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Protecting people and the environment is a top priority, especially in industry. Unsafe processes and large machines and systems in combination with partially combustible materials, such as in the power plant, press or machine tools industry, can have devastating consequences for the environment and people on site. To take this into account, there are numerous national and international standards, directives and certifications that systems and system solutions need to comply with to ensure safe operation.

HYDAC supports you with this with certified components and systems. We're able to provide comprehensive advice thanks to our in-depth understanding of your machine's functioning and its electric and hydraulic machine architecture. This is how we pave the way for your system's functional safety.

Consultation & training

HYDAC is on the ball: national and international statutory safety regulations are subject to constant change. Always keeping up to date with these isn't easy. 

We're here to support you and can advise you on all you need to know about the latest regulations – training sessions on the basics of risk assessments, CE certifications and many other topics are also possible at any time. Plan your training with HYDAC now to stay informed.

Components & systems with increased functional safety

From CE, SIL and ATEX certifications and machinery directives with A, B and C standards right up to specific regulations for each country – HYDAC supports your projects with years of expertise and the highest level of expert knowledge. 

To reliably provide your system's safety function, we supply you with dependable products which pave the way for fail-safe system operation. 
Comprehensive industrial solutions – tailored to your individual requirements – that's how we help you to achieve process reliability. Have a successful partnership with HYDAC. Contact us now.

Our product solutions for machine safety in your systems

HYDAC electrohydraulic safety control system

Easy to maintain, reliable and modular – our compact electrohydraulic safety control system meets the requirements of DIN EN 61511 and DIN EN 61508. Maximum safety is made possible thanks to suitability to safety integrity level SIL 3.

HYDAC press control block PSB/PSBH/ZSB

Reach Performance Level PL e with our press control block and other safety-related control components. We support your press's functionally safe operation with the HYDAC PSB/PSBH/ZSB, designed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16092-3. Contact us now!

HYDAC press safety valve PSV10/PSV16

Our press safety valves are the perfect choice for controlling hydraulically-actuated clutch-brake combinations (CBC) or braking systems for servo presses. No more unexpected slide errors – thanks to safe machine switch off in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16092-2.

HYDAC functionally safe pressure transmitters

Maximum efficiency and safety with redundancy! Measuring cells, output signals and electronics in duplicate: replace two complete measuring sections with two sensors with an HDA 4700. TÜV certification of sensor functional safety in accordance with ISO 13849 (PL d) and IEC 61508 (SIL 2).

More information on the HYDAC HDA 4700

HYDAC monitoring devices for piston accumulators

Whether it's a laser linear position measurement system or a magnetostrictive linear position measurement system – HYDAC offers a wide product range for piston position monitoring in piston accumulators. We offer a UP switch which can be retrofitted without the need for modifications, for example. Learn more about our products.

More information on HYDAC piston position indicators

HYDAC p₀-Guards for hydraulic accumulators

Stop productivity losses due to the wrong pre-charge pressure – with our p0-Guard, you can constantly keep track of your accumulator's pre-charge pressure. This allows you to maintain the safety function at all times. Optimise your application's service life and energy use simultaneously.

More information on the HYDAC p₀-Guard

HYDAC directional valves with switch position monitoring

Discover our wide range of directional valves and sandwich plates with electronic sensors for switch position monitoring. Our reliable solutions for signal processing in safety control systems increase the functional safety of your machines and systems. We're always happy to give advice!

More information on HYDAC directional valves

HYDAC Digital Smart Sensor

Increase your machine's availability with intelligent Condition Monitoring with our smart HPT 1446S. A compact sensor that can do more than just measure: benefit from valuable detailed information such as overload situations, process value statistics, temperature profiles, operating hours and much more.

More information on the HYDAC HPT 1400

Our previous successful functional safety projects in an industrial context

Functional safety

Functional Safety

Optimise process safety with your manufacturing systems specialist √ We analyse & engineer hydraulics, valves, sensors, controls √ Top safety → Learn more!

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