HYDAC Load-sensing main control valves How mobile applications work more precisely and efficiently

Enhance your productivity with our load-sensing valves

Precision & accuracy Simple machine operation with simultaneously increased productivity

Different actuators work in parallel, especially in mobile applications. In addition to the difficulty of setting movement speeds, there are often also unwanted speed variations. Precision and accuracy of the work suffer because of this. With our load-sensing main control valves, we guarantee simplified machine operation with a simultaneous increase in productivity.

Flexibility & modularity Tailor-made solutions reduce development times

As versatile as mobile work machines are - the different types of machines and configuration possibilities lead to a high valve variance - there is an even greater desire for standardised modular valve systems, which can easily be adjusted to a wide range of machine needs. Our experts offer you tailor-made platform and modular concepts so we can reduce your development times.

Space savings & energy efficiency
A compact design saves installation space and resources

New regulations increase the need for energy-saving solutions as well as simple and space-saving solutions. With HYDAC, you achieve a high power density without having to make sacrifices when it comes to energy efficiency: our compact valve design saves important installation space and therefore saves you resources.

Our solution: HYDAC load-sensing main control valves
HYDAC valve series LX-3 and valve series LX-6

LX-3 and LX-6 are load-compensated valves with upstream pressure compensators for systems with constant or variable displacement pumps. Up to ten functions can be controlled independently of each other as long as the maximum pump flow is higher than the requested flow. The systems were developed with a focus on high precision, fine control and energy efficiency. Whether cranes, harvesting machines, machines with crawler tracks or other mobile machines – the flexible structure and the compact design make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Load-sensing literally means what it says. The systems work according to this principle: the load pressures of the actuators in mobile machines are recorded. Pressure compensators use the information and ensure that the desired flow is provided. In this way, every actuator receives the exact flow rate that is required to perform the work functions without restrictions. The goal: a precise, repeatable performance of work functions - for maximum results.

Your advantage - fine controlPrecise motions & simple work execution

Using the example of a loading crane

Loading cranes must meet high demands. In addition to the precise positioning of loads, repeatable controllability of loads that vary greatly is crucial. Compared to conventional solutions, the resolution of the HYDAC components, which is almost twice as high, allows for an excellent fine control range. This leads to gentle cylinder and motor movements - which in turn leads to much more precise machine movements and easier work performance.

Your advantage - simultaneous movementOperation of several machine functions at the same time

Using the example of a loading crane

Let's stick with the example of the loading crane - the complex work is done by different actuators at the same time. The flow-optimised sectional pressure compensator uses the respective load pressure and safely adjusts the flow rate for the individual actuators in parallel operation. You can clearly see here: independent of actuator 2 being switched on, the flow rate at actuator 1 remains constant at the set flow rate of 1 l/min with great precision. This is despite actuator 2 requiring a considerably higher pump pressure. This aspect provides for a significant increase in productivity of the work processes.

Our portfolio HYDAC load-sensing main control valves

HYDAC load-sensing valve, series LX-3

The load-compensated HYDAC valve LX-3 with a nominal flow rate of 80 l/min at the working port can control up to ten functions at the same time - as long as the required nominal flow does not exceed the maximum pump flow. The flexible structure and the compact design make them suitable for a wide range of mobile applications.

HYDAC load-sensing valve, series LX-6

The installation space and weight-optimised HYDAC valve LX-6 with a nominal flow rate of 160 l/min at the working port focuses on optimising your precision, fine control and energy efficiency. The load-compensated product can control up to ten functions at the same time - as long as the required nominal flow does not exceed the maximum pump flow.

HYDAC load-sensing valve, series LCX-6

As an even more compact version of our tried-and-true LX-6 valve, the LCX-6 expands our product portfolio to include a cost-effective modular valve system with a consistent focus on pure load-sensing directional valve functionality. The first and last working section integrates the function of an inlet or end plate in this valve series and impresses with its extremely space and weight-reduced design. For a hydraulic function, we offer an especially interesting solution: the LCX-6 monobloc. The load-sensing valve is therefore ideal for the flexible additional equipment in a wide range of mobile work machines, such as for excavators or wheel loaders.

HYDAC software for electro-hydraulic controls

To control mobile valves for our HYDAC controllers: EHC (Electro-hydraulic control) is a machine application software for controlling hydraulic mobile valves, which can be proportionally controlled or switching on/off.

HYDAC xCrane control systems by Technion

For forestry cranes in particular, we offer a control kit for intuitive human-machine interaction. xCrane offers quick reaction times and a smooth and easy to use custom controller for each driver.


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