Sensors and measurement equipment

Monitor the condition of your hydraulic components and lubricating oils to improve scheduling of maintenance work and avoid critical system downtime. With HYDAC sensors, you are kept up to date regarding oil degradation, viscosity, water content and solids in the oil. In addition, the product portfolio contains sensors for measuring pressure, temperature, flow rate, filter clogging and fill level. For collecting, displaying, processing and saving the measured data, use HYDAC portable data recorders.

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Hydraulic filtration

The HYDAC range for hydraulic filtration includes optimised systems for various filters:

  • Full-flow filters
  • Bypass flow filters (fine filtration in lubrication systems)
  • Breather filters

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Process filtration

The automatic back-flushing filter RF3 from HYDAC is used in a large number of applications in process filtration:

  • Descaling – sheets and slabs
  • Emulsion treatment
  • Top-gas expansion turbine
  • Cooling lubricant plants
  • Protective filtration upstream from pumps
  • Feed water filtration

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Media temperature in systems

  • Oil-air heat exchanger
  • Oil-water heat exchanger


Components and systems

  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Accumulator charging units
  • Valves and control blocks

Special applications

  • Special cylinders, e.g. benders
  • Reservoir levels (electrical furnace)
  • Pump stations (ribbon lap plant)
  • Valve units (slab strip casting plant)
  • Circulating paths (continuous casting plant)


  • Ball valves and fluid level gauges
  • Pipe fasteners, hose and cable fasteners, component fasteners
  • Bell housings and connectors

Our service for you

HYDAC service includes commissioning on your premises and comprehensive after-sales service.