Filtration technology

Filtration technology

Our filters and filter systems support oil and fluid conditioning, which helps to make your system run safely and efficiently.
When it comes to filtration technology, HYDAC is a market pioneer. For decades, our product range has included efficient and safe filtration solutions for hydraulic and lubrication oil, water, fuel, coolants and other processing fluids. From powerful hydraulic and lubrication oil filters to fuel filters and process filters, the extensive product portfolio includes efficient fluid conditioning systems and smart solutions for fluid conditioning monitoring that analyse fluids and also define measures for increasing the productivity of machinery and reducing fluid consumption. The high-quality filtration products are always developed with the customer in mind and enable efficient and reliable system operation.

An overview of HYDAC filtration technology – the right filtration concept for any application
HYDAC supplies laboratory-based technologies and innovations that have been put to the test in practice within a broad filter range for liquid and gaseous media. All filtration products are made to very high quality and reliably increase the service life of components, systems and machinery. They are the reason why HYDAC’s high-quality filtration technology has been able to establish itself in a wide range of industries and applications over the last decades. In the HYDAC FluidCareCenter®, the research and development centre for filtration, HYDAC focuses on specific market trends and customer requirements. As a result, innovative products are constantly being created, such as HYDAC Stat-X® filter elements that prevent electrostatic charging in the system or even entire filter-tank systems with elevated degassing power (tank optimisation).

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