Hydraulic generator For generating electrical energy on agricultural machines

Using hydraulic power efficiently: with the hydraulic generator from HYDAC, you can convert surplus hydraulic power into electrical energy. This enables you to generate a stand-alone power supply and expand on your agricultural machine's very limited electrical power spectrum.

Rely on our hydraulic generator to convert hydraulic power into electrical energy

Precision Farming Increased electricity requirements for more precision

Those who conserve resources aren't just acting in the interests of environmental protection. This is because targeted management of fields and farmland saves money and valuable time. Farmers are increasingly relying on Precision Farming to conserve seeds and spray products and distribute them with high precision. But precision requires one thing above all else: a high power density.

Electrification High costs and a lot of time and effort for electrical energy

The electrification of agricultural machines is increasingly gaining momentum. This is another reason why the demand for electrical energy is increasing massively. All the electrical consumers on agricultural equipment are often supplied with power via the tractor's alternator and battery. If you want to transfer electrical energy to a trailer, you will have to expect high costs as well as increased time and effort.

Our unique solution: the hydraulic generator from HYDACUse hydraulic power efficiently

Conventional solutions

In today's agricultural machines, the tractor's maximum power supply is completely exhausted. In some individual cases, customers have made do with costly in-house constructions. But it doesn't have to be that way – HYDAC has developed the optimal solution to this.

Increase your agricultural machine's limited electrical power supply with our HYDAC solution

Powered by a hydraulic motor, our HYDAC generator converts hydraulic power into electrical energy. The integrated power controller adjusts the power to the electrical load as required. Oil is supplied by the tractor with a variable displacement pump or fixed displacement pump. The upstream hydraulic control block regulates the rotational speed with the help of an optional load-sensing circuit.

This uses the existing hydraulic power surplus efficiently and creates a stable electrical power supply on your agricultural machine.

This makes the differenceYour advantages with the hydraulic generator from HYDAC

Maintenance-free coupling systemSave time and effort and increase the reliability of your machine

Whether it's with a belt drive or transmission – existing solutions are high-maintenance and temperamental. Our newly designed direct drive offers a solution to this: with an elastic claw coupling, we make maximum reliability possible. Maintenance work is also a thing of the past.

Integrated charge regulator Use hydraulic energy efficiently for peak loads

Use energy effectively for peak loads: the generator regulates the charging current to the battery completely automatically. The integrated charge regulator ensures that surplus energy is temporarily stored in an efficient way. The battery size can also be specifically adjusted to the application.

Installed ready to connect Reap the benefits of our clever Plug & Play installation concept

The clever installation concept and the extremely compact design enable the system components to be placed on your machine in a variety of ways. This means that the generator, battery and electrical fuse protection can be placed completely independently of each other.


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