Innovative filtration concepts for your mobile machinesSafe and modern filtration with HYDAC high-class filter systems

Whether it's in the construction industry, agricultural industry or forestry industry – the demand for sustainable technology for resource conservation and environmental protection is higher than ever. This is a need which will only increase in the future. Mobile machines which combine a minimal carbon footprint with maximum capability are especially relevant. For this combination, you can rely on the innovative fluid management concepts from HYDAC. As an established contact for modern and safe filtration, we offer high-class filter media for a clean system. With us, you can conserve precious resources, increase the service life of your machines and optimise element usage. Benefit from our many years of expertise in the development of tailor-made solutions – always in combination with comprehensive service, worldwide.

Space optimisation & weight reduction

The complexity of mobile machines is increasing along with space restrictions and weight restrictions. When it comes to increased space restrictions in your machines, HYDAC has the perfect solution: filtration concepts which are perfectly adjusted to your requirements allow you to reduce the volume of your tank by up to 30 - 40 %. And you don't need to compromise on efficiency – HYDAC develops filtration solutions for small tanks with increased degassing performance and perfect air separation, all tailored to your requirements. This gives you significantly more freedom in how your machine is designed and offers reduced material use, a lower oil volume and simple, convenient service access. Would you like to save on space, weight and fuel too? Contact our experts in filtration, oil conditioning and tank optimisation.

Energy efficiency & conservation of resources

Stricter legislation and global competition are putting machine manufacturers under pressure. Increased energy efficiency combined with reduced costs is the key to more competitiveness. Benefit from optimal filtration and efficient fluid management: HYDAC ensures a longer service life for your oil and machines with clever filtration concepts. Our experts also see the potential for optimisation in every existing tank system – this reduces your costs thanks to minimised material use and oil volume. In this way, you can protect your resources in the long term as well as our environment. Contact us for your optimised filter-tank system.

Protecting the spare parts business & aftermarket

Product piracy and low-quality filter elements from third parties lead to drastic losses in the spare parts business. This costs money – but that's not all: time consuming investigations into warranty claims increase and poorer cleanliness classes and insufficient component protection endanger the safety of your systems along with your image. With our sophisticated filter technology, we enable you to develop new spare parts strategies.HYDAC's brand labelling and quality protection help you to actively fight against product piracy. Our guaranteed and validated quality ensures the safety of your operation, the longer service life of your systems and fluids and ultimately the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. Work with HYDAC to optimise your spare parts strategy – contact our team.

Machine reliability

The requirements for mobile machines are growing. With this increasing complexity, the highest possible availability is firmly in focus. The fluid can be seen as a fingerprint of the machine and plays an important role here: modern filtration concepts with high-class particle separation are the basis of machine reliability. Avoid early machine failures with our innovative condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions as well as active oil conditioning, dewatering and air separation. Optimise your costs while improving your planning certainty. As experts in fluid management and filtration, HYDAC offers you clever solutions for reliable machine availability as well as longer service lives for oil and components.


For your whole machine fleet: mobile machines are as versatile as their possible applications. The demands on the associated components and subsystems are even more diverse. HYDAC combines individuality on the market with standards for your company. Thanks to scalable and modular filtration concepts, we are able to cover your whole fleet of vehicles. We always keep an eye on your costs: our standardised development and testing process supports you in your machine development and saves you valuable development time whilst minimising your development risk. Optimised filtration solutions tailored to your needs thanks to many years of industry experience.

Innovative solutions for more sustainability, reduced installation spaces and optimised costs Get to know our HYDAC product range now

HYDAC Air-X technology

Our innovative HYDAC Air-X technology enables you to achieve perfect air separation in your system. In addition to low discharge velocities, your tank will benefit from reduced oil turbulence, uniform oil mixing and other advantageous characteristics. This reduces the effects of air in the oil and allows a considerably smaller hydraulic tank to be used. In this way, you can save valuable resources, benefitting both you and the environment.

HYDAC Stat-X® Element technology

For hydraulic systems with a highly critical charge potential due to low-conductivity oils: thanks to new HYDAC Stat-X® technology manufacturing processes, the charge-inhibiting effect of the filter medium has been significantly improved. Stat-X® elements are proven to reduce electrostatic charging and reliably suppress spark formation. This ensures maximum safety, reduces oil degradation products and enables longer oil change intervals. You too can protect your hydraulic components and lower your maintenance costs – contact our experts now.

HYDAC Quality Protection

Trust in the original and protect your system: to achieve low prices, low-quality imitations from third parties rely on cheap materials. This entails great risks: ultra-fine filtration is often no longer possible and a significantly poorer oil quality develops, causing malfunctions or costly machine failures. With HYDAC Quality Protection you can protect your company from product piracy and the replacement of high-quality original elements with inferior imitations. For the use of authentic elements and a guaranteed spare parts quality, even for years to come! Find out about our product portfolio now.

Intelligent monitoring with the HYDAC Virtual Fluid Lab

Save valuable resources with the HYDAC Virtual Fluid Lab: our smart concept determines the remaining service life of individual filter elements and makes a vital contribution to predictive maintenance. Depending on the application, the HYDAC VFL communicates with the machine control via CAN bus or IO-Link to show the remaining service life of individual filter elements. Benefit from reduced Life Cycle Costs and improved machine availability thanks to condition-based usage. Reduce your Life Cycle Costs now with the HYDAC VFL.