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Maintenance-free over the entire service life: with HYDAC, you can find the right electromechanical cylinder for your application. All from a single supplier. We cover everything - big or small! From simple components right up to custom engineering and complete drive systems. Get advice on selecting your HYDAC electric cylinder now.

Tailor-made to your application: we help you to select your electric cylinder

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Our solution: electric lifting cylinders from HYDACImplement linear movements quickly and efficiently

HYDAC electric cylinders are maintenance-free across their entire service life and impress with their simple Plug & Play commissioning. We offer the solution to your challenges, tailor-made to your requirements – our electric lifting cylinders come in a very broad force range and voltage range, from 1 kN to 500 kN, as well as in different designs. Tailor-made to your application.

We help you to select, integrate and commission your electric cylinder. Find out more now.

HYDAC electric cylinders: your advantages at a glance

Product range

From a single supplier

Rely on HYDAC's expertise, high-quality components and modern tools.

Tailor-made solution

We cover everything - big or small!

We find your optimal solution, tailored to your application. Almost all technically feasible force ranges are possible.


Your all-round carefree package

We remain at your side – even after the project planning phase and after commissioning your drive system.

Production technology


From simple components (e.g. just the linear unit) to custom engineering and complete drive systems.


Conservation of resources

Environmentally friendly

Electric cylinders are self-contained axes. This means that the risk of environmentally harmful leakage is eliminated.


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Plug & Play

Our Plug & Play solution ensures quick and easy commissioning.


What are electric cylinders?

As they are easy to integrate and need no maintenance, HYDAC electric cylinders (HEZ) allow simple implementation of linear movements. The HEZ function is achieved with the following set-up:

A (gear) motor drives the spindle via a coupling that is mounted in the bearing housing via ball bearings. The threaded nut converts the rotary movement of the spindle into a linear movement, as the nut housing is secured against turning with plain bearing guides. The piston rod is driven by the connection with the nut housing. The motor's direction of rotation therefore causes the piston rod to extend or retract. The spindle’s rotational speed and the pitch of the thread determine the translational speed. The inside of the HYDAC electric cylinder is protected from environmental influences by a sealing system. To fasten the unit, there is a pivot bracket on the bearing housing and a rod end bearing on the piston rod, for example.

What force ranges can be covered with HYDAC electric cylinders (HEZ)?

  • HEZ-1 up to 7.5 kN
  • HEZ-2 up to 25 kN
  • HEZ-3 up to 70 kN
  • HEZ-X up to 500 kN

Why are electric cylinders considered environmentally friendly?

Electric cylinders (HEZ) are “self-contained axes”. The risk of environmentally harmful leakage is eliminated. Unlike a hydraulic system, no oil is taken in from a tank and fed into the hydraulic cylinders through all kinds of components. In an HEZ, no fluid “medium” is used to transmit force. This function is performed by the motor, transmission and spindle. The rotational movement of the motor is converted into a linear movement. Grease lubrication alone is needed to protect the components and reduce the internal friction. Harm to the environment can be prevented by using electric cylinders.

What data is needed for the configuration?

All information on this can be found in our list of HEZ questions under "Downloads".


Is closed loop force control possible?

Yes, via the motor's current values and torque values. Depending on the requirements, external force sensors can also be used for greater accuracy.

Is closed loop position control possible?

Yes, this can be done via a rotary encoder (or angular position encoder) directly at the motor shaft or via external linear position measurement systems.

Is it possible for two or more electric cylinders to run synchronously?

Yes, both mechanically coupled synchronisation and synchronisation on the software side are possible.

Can an electric cylinder be used in S1 continuous operation?

Yes, however the performance data and cycle data are needed to allow suitable dimensioning.


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