With HYDAC's cable mount, you're sure to go far For the optimum hold of your cables in wind turbines

Not in the slipstream, but ahead of it! HYDAC's mounting system is innovative, tailor-made and safe. Whether it's for risers or loops – HY-ROFLEX is the optimal solution for all the known challenges in this application. Made-to-measure quality for maximum system availability. Find out more now!

Your wind turbine safety in focus – with the flexible, innovative HY‑ROFLEX mounting technology

Is your cable mount really safe from short circuits and fire hazards?
A wide variety of solutions on the market – HYDAC supplies innovative mounting technology

From simple cable ties and ladder systems to milled components made of plastic or wood – with mounting technology for wind turbines, nothing is impossible. All traditional solutions have things in common:

  • Too many loose parts make assembly more difficult.
  • Cables slip down because no permanent pretensioning is provided.
  • Cables are damaged, resulting in short circuits.
  • Fire protection is often not provided.


We give you all the tailwind you need: first-class cable mounts for your wind turbine

However and wherever cables need to be laid securely: HYDAC has the solution! Our modular system is perfectly designed for mounting risers in towers and cables in loops. With our vast range of mounting elements, we're able to deliver on custom, made-to-measure production, even at short notice.
We tackle your challenges in the wind power industry with great flexibility. All components can be combined and modified at your request. Safety is one of our top priorities: short circuit hazards and fire hazards are averted – your wind turbine is safe with HY‑ROFLEX!

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Durable & safe mounting technology for your wind turbines

HYDAC cable mount for risers

Quick and easy installation of cables in horizontal and vertical towers – the HY‑ROFLEX crescent cable harness mount and series strip are part of a system of various mounting supports for securing power cables and supply cables in wind turbines.

HYDAC cable mounts for loops

The must-have for optimum cable arrangement: the HY‑ROFLEX star and fixed star mounting technology optimises your cable guiding from the nacelle to the tower. No more twisting and tangling – the excellent hold minimises cable insulation wear.

The advantages of our HY‑ROFLEX cable mount Your expert for towers and high-rise structures in wind turbines

Save time with HYDAC HY-ROFLEX mounting technology

Cables can be replaced very quickly

Simple & convenient servicing – save time and increase efficiency with HYDAC HY-ROFLEX. Developed to meet the strictest of requirements.

Whether it's for risers or loops – HY-ROFLEX is quick and easy to install

Quick & easy installation

Whether it's for risers or loops – the clear cable laying system enables simple installation of your cables in horizontal and vertical towers.

Maximum flexibility for your power cables in wind turbines

Flexible for power cables

± 5 % Ø tolerance and Ø up to 35 mm for triple bundles, 72 mm for single cables.


All-round protection for your cables – with the cable mount system from HYDAC

Cable insulation protection & short circuit protection provided

The innovative design ensures long-lasting protection of the sensitive cable insulation. The additional clamping band guards against any potential short circuit forces.


HYDAC enables prompt manufacture and delivery of our HYDAC HY-ROFLEX mounting technology

Short time to market

Standardised and customised solutions are made possible thanks to the interdisciplinary know-how transfer between all HYDAC companies, intelligent stock keeping and "lean logistics".



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