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Advanced HYDAC valve technology for your transmission functions

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Installation space optimisation & ease of integration Compact valve technology for easy integration

Increased complexity - less space: the increased demands placed on mobile machines primarily result in limited installation spaces and weight restrictions. In addition to taking up unnecessary space, bulky components also complicate assembly processes. This makes compact valve technology which offers easy integration all the more important.

Resistance to contamination Optimal performance, even at high ISO classes

The demands placed on valves are high – especially in terms of their performance: system downtimes and short intervals between servicing cost time and money. Components must therefore offer a long service life with high performance, regardless of the load. It's the only way to stay competitive.

Reliability Robust components for the best possible performance

Whether it's in the forest, in the city or in mining and surface mining: harsh environmental conditions such as temperature changes, humidity and vibrations often cause problems for subsystems. This means that there is an increasing demand for robust and reliable components and subsystems that deliver their full power density even in demanding applications.

Our solution: HYDAC valve technology – tailored to your requirementsFor precise and dynamic gear changes during clutch control

HYDAC's tailor-made valve solutions for controlling powershift and dual clutch transmissions enable you to effectively improve your performance. With our many years of experience, we are able to offer you a broad product range of proportional and hydromechanical valves for a wide variety of transmission functions.

Reliable, repeatable, dynamic and precise

We stock the right valves for each sub-function. That's how we enable controllable, precise and dynamic gear changes during clutch control or transmission brake control. Intensive testing ensures continuous optimisation – with HYDAC transmission valves, the oil's susceptibility to contamination and leakage are both reduced to a minimum. Our valves are also optimised in terms of their cold start performance.


Reap the benefits of our compact design with a high power densityWhether it's the gear shift time, pressure loss, hysteresis, ease of integration, commissioning or installation space optimisation

Alongside key functional criteria such as gear shift time, pressure loss and hysteresis, we also focus on ease of integration, commissioning and reducing the installation space required. Our compact yet robust designs with a high power density meet all of these challenges. To simplify commissioning, we are also able to provide individual valve measurement data via QR code.

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Our HYDAC product range for controlling your powershift or dual clutch transmissions Discover our robust components

Despite standard control logic, valve technology has to meet very different requirements depending on the type of transmission or function. We offer clever, tailored solutions for your transmission's demanding requirements.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valves for high flow rate requirements

The large cross sections in HYDAC valves ensure there is only minimal pressure loss when loading/relieving the clutch. HYDAC offers different control pressures for improved inching performance and constant gear shifting. Our mission: extremely low leakage pilot-operated and direct-acting valves in an unrivalled compact design.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valves for powershift stages

Using smaller direct-acting valves ensures controlled clutch filling via control of the flow rate. The linear, slightly falling pressure control characteristic curve enables a smooth application of the clutch discs, and, as a result, the parameterised gear shifting characteristics.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valves with an inverse performance curve

The inverse performance curve ensures that maximum clutch pressure is maintained in the event of a fault, e.g. a cable break. We offer both a pilot-operated solution for high flow rates and a direct-acting solution for lower flow rates. At maximum current speed, pressure can be reduced to zero.

HYDAC 3/2 directional valves for on-off clutch control

The compact HYDAC 3/2 directional valves with a high power density can be used as an alternative to a proportional pressure control valve in the same installation space. The advantage: you benefit from considerably simpler gear shifting functions.

HYDAC system pressure valves – mechanical and electrical

HYDAC system pressure valves provide a consistent system pressure across the entire flow rate range. Both hydromechanical and proportional valve versions are available. All valves have a separate relief port that enables the gear hydraulics to be supplied with pressure without being affected by back pressure.

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Your advantages with HYDAC valve technology at a glance

HYDAC's wide-ranging expertise in valves

Wide-ranging expertise in valves

HYDAC is your partner for expertise in custom-designed valve solutions thanks to many years of experience in the use of transmission valves.

Save on installation space with HYDAC valve technology

Optimised design

We place great emphasis on ease of integration, commissioning and reducing installation space – HYDAC transmission valves are characterised by their extremely compact design and high power density.

The HYDAC product range offers the ideal valve for countless functions

A perfect fit

HYDAC's product range always ensures the ideal valve for countless functions and their associated requirements.


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