Hydraulic power units

HYDAC’s hydraulic units are suitable for use with fully electrically driven machines to drive an additional injection unit and to perform hydraulic functions, e.g. for hydraulic core pulls in tools.


Compact hydraulics

To implement application-specific control functions in your machine, you can use HYDAC’s compact hydraulics as a component or a function unit in the control block.



Filter technology

Use HYDAC filter technology to protect your hydraulic components from increased contamination and to extend the service life of your operating medium.


Filter systems

HYDAC filter systems are used to optimise the oil cleanliness in the machine. They can be used during filling and during cleaning.


Process filtration

For the treatment of your cooling water, HYDAC supplies solutions for process filtration.



Cooling systems

Stabilising operating temperatures is vitally important. HYDAC can supply suitable cooling systems.


Filter cooling systems

For optimum adjustment to suit your specific needs, HYDAC also stocks combined filter-cooler systems. They can be realised as an installed solution or as a complete unit.


More solutions for the plastics industry

Gas injection moulding systems

HYDAC can supply modular and complete systems for gas generation, gas compression, gas injection and process control and monitoring.


Analysis and diagnostics

Monitor your individual machines or your entire system with measuring instruments and data acquisition and evaluation systems from HYDAC. Interface modules enable optimum incorporation into existing systems.



Our products for rounding off your hydraulic systems:

  • Ball valves and fluid level gauges
  • Pipe fasteners, hose and cable fasteners, component fasteners
  • Bell housings and couplings