The HYDAC modular system for assistance systems in mobile machinesMore than just tools: your machine becomes an intelligent assistant

With our solutions for  electro-hydraulic and assistance systems, we're able to provide you with the optimal machine platform. Save valuable development time – the modular HYDAC system enables you to parameterise pre-developed systems on your machine according to your requirements. The advantage: modular solutions are easy to integrate and cost-efficient. Contact us about your automation project now!

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Intelligent speed control: HYDAC Rotary Drive Control

An intelligent type of speed control for your mobile application: HYDAC Rotary Drive Control. The HYDAC assistance system combines tried-and-tested hydraulics with clever control technology. This gives you the highest level of precision and dynamic performance – even in the event of pressure fluctuations. Our Rotary Drive solution is designed to fit seamlessly into existing drive designs. This means you have all system-relevant data available at a glance. Our HYDAC Machine Service Tool provides a corresponding user interface for modifying parameters and reading measured values.

Highly dynamic and precise - learn more about Rotary Drive Control

Electro-hydraulic steering: HYDAC ADSteer

Comfort, productivity and sustainability are especially relevant when it comes to daily operation and long working days. Our innovative steering systems increase your performance and provide the highest level of stability and manoeuvrability, without having to compromise on safety. Thanks to our modular system, we're able to develop your tailor-made solution – one that is perfectly adapted to your mobile application. Our clever assistance functions enable your safest steering for more productivity.

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Machine controls with application software: HYDAC EHC

Our HYDAC EHC machine control offers you the perfect subsystem with machine application software for manual control of hydraulic mobile valves with proportional or on/off operation. With the EHC, it's so easy to build a system for machine control: connect analogue joysticks, function keys or seat switches to the controller and simply connect the pilot valves of the mobile valve axes. Parameterise the application software and configure the functionalities according to your required system behaviour. Learn more about our software and the different versions that are available. 

How you can set up your machine quickly with an electro-hydraulic control: read more now

Active boom control: HYDAC Ground Control

Comply with increasingly stringent environmental protection guidelines and conserve your resources: with the HYDAC Ground Control subsystem for active boom control, you can use fertilisers and pesticides sparingly. Even in the toughest environmental conditions, our innovative system guides the boom to the optimum height and tilt above the crop. This increases operating speeds and makes the application more precise.

For precise guiding of the spray boom. Find out more now

HYDAC modular elements for your assistance system Get to know our comprehensive product range for your intelligent machine platform now

Precise hydraulic drive technology and control technology

With our hydraulic expertise in the valve industry, we sustainably optimise your functions. Benefit from the high integrity of our installation space-optimised components, for example: the flexible and fast implementation saves you valuable development time. Our extremely compact and customisable design reduces pressure losses while conserving your resources.

Sensors for position detection & environment representation

Sensors: the key to your automation. Only the optimal combination of all kinds of information results in a tailor-made system architecture. HYDAC offers you a comprehensive and innovative product range for this purpose – from linear position sensors, angle sensors and pressure sensors right up to inclination sensors and cameras. The focus here is on precision, dynamic performance and a compact design, factors which make machine integration considerably easier. 

System electronics for communication between the machine and user

For high-speed communication on the machine and with the outside world: in response to increasing data transfer, we provide you with the right solutions, always keeping the system architecture of the future in mind. Our innovative technology includes controllers, I/O modules and displays which we use to cover complex machine functions and safety functions.

Tailor-made application software for a range of applications

Digitalisation opens up new possibilities. The level of automation is increasing. The requirements for functional safety are growing. In short: mobile machines are becoming more complex. To effectively support you as a machine manufacturer, we supply just the right application software for your applications. Whether it's embedded software, software tools or solutions for telematics and cloud applications – the embedding of safety standards is supported by all sections of the program and takes place virtually at the touch of a button right up to safety levels SIL2 / PLd / AgPLd.

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Rely on our engineering expertise We provide you with comprehensive support in setting up your custom system architecture.

Digital simulation methods for optimising systems and functions

Assistance systems are based on the interaction between a wide range of individual components. The requirements for dynamic performance, precision and safety are especially high. This makes it all the more relevant to be able to draw detailed conclusions about the expected operating behaviour at an early stage. Hydraulic simulation, multi-body dynamics, control circuit optimisation and virtual prototypes are just some of the tools used daily in our development work. We will be pleased to help you design and optimise complex drive systems, machine functions or process sequences using our simulation methods.

More information on HYDAC simulation

Risk analysis & the selection process for optimal components

The right components for your safe machine architecture: are you looking for a reliable addition to your system? Then you've come to the right place. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive support on the way to finding your custom-fit solution  – from risk analysis and defining all safety functions to integration and determining the required performance level. This is how we help you to increase your machine reliability and safety. Contact us now to find the ideal components for your system.