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Metal-cutting: turning, sawing, milling & grinding

Lathes, machining centres, grinding machines and sawing machines are indispensable in the industry. The trends in machine tool engineering are leading to greater efficiency and conservation of resources in production. An overall increase in productivity thanks to automated processes and smart data analysis with IIoT solutions is also an important factor. Our experts will support you in sustainably optimising your system availability as well as your energy and raw material consumption.

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Thermal power: welding, lasering, hardening & joining

Thermal cutting, hardening and joining processes using welding, laser and hardening systems regularly pose challenges for machine builders, especially when custom cooling strategies and energy-optimised cooling are involved. As a full-range supplier, HYDAC can use its many years of expertise in filter technology, sensors and drive technology to consistently supply the right solutions for optimum operation of your system. We can also support you with topics relating to resource conservation, cost-efficiency and increasing productivity.

System partnership & development partnership

Machine tool automation is progressing. It needs to be energy-efficient and have as little impact on the environment as possible. Whether it's a new development or retrofitting your machine tool – we work with you to find your machine's potential for development. To be able to support your machine tool engineering in the best possible way, we rely on our many years of expertise and a thorough technical understanding of your machines.

Retrofitting & modernisation

In order to use existing machinery effectively and efficiently for longer, end users are increasingly initiating modernisation projects involving all kinds of machine tool types. Our HYDAC experts can support you both on the OEM side and the MRO side with various requirements in retrofitting and resource optimisation projects. In this context, we also support specialist service providers with successful project implementation.

Retrofitting machine tools: our product solutions

HYDAC fluid-air cooling systems

The HYDAC fluid-air cooling systems combine a plastic tank, circulation pump, cooling element and fan in compact dimensions and are perfect when inexpensive yet effective cooling is required for media above the ambient temperature. Our FLKS systems are available in various sizes and can achieve up to 4.5 kW/K cooling capacity and up to 300 l/min pump capacity. As a special feature for retrofitting projects, selected FLKS systems are available with 24 volt technology. This makes these devices compatible with almost any machine.

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HYDAC WTRE plate heat exchangers

As a full-range supplier in cooling technology, HYDAC also supplies plate heat exchangers with closed-loop control. They are used to create an intermediate circuit to cool motor spindles, drives, power units and/or coolants with the available factory cooling water. This drastically reduces the running time of the installed active cooling system, conserving technology and resources. The installed controller makes it possible to control the media temperature either with a fixed set point or on the basis of the ambient temperature or machine temperature.

HYDAC Engineering Support

With its extensive product portfolio, the HYDAC group is able to provide custom subsystems suited to your needs. The solutions take the form of various combinations of our products from hydraulics, cooling, filtration, electronics and mounting technology, all depending on the requirements. They also allow you to both update existing functions and integrate new ones into the machines that are being upgraded.  

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Thermal management

Needs-based thermal management can sustainably increase your machine tool's efficiency and service life. As an expert in all cooling and temperature control tasks, HYDAC supplies thermal management solutions and systems – for applications in thermal production technology and electric drive and battery production. As a full-range supplier for machine tool engineering, we supply solutions for all cooling designs – water, air and compressor cooling. We are highly committed to using the available resources responsibly and making use of any unavoidable waste heat. With our innovative technology, we're able to achieve the best possible design quality.

Thermal management for machine tools: our product solutions

HYDAC fluid-air cooling systems

The HYDAC fluid-air cooling systems combine a plastic tank, circulation pump, cooling element and fan in compact dimensions and are perfect when inexpensive yet effective cooling is required for media above the ambient temperature. Our FLKS systems are available in various sizes and can achieve up to 4.5 kW/K cooling capacity and up to 300 l/min pump capacity. As a special feature for retrofitting projects, selected FLKS systems are available with 24 volt technology. This makes these devices compatible with almost any machine.

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HYDAC fluid-water cooling systems

Fluid-water cooling systems are used in water glycol or mineral oil circuits. They enable energy-efficient use of existing factory building infrastructure to cool machines and systems. If cooling water is available, this cooling system is the solution of choice. This is because it combines the possibility of cooling beneath the ambient temperature with very low heat dissipation to the direct surroundings. HYDAC supplies various optional temperature control technologies and enables cooling capacities of up to 250 kW in various sizes.

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HYDAC RFCS cooling unit

The active cooling systems enable high-precision cooling (± 0.1K) of machines and systems even below the ambient temperature, regardless of the available factory building infrastructure. HYDAC supplies these devices as built-in units or add-on units in various sizes for cooling capacities of up to 200 kW. The energy-efficient, patented mixer principle combined with a seal-less immersion pump round off this system, making it an all-round solution for machine tools.

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HYDAC cold plates

Cold plates are used wherever electronic components have to operate at a high performance level and have to be cooled directly. The components that are to be cooled are mounted onto the cold plates directly, and a cooling fluid circulates through the plate and effectively channels away the dissipated heat. The cooling fluid itself can be supplied from and returned to the various HYDAC cooling systems. HYDAC cold plates feature a custom design, first-class quality and dimensions of up to 1,600 mm x 750 mm.

Functional safety & occupational safety

As a result of current statutory regulations at a European and national level, such as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, machine operators are having to focus on functional occupational health and safety and more protection at production workstations in factories. These regulations require manufacturers to keep creating new, documented safety solutions. Our HYDAC experts can support you and your colleagues with custom services, such as consultation during the project planning phase and Sistema calculations for integrating designed subsystems into your safety strategy, so that you can meet all the requirements imposed on you.

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Functional safety & occupational safety for machine tools: our product solutions

HYDAC sensors for safety circuits & safety functions

HYDAC provides pressure transmitters and linear position transmitters for applications in functionally safe plants and systems up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508) or PL d (ISO13849). They have two channels and/or are equipped with self-diagnosis functions and are therefore suitable for use in safety-critical applications.

HYDAC actuators with electronic switch position monitoring & proportional technology

Using valves with switch position monitoring is another way for machine manufacturers to fulfil functional safety requirements (ISO 13849). Safety-related requirements can also be met with the correct use of proportional valves. As a long-standing manufacturer of valve technology, we supply an extensive range of suitable products for this purpose.

Energy efficiency & cost effectiveness

For a long time now, the topics of resource conservation and CO2 reduction have not only been about the environment, but also about the financial aspect. High CO2 emissions go hand in hand with high costs. This is all the more reason for machine builders to place importance on the development of energy-efficient machine tools. After all, end users and consumers want goods to be produced in an economical way that conserves resources. We support you with this with custom services and products.

Energy efficiency for machine tools: our product solutions

HYDAC dewatering and conditioning systems

HYDAC has an extensive portfolio of professional solutions for increasing the service lives of hydraulic media and lubricating media. Oils can be dewatered, degassed and freed from varnish using a variety of methods. The systems are available in both mobile and industrial versions.

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HYDAC propane cooler RFCS-Smart Line

The new RFCS S0 cooler from the SMART Line enables propane to be used as a coolant. Compared with the coolants already in use, propane has a very low GWP value of 3. Despite using this environmentally-friendly coolant, the cooling unit uses tried-and-tested technology, has a compact size and enables a cooling capacity of up to 1.5 kW.    

HYDAC KineSys variable-speed drive solution

If a broad range of flow rates is needed in hydraulics at constant pressure ratios, variable-speed drives make it possible to always provide the precise capacity that is required by the system. HYDAC provides two systems for this: the inexpensive standardised CO3 unit and the customisable DVA unit that is available in various capacity classes up to 22 kW.

More information on HYDAC KineSys DVA

HYDAC Stat-X® filter element technology

Over the past few years, the trend towards ash-free hydraulic fluids, more compact systems and finer filtration has led to increasing problems with electrostatic charging and discharging in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems, leading to much faster oil degradation. With the pioneering Stat-X® element technology, HYDAC makes it possible to demonstrably reduce this electrostatic charging and discharging in the filter while providing excellent ultrafine filtration.

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Automation, digitalisation & industry 4.0

With automated accumulator pre-charge pressure monitoring, the edge computing solution DATA+, our smart sensors and the scalable HYDAC CMX Suite (consisting of our specially developed software as a cloud or on-premise solution), we can support you in monitoring the various machine tool types and in using this as a basis to determine potential for action. This constant machine analysis leads to an increase in machine availability, improvements in performance and quality and fundamentally to an improvement in your company's key OEE figures.

Automating machine tools: our product solutions

HYDAC smart start-stop power unit CO1S

If hydraulic units are to work efficiently, they need to be operated within the prescribed operating parameters. Conventional power units have limited options when it comes to condition monitoring. The smart CO1S start-stop unit from HYDAC enables constant communication between the unit and the machine thanks to the integration of IO-Link technology. This means that pressures, runtimes, temperatures and the remaining filter service life can be monitored. This data forms the basis of high machine availability, needs-based preventative maintenance and new payment models such as “pay per use”.

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HYDAC smart sensors

The use of smart sensors plays a major role in the successful implementation of I4.0 projects in machine tools. HYDAC supplies a broad range of different sensors for this purpose. Many of these sensors are available with IO-Link interfaces and provide a variety of diagnostic options such as device temperature measuring range monitoring and temperature-standardised operating times, to mention but a few.

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HYDAC coolant management FCU 5000

Automate your machine's coolant management. The Fluid Control Unit 5000 measures the precise concentration, pH value, electrical conductivity and temperature of your coolant. Fully automatic topping up ensures that concentration levels remain stable. The tank level is also kept at the target level thanks to intelligent refilling. Dashboards, active recommendations for action, e-mail alerts for personnel if problems occur and data embedded in the cloud round off our all-inclusive package in the spirit of Industry 4.0. Thanks to our fluid controllers, up to 10 measuring points can be connected.

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Automatic back-flushing filter AutoFilt®

Mechanical machining processes contaminate the coolants used. This means that filters are required for production to run smoothly. And this is exactly where our automatic back-flushing filters come into use – they work according to the working principle of a surface filter and automatically clean themselves with automatic back-flushing. The result: your machine tools can continue their work uninterrupted while our filters remove the damaging particles – allowing work to continue without disruptions or downtimes. At the same time, you also use less coolant thanks to careful filtration.

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Reducing electrostatic discharges with Stat-X

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Use Stat-X® filter elements to reduce hazardous electrostatic discharge in the system and to prevent electronic failure.

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Laser welding fume filtration for additive manufacturing methods

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Keep a cool head – thanks to retrofitting

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Functional safety

Functional Safety

HYDAC – your partner for complex hydraulic solutions in safety-relevant applications.

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