Smart compact power units for machine tools Industry 4.0 with HYDAC's CO1S start-stop power unit

The machine tools industry is always on the lookout for new smart solutions to drive the implementation of digital technologies in collaboration with development partners. One trend is the digitalisation of hydraulic power units. In this context, start-stop power units predominantly require defined operating parameters, e.g. with regard to running time, oil contamination and temperature. The HYDAC CO1S compact power unit enables you to maximise the availability of your machine tools. Find out more.

Higher productivity with digitalised hydraulic power units

Our hydraulic power units monitor themselves and inform the machine control about irregularities. How you benefit: maintenance becomes easier to plan – machine availability increases. Read more about the advantages of the CO1S power unit.

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Challenges in the machine tool industrySmart compact power units for more efficiency

Every machine tool operator's goal is to prevent unscheduled downtimes. This is exactly what happens when hydraulic units are operated outside of the valid operating parameters for a long time. The result: machines stand idle, costing time and money.
The solution is simple. A smart power unit which monitors itself and informs the machine control about irregularities. With this approach, upcoming service requirements are recognised at an early stage and maintenance is planned in advance. This increases the productivity of your machine tools. Your Life Cycle Costs are also reduced due to careful use of resources.

The smart solution for optimised hydraulic functionsHYDAC CO1S compact power unit with condition monitoring

Our CO1 series has been tried-and-tested in worldwide use for a long time. As part of industry 4.0, our solutions are also becoming smarter, more digital and more efficient. The CO1S is no exception – equipped with reliable condition diagnostics and permanent data collection, conclusions about potential leaks or defective components are quickly spotted before downtime occurs. Messages are sent to you in a proactive way when operating parameters are exceeded. This ensures that your machine operation runs smoothly.

Technical data

  • Automatable accumulator closing pressure measurement for p0 assessment
  • Monitoring of the hydraulic temperature and the power unit runtime
  • Pressure peak monitoring including logging
  • Pressure filter differential pressure measurement
  • Pmax = up to 250 bar; Qmax = up to 12 l/min

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The advantages of the HYDAC CO1S compact power unit

Always ready for operation without energy consumption – the HYDAC CO1S power units supply power on demand

Conservation of resources

Always ready for operation without energy consumption – our hydraulic power units supply power on demand. This reduces your oil consumption. Installation space is also saved with our compact design.

HYDAC CO1S with conditioning monitoring for stable presses


The HYDAC CO1S reliably communicates with the machine control and actively sends messages. Stable and fast processes increase your machine availability.

The HYDAC CO1S stands out with its simple and time-saving commissioning

Rapid service

Save time when servicing your compact power unit. Our CO1S power unit stands out with its simple and time-saving commissioning.


HYDAC is your international partner

Ready for use anywhere worldwide

HYDAC is your international partner – our hydraulic power units impress with their fast delivery times.

Our compact power unit proactively sends messages when operating parameters are exceeded

Condition monitoring

The HYDAC CO1S reliably sends out messages when the permitted operating parameters are exceeded.

What components make up the HYDAC CO1S compact power unit?

Pressure sensors with an IO-Link interface

Reliable pressure monitoring is central to your machine tool's functioning and the quality of your component. That's why we rely on tried-and-tested, robust and wear-free measurement technology for our compact power unit.

Advantages of HYDAC pressure sensors

  • Increased machine availability
  • Accuracy stability over the entire useful life
  • Time savings thanks to Plug & Play technology
  • Optimised stock control
  • Increased machine safety
  • Automatic self-parameterisation
  • Remote diagnosis + remote maintenance

More information on HYDAC pressure sensors


Temperature sensors with an IO-Link interface

A consistently high product quality can only be achieved when the machining tools are at a constant temperature. This is why cooling media and hydraulic fluids need to be reliably monitored.

Advantages of HYDAC temperature sensors

  • Increased machine availability
  • Accuracy stability over the entire useful life
  • Consistently high machining quality
  • Time savings thanks to Plug & Play technology
  • Optimised stock control
  • Minimal operating errors
  • Simplified or optimised machine architecture / cabling

More information on HYDAC temperature sensors

Network interface with IO-Link Master

Our network interface module IO-Link Master combines IO-Link field devices with automation systems/PLC's – equipped with four or eight ports from class A or B.

Advantages of the HYDAC network interface

  • Simplified service and commissioning
  • Remote diagnostics, remote maintenance, predictive maintenance
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Simplified, faster and more cost-effective cabling for the entire system via IO-Link Master

Filter element technology to prevent electrostatic charging in the system

Ash-free hydraulic fluids, more compact systems and finer filtration are increasingly leading to electrostatic charging and discharging in hydraulic systems and lubrication systems. Our Stat-X® filter element technology is proven to reduce electrostatic discharges and high oil charges – even in extremely critical systems with excellent ultra-fine filtration.

Advantages of HYDAC Stat-X® filter element technology

  • Maximum safety due to a proven reduction in sparking
  • Longer oil change intervals due to reduced oil degradation symptoms
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtimes
  • Reduced maintenance costs and longer maintenance intervals

More information on HYDAC Stat-X® filter element technology

Optional: modular controls for hydraulic systems

Get a ready-to-connect pressurised oil supply unit by cleverly linking the CO1 series with our horizontal stacking systems. The compact, modular valve stacking system is a control for oil hydraulic systems which are primarily used for pressure/force-holding tasks and controlling small-volume consumers.

Advantages of the HYDAC ML horizontal stacking system

  • Small dimensions combined with high performance
  • Zero-leakage directional poppet valves provide secure positioning of the consumer and long-term pressure stability without repeated oil supply
  • Can be flanged directly to the CO1 power unit
  • Modular expansion possible

More information on the HYDAC valve stacking system

Download Detailed product information and a circuit diagram example at a glance – in our brochure, you can learn how you can use the CO1S compact power unit to make maintenance easier to plan and increase the productivity of your machine tools.

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