Crossovers: find the right HYDAC filter element It's quick & easy with our Betterfit tool

Inadequate filtration performance has an impact on the entire machine's availability. That's why it's time for something new sometimes: with the economical filter elements from HYDAC, you are relying on tried-and-tested and first-class quality. Our Betterfit tool helps you to convert model codes so that you can find the right element for your housing from a different manufacturer.

High-quality filter elements in the dimensions of our competitors

Don't hesitate to choose the right filter element for your housing from our database. Over 70,000 elements from 64 different manufacturers have already been entered into our database.

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The challenge: the filter element you are using is driving up your costs

Are you unhappy with your current filter element's performance? Frequent media changes, short filter service lives and recurring service calls hinder the productivity and cost effectiveness of your operation.

Why you should convert to HYDAC filter elements today

Rely on HYDAC – with decades of experience and sophisticated technology, we have been offering filter elements which meet the strictest of requirements since 1963. You get double the benefit with our elements thanks to long filter service lives and efficient filtration. Swapping your element is a breeze with our Betterfit tool. Simply enter the model code of your current third-party filter element and we will show you the compatible HYDAC filter element.

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A HYDAC customer in the automotive sector

At first, we were sceptical whether a filter element change would be economically worthwhile. But thanks to the high contamination retention capacity of the HYDAC elements, the element service life almost doubled with the improved system cleanliness - this meant that our service calls were also drastically reduced and the change more than paid for itself.

Your advantages with HYDAC filter elements HYDAC is your expert in filtration. Since 1963.

Reduced costs due to lower consumption of replacement elements and media

Reduced life cycle costs

Due to a lower consumption of replacement elements and media and well as fewer service calls.

Long filter service lives reduce resource consumption

Efficient conservation of resources

Due to long filter service lives.

High operational safety thanks to excellent system cleanliness classes

High operational safety & system availability

Thanks to excellent system cleanliness classes.

Long-lasting component protection thanks to minimised media contamination

Long-lasting component protection

Due to reduced contamination in the media.

The HYDAC Betterfit tool: it's this simple Automatically find a matching HYDAC filter element

Step 1: Entering the model code

To convert your model code, enter your current filter element's model code into the text box. The right element for you will be selected from our extensive database.

Step 2: Information button for further details

You will receive your result right after clicking on "Search". If you would like to learn more about the selected HYDAC filter element, click on the red information button.

Haven't found the right filter element?

We're confident that we will have the right filter element for you in our product range. Send us the model code information for your third-party filter element and we will personally assist you in finding the right HYDAC crossover element for you.

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