HYDAC industrial valves Custom-fit valve solutions with a high gear shifting capacity and low pressure losses

Whether it's for industrial applications or for use in mobile machines: thanks to our flow-optimised spools and housings, we're able to offer you precision-fit valve technology, tailored to your requirements. With HYDAC, you will also find a solution for continuous adjustment of the volume flow or pressure in your system. From directional valves and control valves to switch valves and proportional valves – we cater to your requirements. Discover our components and get some advice!

Innovative & tailor-made: HYDAC is your partner for custom industrial valves

Solutions to your hysteresis, repeatability and speed requirements: contact our experts for your tailor-made industrial valve.

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Our servicesHYDAC industrial valves: tried-and-tested quality with ultra-modern production processes

Ultra-modern production

Reap the benefits of our fast and efficient production: we produce our own coils and pole tubes tailored to individual valve specifications with ultra-modern techniques and under the highest quality standards. 100 % of our finished industrial valves undergo testing – that's how we ensure that your components are tailor-made, reliable and efficient.


Everything at a glance: thanks to the unique serial number for each valve, the condition of the valve upon delivery can be tracked at any time. The QR code on every valve also makes it possible to digitally access information about the valve.

For all industries

Our wide product range makes it possible to use them in all kinds of industrial sectors. To also be able to use them in mobile solutions, HYDAC is increasingly offering industrial valves with increased corrosion protection (ZnNi).

Our solutions Advanced valve technology tailored to your application

A modular system which meets industrial standards

We have the right solution for you if you need to constantly adjust the flow rate or pressure in your system: with our broad product range of industrial valves, we are able to provide you with solutions to your hysteresis, repeatability and speed requirements. Our production concept allows us to offer you standard valves in many voltage versions and plug connector versions as well as with manual overrides.

Tailor-made solutions for your application

We're always ready to listen to our customers - that's one of our greatest strengths. Our expertise based on decades of experience in valve technology enables us to respond flexibly to your wishes with our modular system for industrial valves. This is how we create custom HYDAC valve solutions for your application and work in collaboration with you to provide you with innovative solutions to the specific challenges in your machine.

Our product range Flexible - custom – robust. Explore our solutions

HYDAC directional valves

Choose from our HYDAC directional valves in nominal sizes 6 to 32 and in a wide variety of design options, such as low wattage, soft-shift, an Atex version and versions with switch positioning monitoring.

Find the right directional valve for your requirements now with our valve selector.

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HYDAC proportional valves

HYDAC's proportional valve range includes directional valves, pressure valves and flow control valves. Proportional directional valves are also available with linear position measurement systems and OBE.

HYDAC logic valves

HYDAC 2-way cartridge valves are logic valves that are used in hydraulic control systems with high performance requirements. Our series can be adapted to the size of your system and covers the nominal sizes 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 and 80.

HYDAC control valves

HYDAC 4/3 control valves from the series C4WERE 6 are direct acting, electrically operated piston spool valves. The control valve is operated by an oil-immersed control solenoid.

HYDAC sandwich plate valves

HYDAC sandwich plate valves in nominal sizes 6-25 enable a modular hydraulic control design in the form of a stacked valve assembly. We supply them as pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves for pressure control and as throttle or flow control valves with a bypass non-return valve for flow control.

HYDAC industrial valves: your advantages at a glance

HYDAC is your partner for expertise in industrial valve solutions.

Wide-ranging expertise in valves

HYDAC is your partner for expertise in custom-designed industrial valve solutions thanks to many years of experience in the use of industrial valves.

HYDAC develops and manufactures all valve components in-house.

High level of in-house production

We develop and manufacture all valve components, including the coils, pole tubes and sensors, in-house.

The HYDAC product range always offers the ideal valve for countless functions.

A perfect fit

HYDAC's product range always ensures the ideal valve for countless functions and their associated requirements.

With a unique serial number and QR code on each valve, you have all the information you need at a glance.


With a unique serial number and QR code on each valve, you have all the information you need at a glance.

Components suitable for standard valves can be freely selected from our modular system.

A modular system which meets industrial standards

A wide range of coils, plug connectors and manual overrides which match standard valves can be freely selected from our modular system.

You save space as well as energy thanks to extremely compact solutions.


You save space as well as energy thanks to extremely compact solutions.


Find your optimal valve solution

Contact our experts now and get advice on your tailor-made industrial valve.

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