Efficient coolant management 4.0 For keeping your coolant concentration level stable

One of the goals of industry 4.0 is to automate processes to create a smart factory. This is done in the hope of achieving maximum operating efficiency. Highly automated machines are used in metalworking - but coolant management is usually limited to manual measuring and refilling. This carries safety risks and leads to unstable processes. The consequences are unnecessarily high operating costs and manpower requirements as well as fluctuating process parameters. Discover our fully-automated, stand-alone solution – the HYDAC FCU 5000 ensures a constant level without the need for additional personnel.

Automated, connected, smart: HYDAC FCU 5000

Are you still controlling your coolant concentration by hand? With our automated solution and its unique features, manual intervention is no longer required. Rely on precision – for a constant coolant level and stable processes.

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The dangers of fluctuating coolant concentrations Negative effects on cost effectiveness, availability, quality & health

Foam formation

Foam formation disrupts operation and costs you valuable time.

Increased use of coolant concentrate

When the concentration is too high, more concentrate is used than necessary. This leads to avoidable expenses.

Skin irritations

Contact with coolant can cause skin irritations and other irritation, resulting in disruptions to operation.

Short emulsion service life

An unstable coolant level can adversely affect the emulsion service life. The result: higher use of resources and increased costs.

Odour formation

The resulting odour can have adverse effects on the health of personnel due to irritation of the airways. 

Tool service life

A coolant concentration which is too low can lead to high wear. This leads to a reduced tool service life and poorer component quality.

Coolant monitoring with HYDAC makes all the differenceGet a head start into the future

A fully automated system for a constant coolant level: we take the manual work off your hands - with the HYDAC FCU 5000, you can reduce your manpower requirements while cutting costs. The high level of automation means that processes are displayed reliably and in a stable way. This ensures a constant level of productivity. We're happy to advise you on optimised coolant monitoring, testing and dosing.

The unique features of the HYDAC FCU 5000

  • High-precision and automated control of the concentration & tank level incl. concentrate dosing
  • Intelligent all-inclusive package for a constant coolant concentration
  • Integrated sensor monitoring for reliable measurements

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How does coolant management 4.0 work?With HYDAC's FCU 5000

Connectivity and automation are the cornerstones of our solution. Decentralised fluid controllers at several measuring points communicate reliably with the stationary FCU 5000 unit and provide you with all the information online - regardless of the time and place. If the concentration reaches a critical level, a proactive message is immediately sent to the responsible personnel and countermeasures are initiated automatically. This ensures a fast reaction to concentrations which are too high or too low, resulting in stable process conditions. 

Increased productivity & cost effectiveness ROI < 1 year

HYDAC's automated coolant management keeps your machine productivity at a constant level. By eliminating manual work, you reduce manpower requirements and operating costs - this means that a HYDAC FCU 5000 purchase pays off after less than a year. Component quality and tool service life also benefit from optimised coolant management.

Quality assurance & data transparency Automated self-monitoring & documentation

Reliable measurements and secure data – with our coolant management system, you get a documented refilling process thanks to the built-in sensor technology. You can access the data at any time, whether it is in your company's cloud or in the HYDAC cloud. You can trust your data thanks to regular system quality assurance in the form of an automated zero-point adjustment.

Efficient conservation of resources Needs-based media use

The continuous coolant monitoring means that only the amount of media required is used. Longer service lives can be achieved, automatically reducing your consumption. The result: lower CO2 emissions and optimised inventory management thanks to automated reordering.

Increased health protection TRGS (German Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances) 611-compliant documentation

Skin irritations, unpleasant odours, foam formation – a stable coolant level is essential for minimising the risks of working with coolants. Our solution enables safe work processes without the need for manual intervention, efficiently reducing downtimes. 


Is TRGS 611-compliant documentation guaranteed?

  Yes, the documentation is TRGS 611-compliant thanks to manual input values.

How many measuring points can be connected?

Our fluid controllers can be connected to up to 10 measuring points as standard and can communicate with the stationary FCU 5000 device. Retrofitting additional measuring points is possible at any time. Our experts make custom solutions possible too – we look forward to hearing from you.

What does "integrated sensor monitoring" mean?

Coolant concentrations are often too high or too low due to incorrect system measurements caused by foreign oil contamination and deposits. The permanent, automated cleaning in the HYDAC system leads to reliable measurements for a stable concentration level. Our system also monitors itself independently with a regular zero-point adjustment.

Where is the data collected filed and stored?

Protecting your data is a priority for us. You can secure the data in your own cloud platform or in the HYDAC Cloud – whatever you prefer.

Downloads You can find our product brochures on the topic of coolant management here

Our coolant experts look forward to your questions

Intelligent coolant management with HYDAC – increase the level of automation in your system.

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