The area of sensors covers products for measuring pressure, temperature, level, flow rate, position, linear position, angle, Inclination, contamination and oil condition, and also cameras. In addition to products for standard applications, the product portfolio also covers special applications such as potentially explosive atmospheres or applications with increased functional safety.
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Electronics. Product Catalogue.
Product brochure EN

(12.49 MB)

Control Technology for Mobile Machines. Product Catalogue.
Product brochure EN

(17.34 MB)

A Breath of Fresh Air in Electro-Hydraulic Cooling Control
Product brochure EN

(6.24 MB)

Fluid Control Contamination Handbook
Product brochure EN

(5.58 MB)

Particle Measurement Technology in Practice
Product brochure EN

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Smart IO-Link products and solutions
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Pressure transmitters for hydrogen applications
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(22.21 MB)