, or the provision of a development environment.

Consultation, Training and Education

With our many years of experience, we reliably navigate you through the jungle of standards and directives to ensure the functional safety of your mobile machines and subsystems. Get support from our HYDAC specialists when planning your projects, from the risk analysis to programming your application software. Or become an expert yourself: knowledgeable trainers can train your employees on everything there is to know on the topic of functional safety in numerous seminars and training sessions. From an understanding of all current standards to practical application skills. Contact us now to get advice on your tailor-made seminar. 

HYDAC's Product Range for Functional Safety Discover our safe components and systems now

HYDAC Sensors

Pressure sensors, linear position sensors, angle sensors or inclination sensors: ̶  with our many years of expertise, we're able to offer you a large selection of different sensors with increased functional safety. The majority of our components are TÜV certified as part of an independent validation. We also provide MTTFd and DC values for all sensors. Get advice now on your custom sensor solution. 

HYDAC Control Technology

HYDAC and TTControl provide a wide range of safety-certified controllers and I/O modules for your mobile machines. Our latest generation of controllers are designed so that safety-relevant and non-safety relevant code do not interfere with each other when they are run on the same AurixTM CPU. This considerably reduces the development and testing work, allowing you to shorten your time-to-market – find out more.

HYDAC's MATCH Software Suite

Our TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machines: HYDAC MATCH offers perfectly coordinated solutions over the entire machine life cycle and enables rapid implementation of safety functions. The main highlight: with MATCH, you can incorporate aspects of functional safety into the development of your control systems from the outset. 

HYDAC Function Modules

Would you like to develop your own software while saving development time? Then rely on HYDAC's expertise. Our tried-and-tested, certified and documented libraries simplify your software development. This saves you unit tests, documentation and the time-consuming certification of individual modules - choose from our embedded toolboxes for your machine functionalities: whether it's generic toolboxes, functional toolboxes for your subsystems or protocol toolboxes for the simple addition of protocol functionalities.

HYDAC Subsystems

Your plug and work solution for typical machine functions: we provide you with prefabricated subsystems tailored to our product portfolio. To do this, we combine HYDAC hardware with our HYDAC MATCH software – developed according to the V-model and extensively tested in all available configurations and functional scopes. Our optional extra: with the HYDAC SCT subsystem configuration tool, you can configure your new subsystem quickly and easily – custom-made for your machine architecture. 

HYDAC Academy

Become a safety expert too: from getting an introduction to functional safety for software developers to becoming a Certified Safety Engineer. Register now for our basic and advanced certified training sessions to learn all about directives, risk analysis and determination and realisation of performance levels as well as other safety-related competencies. All the information on dates and prices is available on request – contact us now.