Valve technology for your pilot control Rely on HYDAC for the configuration of your pilot control system

Rely on innovative valve technology from HYDAC. Our components and systems impress with their dynamic conversion of electronic signals into hydraulic functions. The precise control therefore enables an accurate machine response – even with the most subtle changes in signal.

Dynamic, robust and space-saving valve solutions for your pilot control system

Space optimisation Pilot control systems require space-saving hydraulic solutions

Weight limitations and restricted space can have a major impact on how pilot control systems are integrated. In compact mini excavators in particular, there is an acute lack of space. This means that the most space-saving hydraulic solutions are preferred – and valve solutions with compact designs are in high demand.

Efficiency & dynamism Valve solutions for demanding applications

For high machine availability, valves that are robust and long-lasting – even under variable environmental conditions – are a must. Reduce leakage losses to preserve the accumulator supply in emergency operation and efficient dimensioning of the system also play a major role. And there is one more important factor: to implement rapid changes in direction, dynamic valves are needed.

Automation Innovative proportional technology as the basis for automation solutions

Acceptance of automatic machinery can only be achieved if the user can change to manual operating mode and feel that the level of control is no worse than in a conventional solution. The trend towards partial automation and the introduction of assistance systems are forcing work hydraulics to change to electro-hydraulic remote control systems. The proportional valves used need to meet strict demands.

Reduction of costs Complex pilot control blocks lead to increased costs

If the pilot control system is supplied directly from the work hydraulics, a pressure-reducing valve is needed. The full operating pressure of up to 420 bar is applied to the primary connection of this valve. This means that the pilot control block has to be made from steel. In complex blocks in particular, this results in increased costs compared with components made from aluminium. To lower costs, innovative designs can enable the use of lighter, less expensive blocks.

Optimised valve solutions for your requirementsHYDAC has the solution to tackle your challenge

The above challenges have inspired us to continuously develop our valve solutions –  particularly in relation to proportional technology. On the basis of this product range, HYDAC makes it possible not only to use individual components but also to combine different components such as hydraulic accumulators, integrated filters and sensors to form integrated control systems.

Our solution: HYDAC proportional and switching valves

Benefit from the special features of our solenoid valves

The HYDAC range of proportional pressure-reducing valves and directional valves for pilot control systems provides components that can realise high power density in the smallest of spaces. The switching & proportional valves are based on high-quality solenoids configured to suit the raw environmental conditions of your mobile machinery. Numerous environmental tests of the solenoid systems used here have confirmed the robustness of the components in this field of application. They reduce the amount of testing needed and thus simplify approval for use of the valves in your machine. With their low inductance, the compact solenoids enable switching characteristics that are both responsive and powerful.


Proportional pressure control valves for electro-hydraulic pilot control

HYDAC proportional pressure control valves for pilot control systems feature low leakage thanks to the consistent application of direct-acting construction principles. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in the event of emergency operation with accumulator supply of the pilot control systems. The broad range of possible electric dither parameters for remote control of the proportional valves makes it possible for the user to create a specific level of noise in the pilot pressure. The hydraulic dither reduces friction at the main spool and thus reduces hysteresis in the performance curves. This directly results in precise machine control and forms the basis for implementing assistance and automated systems with ease. The high levels of dynamism of the pilot valves with their low inductance paired with a broad spectrum of available nominal volume ranges results in the overall work hydraulics being more responsive.

Discover our extensive valve range for your pilot control

HYDAC proportional pressure control valves for fields of application from mini to mining excavator

HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDRC04T30D-01

This valve creates pilot flow rates of up to 4 l/min and can be used in excavators of up to roughly 20 t.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDRC05S30A-14

The HYDAC pressure-reducing valve is suitable for pilot flow rates of up to 12 l/min and excavators up to roughly 20 t to 100 t. It impresses in this performance range with its unique size.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDR08-02

With emergency actuation option: the HYDAC valve for pilot flow rates of up to
17 l/min is used in excavators from 20 t to 100 t.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDR10830

For mining excavators of 100 t and over: the valve is suitable for pilot flow rates of 40 l/min and includes an emergency actuation option.

HYDAC switching valves for safety circuits

HYDAC switching valve WK08C-55 or WK08L-55

For a flow rate of 17 l/min or 22 l/min – with a compact coil for low modular dimensions on control manifolds.

HYDAC switching valve WK06J

Ultracompact valve and solenoid system: the HYDAC switching valve WK06J impresses with its compact design and low switching times thanks to optimised solenoid inductance.

HYDAC pressure-reducing valves with increased contamination resistance for supplying pilot control systems from high-pressure hydraulics

HYDAC pressure-reducing valve DR06-01

The extremely compact HYDAC pressure-reducing valve DR06-01 is suitable for flow rates of up to 15 l/min.

HYDAC pressure-reducing valve

The pilot-control valve is suitable for flow rates of up to 60l/min and is particularly contamination-resistant thanks to the use of special materials.

HYDAC pressure-reducing valve DR10X-01

For flow rates of up to 30 l/min: relocating the high-pressure connection to a screwed fitting mounted in the outer contour enables the use of lighter and less expensive aluminium blocks.


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