HYDAC Ground Control The subsystem for active boom control for your mobile machine

In order to comply with increasingly stringent environmental protection guidelines and sustainably conserve resources, fertilisers and pesticides need to be used sparingly. HYDAC provides the perfect solution: the new subsystem for active boom control, HYDAC Ground Control, guides the boom to the optimum height and tilt above the crop even in tough environmental conditions. This increases the speed of work and leads to a more precise application.

For highly accurate guiding of the sprayer boom, even in tough environmental conditions

Conservation of resources Use pesticides sparingly with active boom control

Increasingly stringent guidelines for environmental protection and consumer protection require fertilisers and pesticides to be used in a way that conserves resources. As part of this, sprayer booms for mobile machines must be guided at the optimal height over the crop to ensure targeted distribution of the product. This is the only way that resources can be used sparingly. But that's not all – if disturbances are not compensated for, the mechanical stress on the components also increases, reducing their service life. This is why active boom control which cleverly compensates for vehicle movement and terrain characteristics is required.

Precision Farming For targeted management of your fields and farmland

Managing fields and farm land in a targeted way requires two things: first, the differences in the ground and crop need to be taken into account. On the other hand, surrounding terrain must be protected in the interests of environmental protection. Clever operating functions support optimal crop estimation and ensure that pesticides are distributed in a sustainable way. In particular, this includes effective compensation of disturbances due to vehicle movements and terrain characteristics. If the sprayer boom is guided over the crop at the optimum height and tilt, resources are conserved and the environment is protected.

Optimum stability for your mobile machine thanks to pressure control valves How HYDAC Ground Control works

Conventional solutions

Conventional solutions are based on position control via throttle control. The disadvantage: the stiff hydraulic coupling of the towing vehicle and the boom, as the tilt of the towing vehicle is transferred to the boom. Correction only takes place once a deviation in position has been detected. This leads to an inaccurate application.

The HYDAC solution

To avoid this loss of position, our experts have developed an innovative solution: HYDAC Ground Control decouples the boom from the towing vehicle. The pressure control valve regulates the boom's position in combination with additional sensor information. Thanks to these factors, significant stabilisation is possible with the active boom control from HYDAC – the tilt of the towing vehicle is immediately compensated, there is no deviation from the set point. This means that no correction is necessary. HYDAC Ground Control is highly dynamic, even where there are changes in the terrain.

This makes the differenceReduced installation space, increased operating accuracy and faster operating speeds

Benefit from our simplified valve technology: the minimal use of components enables maximum performance with considerable installation space savings. Thanks to the effective compensation, you also avoid fluctuations in the distance between the boom and the crop. This increases operating accuracy and protects the environment. The hydraulic decoupling brings yet another advantage – by reducing or avoiding the transmission of movement to the boom, you can significantly increase your operating speed. Tried-and-tested hydraulics combined with intelligent control technology: with HYDAC Ground Control, consisting of hydraulics, electronics and software, you get an efficient subsystem which reduces your development costs and shortens your time to market.

Possible add-ons for your tailor-made system Rely on our modular hydraulic system

HYDAC Ground Control is based on our modular hydraulic system. This means that we can replicate any boom functions. Find out more about your needs-based solution from our experts.

Available functions:

  • Hydraulic control of the boom tilt
  • Hydraulic control of boom folding functions for the driving position
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the boom to adapt to the height of the vegetation
  • V position of boom and position of boom sections for adjustment to the terrain

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Your advantages with HYDAC Ground Control at a glance

Reduced installation space

Installation space optimisation

Thanks to simplified valve technology and targeted use of components, you save important installation space.

Increased productivity

Increased efficiency

Work faster and with more precision – HYDAC Ground Control increases your efficiency in the long term.

Conservation of resources

Conservation of resources

Guiding the boom at the optimum height and tilt over your crop conserves mechanical resources as well as natural resources.

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