Components, systems and service for all wind turbines


The gearbox in a wind turbine is the link between the rotor and generator. It converts the slow rotational movement of the rotor with high torque into a fast rotational movement with low torque. Tailored systems are required for the gearbox to be able to withstand these loads. HYDAC offers solutions for gearbox lubrication, gearbox cooling and oil filtration that are tried-and-tested on the market. 

Pitch & brake control

Safety is critical for long-term successful operation of your onshore and offshore wind turbines. Pitch control reduces the risk of mechanical damage and thermal overload. Efficient braking systems also prevent expensive failures and repair costs. To increase your cost efficiency, discover our reliable and robust power units for brake, pitch and yaw adjustment. 

Generators & inverters

Wind turbine generators require some special features due to the connection to the rotor which results in strong fluctuations in mechanical performance. Whether it's a fixed rotor speed with direct grid feed-in or a variable rotor speed with an inverter– the optimal cooling system is crucial for ensuring high functionality. HYDAC is on hand to help you with extensive expertise in cooling (even for extreme climate zones, CCV & HCV). 

Main bearings

Continually rotating bearings enable the rotor to turn on its own axis. As the main bearing constantly has to withstand extreme loads, it must be able to meet the highest of requirements. To ensure the highest level of safety and reliability, HYDAC is at your side with extensive know how and optimised lubrication systems for low-maintenance operation of your wind turbine.

Power cables

Cable guiding plays an important role in increasing the performance of cables in towers and loops. With our new HYROFLEX cable mounting system, we have been able to lengthen the cable service life and increase the cooling effect. This allows power cables to work more efficiently. Mounting supports in various versions and different cable groupings are available on request.


Reduce, reuse, recycle – save energy and costs sustainably with HYDAC. Increase your fluid service lives with our innovative solutions. With these solutions, you'll instantly be able to extend the intervals between maintenance. HYDAC helps you to use your resources in the best way possible and prepare components and systems for your wind turbine. 

Sustainability in wind turbines: our product solutions

HYDAC fluid sensors and oil condition sensors

Many parameters can be measured with online oil condition monitoring: solid particle contamination, wear particles, water, temperature, dielectric constant and electrical conductivity. Sustainably optimise your wind turbine maintenance processes with fluid sensors or ready-to-connect monitoring solutions.

More information on HYDAC sensors

NF Extension Kit for HYDAC gear oil filters

The NF1310 (left) becomes the NF2210 (right): increase the filter size of the series filters installed in your system. With our NF Extension Kit – consisting of a filter tube, new seals and a larger filter element – you can sustainably reduce filter changes, service time and filter costs. Reap the benefits of longer service lives now. 

More information on HYDAC gear oil filters + NF Extension Kit

HYDAC GBX+ cooler

More efficient, low-waste and more sustainable – save CapEx expenditures as well as OpEx expenditures with our optimised gear oil cooler! With its reduced weight, lower oil volume and minimal energy consumption, our GBX+ cooler makes an important contribution to optimal system operation.

HYDAC main bearing lubrication

HYDAC helps you to lubricate your main bearing efficiently. A longer service life can be achieved with constant cleaning of the lubricant in comparison to lubricating with grease. We'll work with you to find your optimal solution! 

System availability

Thermal stress and contamination take a long-term toll on components and systems in the wind power industry. We use our experience to present you with solutions which increase the availability and service life of your wind turbines – with intelligent sensors for monitoring and analysing your data. Wear processes in e.g. gearbox and bearing lubrication systems are detected early on and serious consequences are avoided. 

System availability in wind turbines: our product solutions

HYDAC filter element BN4HX

The 2-stage element from HYDAC ensures that only filtered oil gets into the lubrication system even when the bypass valve is opened – thanks to the integrated protective filter. Increase your wind turbine's availability and safety with our premium element: BN4HX.

HYDAC cable guiding HY-ROFLEX

HY‑ROFLEX – our innovative mounting system for safely and durably mounting risers in towers and cables in loops. Tool-free cable fastening, time-saving system assembly, fire protection (UL94 class V0), short circuit protection and cable protection, all combined in our product that optimises your system efficiency. Plan new systems or retrofit existing systems – with HY‑ROFLEX.

More information on HYDAC HY‑ROFLEX

HYDAC Metallic Contamination Sensor

The HYDAC Metallic Contamination Sensor measures metallic solid particle contamination in lubrication fluids. Detect damage to your gearbox early on and avoid costly system failures – also suitable for retrofitting.

More information on the HYDAC MCS

HYDAC piston accumulators

Benefit from our extensive range of piston accumulators with low gas losses. Our stable systems require less maintenance and servicing and have longer service lives, allowing costs to be reduced efficiently. Find out more now!

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HYDAC water-glycol circuit

Wind turbines in particular require expert inverter cooling and generator cooling. Rely on our experience and worldwide expertise in cooling. Our low maintenance systems are your optimal partner for controlling the temperature of your fluid-cooled systems.

Development partnership

Achieving great things together! For many years, HYDAC has been a reliable and innovative partner in the wind power industry. Represented worldwide and yet local, on-site support – we face your particular challenge together and develop your tailor-made solution from the component right up to the system. We work with you to reduce your energy costs in the long term – contact us now. 

A development partnership for wind turbines: our product solutions

HYDAC hydraulic power unit HPU

Work with our engineers to develop hydraulic power units for your requirements, such as brake, pitch and other applications. As experts in wind power, we understand the challenges in your industry. At the same time, we are able to offer our extensive expertise in hydraulic applications.

HYDAC oil system with a cooler and an NF filter

Rely on our years of experience when it comes to optimal cooling and lubrication for your gearbox. As well as our modular system, we also offer custom applications. We work with you to find the optimal solution for your requirements. Contact us now.

Combined systems from HYDAC

Our experience allows us to efficiently combine different systems and position separate systems in the optimal way. Whether it's the combination of a cooling circuit for generator, inverter or gearbox cooling, a space-saving solution for gearbox lubrication or water cooling or hydraulic power packs for brake and pitch.

HYDAC integrated filter block solution

HYDAC develops reliable filtration solutions with integrated components such as valves, bypasses and sensors. Sustainably save on piping with our integrated filter block solution. Get in touch with us – we're happy to help you.

Service, spare parts management & test bench technology

Tried-and-tested quality since 1963 – discover our components and systems with long service lives. They work reliably for many years, increasing the time between maintenance and reducing costs. As a supplier of oil systems, hydraulics systems and cooling systems, we also offer the right spare parts for seamless operation of your wind turbine. 

Service, spare parts management & test bench technology for wind turbines: our product solutions

HYDAC charging and testing unit for accumulators

To ensure your wind turbine's safety and reliability, you can test and charge your bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators yourself using the FPU. Contact us for other service tools such as filling pumps for water-glycol systems.

More information on the HYDAC FPU

HYDAC fluid conditioning systems

Whether it's for permanent installation in your system or for use as a compact service unit: HYDAC offers a wide range of fluid conditioning products for the separation of solid particle contamination and water. Reap the benefits of fluid conditioning units equipped with smart measurement technology.

More information on HYDAC fluid conditioning systems

HYDAC condition monitoring

You want to check the condition of your oil after maintenance work, replacing major components or system commissioning? Our specialised service tools reliably determine and document oil cleanliness – ideal for use in wind turbines.

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HYDAC test bench technology

Whether it's advice, test room equipment or complete test benches – HYDAC is your contact for test bench technology in the wind power industry. We support the safe operation of your components and systems with our extensive expertise.

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HYDAC filter elements

For reliable operation of your wind turbine, rely on our premium filter elements with tried-and-tested element technology and quality protection. An extensive product range awaits you. Trimicron for bypass flow, for example. You can also find out about our Betterfit filter elements for housings from different manufacturers.

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