Media supplyPump stations and face hydraulics

The compact media treatment and conditioning is performed at stationary or mobile pump stations. HYDAC also supplies products for face hydraulics, filtration, pulsation damping and condition monitoring for your special applications.

ExtractionExtraction of the raw materials

The extraction of raw materials in longwall or chamber mining calls for conditioning and protection of the components such as water, HFA and hydraulic systems. For extraction, HYDAC supplies complete systems and filter concepts for pressure, return and bypass flow. However, the range also includes valves, cylinders and filter elements (stable up to 300 bar differential pressure), for example.

Preliminary workPreparation and expansion of the claim

Whether it’s or full cut, partial cut or conventional tunnelling – HYDAC products ensure smooth operation underground:

  • Filters for hydraulic media and water
  • Hydraulic accumulator
  • Electronic measurement technology for underground
  • Solenoids
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Ball valves and fluid level gauges
  • Pipe clamps, hose and cable mounting, component mounting
  • Bell housings and couplings
  • Cylinders with special coatings for underground

LogisticsMaterial-handling and passenger transportation

Belt conveyors, monorails and industrial trucks are the means of transport underground. To ensure free-flowing traffic, HYDAC supplies filters for water, hydraulic and lubrication systems, cylinders for chassis and conveyor systems, for example, and hydraulic accumulators (for example for suspended monorails and mounting technology).