Optimising the energy use of commercial vehicles with robust coaxial valves

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Optimising the energy use of commercial vehicles with robust coaxial valvesEnsuring correct functioning and time savings when operating tipper trailers with box dumpers

HYDAC offers robust valve solutions which sustainably increase the safety and productivity of your mobile machines. We work in collaboration with you to develop the optimal components and systems – tailored to your requirements. Learn more about our expertise as an innovative problem solver in commercial vehicle manufacturing with the following example involving one of our customers.

Optimising the control technology in commercial vehicles is a top priority!

Mobile machine efficiency and safety must be ensured in all kinds of conditions – the focus here is on the function and parameters.
Since the introduction of stricter CO2 guidelines, machine manufacturers also need to minimise exhaust emissions. The focus for the operator, on the other hand, is on the maximum reliability of the functionality. The operating costs are often crucial here. Those who optimise the functionality of their machine in terms of reliability, speed and energy requirements help to sustainably reduce costs and increase productivity for operators. It's particularly important to further develop and optimise the technology for the main function's key components.
When looking at tipper trailers with box dumpers, it immediately becomes clear that the conventional valve technology often leads to technical difficulties as it is not designed for higher pressure loads and additional stresses due to contamination. The resulting pressure sequence control can lead to the overlapping of several functions, eventually resulting in a variety of malfunctions.
HYDAC offers robust valve solutions which sustainably optimise the tipping function in dump trucks – this success story demonstrates our expertise as an innovative problem solver.

HYDAC – Your problem solver with application knowledge The optimal coaxial valve technology for the tipping function in tipper trailers with box dumpers

Our customer, a German manufacturer of trailers and box bodies in commercial vehicles, saw potential for optimisation of their tipping valves in tipper trailers with box dumpers.
The result of the existing valve solution was recurring malfunctions due to the overlapping of several functions caused by the pressure sequence control. The pressure loss and ∆p with the existing valve solution did not meet the customer's specifications. The original valves were also susceptible to contamination and were not robust enough for the application. All of this led to recurring failures and longer times for the tipping functions.
For this reason, the manufacturer looked for a problem solver with know-how and extensive application knowledge. These were all requirements that HYDAC met – and so our experts developed an innovative solution based on the existing and tried-and-tested CX valve solutions with custom additional functions.

Our solution: HYDAC 2/2 directional coaxial valveFor a faster tipping function with a compact and robust design

In collaboration with our customer, our HYDAC specialists analysed the problem and identified various possible solutions. On this basis, they further developed the existing CX valve series into a new, robust and, above all, considerably more reliable custom solution. We offered various CX valve sizes. The decisive criterion here was the pressure drop, as the valve had to withstand the pressure of 250 bar – the material properties and quality properties of our CX valves have also proven themselves in the pressure range required here in terms of impermeability to fluids. At the same time, the manufacturer, but above all the operators, benefit from a time saving due to the truck body being lowered faster. Thanks to the compact design, the CX valve saved space when integrated into the system.

The result

The pressure drop with the CX valve solution met the customer's specifications. The valves impress with their compact and robust design, low ∆p and resistance to contamination. Our CX valves reduced the number of failures for end customers.
Optimising the function's speed benefits the operators as it allows them to make more trips each day. They save time during tipping, automatically reducing their operating costs – the vehicles are used more efficiently.
A cost advantage which really sets us apart from the rest of the market. The benefits convinced our customer – to this day, our solution can still be found as a series solution in their products.

Quote from a HYDAC expert:
"Our success is based on the fact that with this product we meet the relevant customer requirements, making the daily life of the end customer much easier with improved operator working conditions."


Your advantages with the tailor-made HYDAC coaxial valve solutions

Reduced costs

Optimised operating costs

due to shortened tipper lowering times and faster movement restarts.

Increased productivity

Productivity increase

as more trips are possible due to the time saved when lowering the tipper and faster unloading.


Fast payback period

Faster payback period

Reducing the operating times shortens the payback period of the investment.


Machine failure

Reduction in machine failures

The tipping valve downtimes and associated costs were reduced.



Tailor-made to individual requirements

thanks to flexible connection possibilities for further custom connection blocks.



Increased quality

due to the correct functioning being ensured and a low pressure drop (∆p) as well as robust and contamination resistant valves.



Installation space optimisation

due to a space-saving and compact design.


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