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HYDAC Services Our service portfolio – commissioning, maintenance & fluid management

Calibration and testing of Hydac measurment equipment. Rental units. Repair of Hydac products and systems

We calibrate and functionality test your units

It’s wise to have good procedures for maintaining approved equipment at all times.
Calibration is recommended once a year, depending on which market the equipment is used in.

Inspection of measuring and testing equipment complies with standard DIN EN ISO 9000-9004.
“The purpose of inspecting measuring and testing equipment is to guarantee that all testing equipment that is relevant for the product quality is measured ‘precisely’. In order to guarantee this, the testing equipment must be calibrated regularly and meet national/international measuring standards. In addition, the values recorded must be documented.”

We calibrate the following:

  • Particle sensors
  • Contamination sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Pressure switches
  • Portable data registration units
  • Volumetric flow transmitters
  • Display units

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Service and/or repair of your units

Contact us for a quote for rrepair or service for your unit. 

Send an email to: firmapost@hydac.no