Technical Cleanliness of Industrial Part Washers When it comes to cleanliness, there’s no cutting corners

Greater customer satisfaction, stricter quality requirements and reduced costs – technical cleanliness is playing an increasingly important role in industry. The requirements for manufactured parts and production machinery continue to increase. Power density is increasing while clearances are decreasing.

With an enormous range of solutions, HYDAC is your expert in technical cleanliness and optimising your industrial part washers.

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We can work with you to increase the quality of the components you produce!

Keep track of your technical cleanlinessVDA 19 – TecSa – ISO 16232 – ISO 18413

Maximising output while retaining top quality is the goal of many plant owners. To achieve this, technical cleanliness examinations of components and systems have been a necessity for some time now.
Our active involvement in the creation of guidelines for cleanliness testing makes us an expert in reducing particle and film contamination. As a basis for testing technical cleanliness, we follow both international standards (e.g. ISO 16232, ISO 18413) and the specific guidelines of your country or an industry association (e.g. VDA Volume 19).

Determining the technical cleanliness of your machines and components

High component quality reduces production rejection rates, complaints and rework to a minimum – so you can increase your process reliability in an instant. To enable you to determine technical cleanliness reliably at all times, we supply extraction devices tailored to the specific testing requirements of your components in all their varied properties.

For the residual dirt determination of electronic and plastic components HYDAC also supplies suitable solutions that allow your components to undergo non-destructive testing so that they can still be used afterwards.

Since their launch on the market, our products have set the technical standards! Whether it’s fluid or dry extraction, we support you in residual dirt determination. Contact us today!

Our solutions for the residual dirt analysis of your components and systems

HYDAC extraction device for small to medium components CTU 1000

Reduce your failures before delivery by installing clean components – thanks to the HYDAC ContaminationTest Unit. Our complete solution uses wet or dry extraction to determine technical cleanliness.

More information on HYDAC CTU 1000

HYDAC modular system for universal component spectrum CTM 1000

Benefit from maximum flexibility with the modular system from HYDAC. Combine our supply module for fluid supply, control and data storage with extraction modules of your choice. We are always happy to give advice.

More information on HYDAC CTM 1000

HYDAC modular system for high flow rates
CTM 3000

Suitable for extraction volumes between 3 and 18 l/min: our modular system is designed for analysing the technical cleanliness of large components. Thanks to our high product variability, we can always supply the right solution for your application.

More information on HYDAC CTM 3000

Filtration of process fluids in industrial part washers that are critical to cleanliness

Increase the quality of your components, save resources efficiently and reduce maintenance work to a minimum – our high-performance filters for process fluids show you how. Increase the efficiency of your system by exploiting the full potential of your cleaning technologies. 

From coarse filtration to demanding fine filtration for applications with the strictest cleanliness requirements – we have the solutions for your challenge.


Our filtration solutions for process fluids

HYDAC filter element Wombat

For top cleanliness of your process fluids, make use of our Wombat filter element. In conjunction with the Wombat filter housing, you can benefit from top fluid cleanliness and a long service life. Find out about the many advantages of our Wombat filter element.

More information on HYDAC filter element Wombat

HYDAC filter element Flexmicron

Whether it’s the Premium, Standard or Economy series – with our diverse filter element technologies, you can achieve maximum fluid cleanliness with filtration efficiency of up to 99.8%.

More information on HYDAC filter element Flexmicron

HYDAC filter bags

The right solution for any challenge: discover our quality filter bag range. Reliable and easy to use – choose the right filter bag tailored to your cleanliness requirements.

HYDAC Wombat filter housing

Our housing for the strictest cleanliness requirements: various filter element types, housing sizes and pressure ranges are at your disposal. With the HYDAC WBF, you are always flexible!

More information on HYDAC Wombat filter housing

HYDAC MultiRheo filter

High quality standards, defined filter rates and high separation values – applications from low-viscosity to high-viscosity fluids: our filter element technology enables efficient particle separation in industrial part washers and rinsing test benches. Contact us today!

Monitoring & maintenance of coolant systems

A lack of corrosion protection, quality problems, reduced tool service lives and additional costs arising from increased concentrate usage – fluid parameters deviating from the nominal value in water-based industrial part washers and coolant systems can have far-reaching consequences.

To ensure that you are always on the safe side, we can support you in the reliable monitoring of your fluid parameters in real time and automated coolant top-up as required – this makes it possible for you to save up to 10–20% of your annual concentrate consumption.

Our solutions for coolant systems

HYDAC online measuring instrument for coolants FCU 5000

The HYDAC FluidControl Unit is the perfect partner for monitoring the key fluid parameters in your water-based coolant system. Our plug & play solution is suitable for retrofitting on existing centralised and decentralised systems.

More information on HYDAC FCU 5000

HYDAC Multiplexer Unit for monitoring decentralised coolant systems

Our Multiplexer Unit in conjunction with our FCU 5000 is designed for the sensor-supported topping up of multiple decentralised coolant supply systems. Reduce your concentrate consumption thanks to reliable documentation and visualisation of all relevant data.

Software module for HYDAC measuring systems and data memory

Benefit from our smart online monitoring systems for coolants to stabilise your processes. With our proprietary HYDAC software CoolTools, we can analyse and visualise your measured values. You can access your data directly at any time via web server.

Your expert for the technical cleanliness of your industrial part washers

HYDAC enables you to operate your industrial part washer sustainably.

Increase sustainability

by reducing concentrate consumption and production rejection rates.

HYDAC supports you in minimising resource consumption.

Conservation of resources & environmental protection

Save up to 10–20% of your annual concentrate consumption and use electronic & plastic components even after cleaning testing.

Standard and custom modules for optimal technical cleanliness.

High range of applications

thanks to product variability: standard devices, flexible modular devices and diverse housing and element designs.

Digital solutions promote process reliability – with constant focus on technical cleanliness.

Increased process reliability

thanks to reliable monitoring of fluid parameters in real time, automated coolant top-up as required and improvement in the quality of produced components.

HYDAC increases the technical cleanliness of your industrial part washers while reducing your costs.

Cost optimisation

thanks to efficient saving of topped-up coolants. The high quality of HYDAC filter elements leads to longer service lives for process fluids and reduced production rejection rates.


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