Hydraulic Systems

Systems and subsystems produced in Norway by HYDAC AS

HYDAC AS builds systems in Norway

Complete hydraulic systems or sub-systems delivered from one and the same place.

We design, construct and build hydraulic aggregates, complete systems and sub-systems by means of our own design and production facilities in Norway. 

The systems we deliver are tailor-made to the customer's applications, either as series or individual deliveries – all from under the same roof and with permanent contact persons. We develop and produce the components we employ from within the HYDAC group, thus ensuring a secure foundation for system construction.

HYDAC builds systems in many countries and is Europe's second largest builder of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems

Accumulator rack built in Norway

Obtain control over the energy in hydraulic systems with accumulators.


  • Reduce installed energy
  • Recycle power
  • Store hydraulic energy
  • Emergency operate hydraulic systems
  • Create mass balance
  • Dampen shock and pulsations
  • Compensate for leakage and volume change

HYDAC is the world’s largest accumulator manufacturer. Our streamlined production of accumulator racks gives you the best and most competitive solution. You can choose from our standard cost-optimised designs, or we tailor-make according to your needs.

Standard accumulator rack example

3 pcs. 50 l bladder accumulator for 345bar

  • Height: 2300mm,
  • Width: 1486mm
  • Depth: 500mm
  • Weight: 565kg

36 pcs. 50 l bladder accumulator for 345bar

  • Height: 2300mm,
  • Width: 1486mm
  • Depth: 770mm
  • Weight: 960kg

Valve and function blocks

To minimise leakage points, save space and streamline production and installation, it is our pleasure to design, assemble and test compact valve blocks for your applications. HYDAC’s extensive valve program offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Complete aggregates

We design and manufacture complete hydraulic units not only locally at Langhus, but also from our sister companies in Europe. Feel free to contact us and together we will find the best way to meet your needs. The greater the proportion of HYDAC components that can be used, the better. We have a complete product program for hydraulics of known, high quality.

Process filters with accessories in complete systems

HYDAC’s process filters are world leaders in many segments and we design and build these into complete frames with pumps and sensor technology, etc. Contact us for further dialogue


Together we’ll find the right system for you!

Contact us for more information. 

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