Cylinders are important drive elements in machine construction.
Cylinders are important drive elements in machine construction. The application fields are highly diverse. Stationary, from special-purpose machine construction and bridge-raising cylinders to safety actuation functions in the power plant. Mobile, from crane-telescoping units to agricultural applications. Often working with extreme conditions, high loads and long service lives.

We tackle these challenges eagerly, backed up by our extensive experience and a wide product range of HZ hydraulic cylinders and HEZ electro-cylinders. We also take customer-specific requirements into account, with a focus on energy efficiency, weight optimisation, service life, maintenance and the system’s overall profitability.

With HYDAC hydraulic units and KineSys drive solutions used in combination, we are able to supply complete system solutions. On top of this, sensor systems can be integrated or attached to send information on the linear position, pressure or force to the controller. Combined with the controller and the corresponding drive system, the cylinders can be operated with open-loop or closed-loop control. The extensive product range is rounded off with worldwide service.

Hydraulic cylinders

Standard range with diameters up to 1000 mm and strokes up to 12 m
 High force density, p<1000 bar
 High dynamics
 Robust technology
 With end position damping
 With adaptable and intelligent valve technology
 Other dimensions on request

Electric cylinders

Standard range: adjustment force up to 25 kN dynamic, strokes up to 2 m
 Compact drive unit
 Self-locking is possible
 High environmental compatibility
 High positioning accuracy

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