Digital field of vision solutions, including Ethernet cameras Keeping an overview with HYDAC assistance systems

Tailor-made solutions for field of vision enhancement are an important component of mobile machines. Strict standards apply to the robustness and image quality as well as simple integration and handling. In this context, HYDAC is expanding the existing product portfolio to include Ethernet cameras from the HVT 1000 product range for the off-highway market. These make it possible to create custom field of vision enhancement solutions which are tailored to the machine.

For your future-proof system architecture: HYDAC systems for digital field of vision enhancement

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Protecting people, machines and environment Digital assistance systems to avoid collisions

It's dusty. It's hard to see. And it's already happened: a collision. As rearview mirrors, side mirrors and working mirrors on mobile machines and vehicles often do not cover all areas of the machine, blind spots in particular pose a risk. Use assistance systems to avoid collisions when manoeuvring, parking and working. Digital camera systems reliably warn you of dangers and are now the system of choice in modern machines.

Demand-driven field of vision solutions Flexible systems for a wide range of tasks

Above all, the diversity of variants on the off-highway market means that the solution must be tailored to the task at hand. While rear-view cameras require a far-reaching view of up to 180°, process monitoring can be based on viewing conditions between 30° and 90°. These are just two examples of the different requirements that need to be met. In the best case scenario, digital field of vision solutions are flexible and designed to meet the task at hand.

Optimal image quality The best image resolution, even in difficult environmental conditions

High contrasts, backlight or light differences present camera systems with challenges. Even one bright spot in the image can make details in darker areas difficult to see. The optics should also be tailored to the increasing requirements for mobile machines. A high quality camera system provides a clear view - even in the case of high temperature fluctuations, harsh applications and difficult lighting conditions.

Our solution: systems for digital field of vision enhancement, including the HYDAC Ethernet camera HVT 1000Enhanced safety with HYDAC assistance systems for your off-highway vehicles

New system architectures are in demand for mobile machines. Rely on HYDAC as your development partner. Based on your requirements, we develop your custom-fit system solutions that will prove themselves both today and in the future . 

How you can keep an overview: thanks to the Ethernet interface and the use of Ethernet switches, the HYDAC solution can be enhanced with additional components to form a network. Get advice from our electronics experts on your custom field of vision solution. 

The new all-rounder: HYDAC Ethernet camera HVT 1000

With the latest generation image sensor and processor: rely on the digital Ethernet camera HVT 1000 for reliable monitoring of your work processes. 

With this camera, HYDAC is expanding its extensive range of sensors to include a new all-rounder: 

  • Automotive qualified optics, coated and heated
  • Variable field of vision with a selection of optics between 30° and 180°, also digitally adjustable
  • Supply of 7 - 32 V for 12 V and 24 V systems
  • Compact, robust housing for simple integration
  • Flexible holder options for attachment and mounting
  • IP6K9K due to full encapsulation for pressurised water protection
  • Flexible configuration with ISO 17215 (VCIC)
  • H.264 and MJPEG compression, HDR and overlays 

This makes the difference Your benefits with HYDAC's digital field of vision solutions

Optimised image display The best image quality and a broad selection of fields of vision

With HYDAC's HVT 1000, you are all set for a wide range of tasks: the wide selection of fields of vision offers you the flexibility you need. The integrated HDR-capable sensor ensures clear images and depth of detail  ̶  in dark and light areas of the image. Thanks to the digital functions, the volume of data generated by the camera can be adapted to the display and application in a targeted manner. This saves on superfluous computing loads. You also save valuable time: with pre-defined field of vision configurations you can quickly perform different activities.

Robust system design Reliable image display, even under extreme conditions

The HYDAC HVT 1000 is optimised for increased requirements on mobile machines, such as cleaning with high-pressure water. Thanks to the integrated heater, the solution also provides optimal images even in extreme temperatures. The new component can withstand different supply voltages and electrical interference unharmed: with an integrated protective circuit, the HVT 1000 resists high-energy electrical pulses from auxiliary units, for example.

New field of vision solutions Thanks to digital image data, fusion and software

Automatic functions in the HVT 1000 can be switched on and off and controlled externally so that multiple images can be fused. But the display/HMI panel can do more than just fuse streams of images. If additional sensors, such as ultrasonic sensors or radar sensors, are connected to the HMI panel via a gateway, this information can be superimposed on the camera image displayed. In this way, the user can see in the image where the sensors have detected a potential obstacle. This makes 360° environment monitoring around the machine possible with cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar sensors.

Your digital field of vision solution with tried-and-tested HYDAC electronics Take advantage of our extensive product range for your field of vision enhancement

HYDAC/TTControl Ethernet switch

Ethernet is becoming increasingly important as an interface in mobile machines. New sensors are sending more data than the frequently used CAN bus can transmit. Ethernet offers a possible solution for this for sensors with a high bandwidth demand. Rely on our HYDAC/TTControl Ethernet switches to connect any number of cameras to one or more end devices to form a network.

HYDAC/TTControl displays

Ease of use and the provision of vehicle information play a significant role in mobile machines. To control increasingly complex operating functions, larger volumes of data need to be collected from the machine and its environment and processed. Thanks to the powerful graphic multimedia processor and integrated loudspeaker, the displays from HYDAC/TTControl offer enhanced user support with animated design and audiovisual warnings.

HYDAC/TTControl controllers

With the development of every new generation, the complexity of mobile machines and the electronics used in them increases. HYDAC’s and TTControl's programmable controllers offer the perfect platform for all kinds of requirements and applications  ̶  powerful, safe, reliable and flexible.


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