Applications for shipping with worldwide approvals

Maritime technology on deck

Whether it's a cruise ship, cargo vessel, freighter or container ship – offshore environmental conditions take an immense toll on deck superstructures and ship superstructures. For safe and smooth operation despite these difficult conditions, we support system manufacturers, shipyards and shipping companies with robust solutions. HYDAC is your reliable contact partner for applications in the maritime industry:

  • Deck and ship superstructures
  • Cranes and other lifting equipment
  • Loading hatches, RoRo equipment
  • Hatch covers
  • Winches
  • Exterior doors

Maritime technology below deck

Applications below deck must meet the highest requirements: they must be highly efficient, durable and space-saving. HYDAC supplies space-optimised solutions with certifications from all leading classification societies. Thanks to our worldwide expertise, we are always able to provide local support. We support the following applications with our components and systems:

  • Direction and thrust control
  • Fin stabilisers
  • Trim tabs
  • Rudder propellers and variable pitch propellers
  • Transverse thrusters
  • Cargo pump
  • Steering gear
  • Ship engine
  • Ballast water
  • Waste incineration

Robustness, space optimisation & weight reduction

The maritime industry is faced with extreme environmental conditions as well as limited space. This is why robust solutions in a compact design are necessary. We work with you to reduce your oil and tank volume with our efficient HYDAC solutions. This enables you to make long-term cost savings and resource savings when it comes to operation and maintenance work.

Robustness, space optimisation & weight reduction in maritime technology: our product solutions

HYDAC Tank Reduction Unit

Benefit from our premium solution with active fluid conditioning and make long term savings – thanks to reduced oil volumes and reduced material use. Reduce your tank volumes by 60-80 % with our Tank Reduction Unit.

HYDAC Air-X filter technology

With our Air-X filter technology, you save costs efficiently thanks to reduced oil volumes, enormous weight reductions and reduced material use. Learn about the many advantages of our filter solution.

More information on HYDAC tank optimisation

HYDAC load-sensing control valve LX-6

Our proportional directional valve based on the load-sensing principle with an upstream sectional pressure compensator impresses with its modular and compact design. Optimally equipped for efficient use in your maritime application.

More information on HYDAC control valves

HYDAC cooling systems

From transmission cooling with water or air right up to fluid cooling for electrical drives: benefit from our comprehensive cooling system product range for a variety of applications.

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HYDAC lubrication oil systems

Lubrication oil systems for engines are sensitive systems: both a reliable flow of oil and a constant level of oil cleanliness are required. HYDAC provides you with custom lubrication systems for a long service life of your ship engine.

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HYDAC AutoFilt® series

For highly efficient back-flushing at high contamination loads, you are in good hands with our models in the AutoFilt® series. Discover our brand new Autofilt® RF14 – also ideally suited for retrofitting.

More information on HYDAC AutoFilt®

Operational safety

Your system safety is our priority: to guarantee the highest level of safety, we develop our solutions in line with the class specifications. This means that we always deliver our components with the corresponding material certificates and approvals. Our sensors with type approval for the most important classes also help to reliably monitor your system. For smooth operation.

Operational safety in maritime technology: our product solutions

HYDAC control valves

To save fuel efficiently and enable a smooth trip at sea, control valves for coordinating the trim tabs are essential. Learn more about our wide product range, including special control valves for fast motorboats and yachts.

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HYDAC sensors

HYDAC supplies an extensive range of sensors for your maritime applications – whether these are standard versions or products with type approval for the increased functional safety of your condition monitoring systems. Discover our product range!

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HYDAC pumps

In addition to our axial piston variable displacement pump PPV100S for pressure supply in open circuits, HYDAC supplies an extensive range of pumps suitable for maritime applications. We will be happy to help you find your optimal solution.

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HYDAC cylinders

Extreme conditions, long service lives, high loads, increased risk of corrosion – none of this is a problem for HYDAC hydraulic cylinders. We supply custom cylinders, tailored to your specific requirements and according to the highest quality standards.

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The hardware and software that supports the digital transformation of your offshore technology. HYDAC CMX structures and visualises your data. Always keep an overview – whether this is locally on your server or in the cloud.

HYDAC dewatering unit FAM

Our FluidAqua Mobil series is designed for the separation of free and dissolved water as well as gas from hydraulic fluids and lubrication fluids. High cost-effectiveness guaranteed thanks to a high contamination retention capacity and filtration efficiency.

More information on the HYDAC FluidAqua Mobil

HYDAC CA power unit

Reliably opening and closing water-tight bulkhead doors and hatches is particularly challenging at sea. In this context, our compact oil-immersed power unit is perfect for aiding the hydraulic operation of your applications.

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HYDAC directional valves

Achieve maximum operational safety thanks to our highly efficient industrial valves: our tried-and-tested 4WE6 and 4WEH16 directional valves are especially well designed for use in deck superstructures and cable winches – also available in an ATEX version.

More information on HYDAC industrial valves

Sustainability & environmental protection

Sensitive injection systems are the result of ongoing optimisation of engine technology and increased limits on climate-relevant gases in accordance with the Tier III standard. To ensure their functionality, a fuel that is virtually free of contamination particles is required. If this is not the case, the system will suffer. As your local experts, HYDAC has filtration concepts for every application. We sustainably reduce your costs thanks to longer filter service lives and a higher level of cleanliness.

Sustainability & environmental protection in maritime technology: our product solutions

HYDAC HDMD/ HDPD fuel filters

Resource-saving & stable performance: our (duplex) filters in our tried-and-tested HYDAC quality fulfil the high conditioning requirements for modern diesel engines. You're in good hands for pre-filtration and main filtration thanks to reliable filter systems with ship approvals.

More information on HYDAC diesel fuel filters

HYDAC fine filtration for diesel fuels Optimicron® FuelFine

The new Optimicron® FuelFine with its special element construction was specially designed for the high cleanliness requirements of diesel fuels. HYDAC enables ISO classes below 11/08/07. For sustainable engine operation.

HYDAC automatic filter AutoFilt® RF9

Our AutoFilt® What sets the RF9 apart is its globally unique, patented hydropneumatic back-flushing technology with secure media separation. This enables you to protect hydraulic systems and your ship engine in the long term.

More information on HYDAC AutoFilt®

HYDAC gas filtration

To allow ship engines and subsystems to function optimally, clean and dry gases are needed. Whether it's air gas, fuel gas or flushing gas filtration – we work with you to find your optimal solution. Reduce wear and tear with efficient filter systems from HYDAC.

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HYDAC automatic back-flushing filter AutoFilt®

High efficiency thanks to isokinetic filtration and back-flushing – the AutoFilt® series from HYDAC consists of self-cleaning automatic filters and is especially suited to use in exhaust gas treatment (scrubber or EGTS). Find out more!

More information on HYDAC AutoFilt®

HYDAC fuel filter module

Highest cleanliness requirements guaranteed – with the fuel filter module from HYDAC! Our efficient filtration concept leads to less injector wear, reduced costs and an increase in the service life of your engine.

HYDAC condition monitoring

HYDAC supplies a wide range of components for the construction of modern condition monitoring systems which act as a basis for predictive maintenance. In this way, they make a contribution to efficient service and maintenance solutions as well as to sustainability and environmental protection.