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Like a battery pack, HYDAC is also made up of different cells – we aren't "just filters and accumulators". We also offer a much wider range of solutions for the production of resource-saving components for battery cells, especially lithium-ion batteries. As a strong team, we help battery manufacturers to make production processes more efficient and sustainable. Let's set new standards in battery production together – find out more about our products here.

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Battery cell production

Battery cells are the basic building blocks for the lithium-ion batteries in an electric vehicle. The individual components are produced in a controlled environment using many different manufacturing processes and assembled into a battery cell. The most common battery formats are pouch cells, cylindrical cells and prismatic battery cells. HYDAC supports the production process in many ways, whether this is with energy-efficient drives, valve technology or thermal management.

Our product solutions for battery cell production

HYDAC drive systems

Whether it's for mixing active materials for battery electrodes, compressing electrodes in the calendar, electric motors and gearboxes in test benches or deep drawing battery trays in presses – hydraulics are also omnipresent in production technology for electric vehicles. With variable-speed hydraulic systems & electromechanical cylinders, we offer you drive solutions that are efficient, networked, compact and low-maintenance.

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HYDAC plate heat exchangers

The plate heat exchangers in battery production enable precise temperature control, resulting in an efficient and stable manufacturing process. In cooling and heating systems, they regulate the temperature during electrode coating, the drying process or electrolyte treatment. Efficient heat transfer optimises the energy efficiency of production processes and improves battery cell quality.

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HYDAC filtration solutions

Various fluids are used in the production process. These must be cleaned of impurities to protect the quality of the battery cells. HYDAC filters remove particles or other impurities from the fluids and ensure that production is increased and unnecessary consumption of resources is minimised. At the same time, the efficient filtration improves the quality of the battery cell – resulting in higher-quality battery cell production.

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HYDAC coaxial valves

CX valves from HYDAC are used in battery cell production to control and regulate the flow of vacuums, liquids or gases in the production process. Controlled valve opening and closing enables precise and even distribution of the media in the battery cells. Our CX valves offer high accuracy and reliability, resulting in efficient battery cell production.

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Battery module production

Once the individual cells in a lithium-ion battery have been assembled, they are joined together to form modules. A module consists of several cells that are connected in series or parallel to achieve the desired capacity and voltage for the electric vehicle. Module assembly involves connecting the cells to each other and making electrical connections between the cells. This is done by welding, soldering or other joining techniques. HYDAC supports battery manufacturers in the joining process with energy-efficient cooling systems, among other things. HYDAC mounting solutions for battery modules are used to tension the battery cells.

Our product solutions for battery module production

HYDAC compressor cooling systems

The energy-efficient RFCS chiller is used to cool various liquids such as water, water glycol, DI water or oil down to or below the ambient temperature. It independently regulates the cooling medium temperature to a pre-set setpoint. Depending on whether it is air or water cooling, power classes from 0.3 kW to 200 kW are available. The patented mixer principle combined with a seal-less immersion pump makes our cooling system an ideal component.

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HYDAC fluid-air cooling systems

The compact fluid-air cooling system with a plastic tank, circulation pump, heat exchanger and fan cools circuits with water glycol or mineral oil. The coolant is channelled through cooling lines into the components to be cooled. Our FLKS increases the performance of drive and calendar cooling in battery production.

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HYDAC fluid-water cooling systems

The high-performance fluid-water cooling system is comprised of a plate heat exchanger, a tank with a circulation pump and additional accessories. The system is ideal for precise temperature-controlled systems (lubrication circuits) and is primarily used as a temperature-controlled intermediate circuit. The advantage: The system and the parts being cooled do not come into contact with the water cooling medium itself, which helps to prevent contamination and corrosion in the system.

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HYDAC liquid cold plates

Liquid cold plates are used in battery production wherever electronic components have to operate at a high performance level and have to be cooled directly. Our cold plates feature a custom design, first-class quality and dimensions of up to 1,600 mm x 750 mm.

HYDAC mounting solutions for battery modules

When switching to electrically powered vehicles with a battery system, the right installation technology is crucial. With our steel bands, which are manufactured in a fully automated process in accordance with automotive guidelines to IATF 16949, we have the right solution for mounting your battery systems, regardless of the shape, size or voltage level (from 24 V – 800 V).

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Battery pack production

The final step in the production of a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles is pack assembly. Here, the battery manufacturers assemble the modules into a complete battery pack. The battery pack is assembled with several modules according to the required capacity and voltage. The battery pack is installed in a housing made of plastic, metal or a combination of both. Hydraulic components from HYDAC support the housing manufacturing process.

Our product solutions for battery pack production

HYDAC coolant management FCU 5000

Coolant also plays an important role in battery pack production. That's why we have the perfect solution for you. The HYDAC FCU 5000 works fully automatically and measures the exact concentration, pH value, electrical conductivity and temperature of your coolant. The concentration and tank level are kept at the target level with intelligent refilling – no intervention necessary and smartly networked via the cloud.

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HYDAC valve technology

HYDAC looks back on decades of experience in valve technology. Over the years, the continuous expansion of the individual valve types has resulted in an extremely comprehensive and complete product range that makes almost all options possible when designing hydraulic systems. This means that we also have the right valves for battery pack production.

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Production infrastructure

Due to the high energy requirements in battery production, many cooling circuits are needed in the production facilities. To reduce maintenance and service times and achieve stable processes, battery manufacturers need to protect the heat exchangers that they have installed. This can be done by reliably filtering cooling water. The automatic back-flushing filters and fine filters from HYDAC are key to helping you protect your system.

Our product solutions for production infrastructure

HYDAC automatic back-flushing filters

Particle impurities in process water and other operating fluids accelerate the wear in system components, pipework and fittings. Impurities also impair the quality of your battery cells. Our automatic back-flushing filters from the AutoFilt®series have proven to be highly successful in preventing this. They boast a flow-optimised structure and flexible design, which is easy to install in existing and new systems.

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HYDAC process inline filters

HYDAC inline process filters enable the effective separation of all types of solids. A variety of designs and filter materials allow optimum adaptation to the filtration task and the existing process conditions. Solids are continuously separated from fluids such as water, coolant and washing media. This filtration makes your processes less susceptible to faults and helps to ensure an efficient production infrastructure.

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Technical cleanliness

Technical cleanliness is just as relevant for e-mobility as it is for common rail systems, because fast-running electric motors with ever smaller dimensions and equally fast-running gearboxes or battery housings for batteries with electrical voltages of up to 1,000 V are unforgiving. All these components are unable to tolerate even the finest particle contamination when assembled.

As a recognised expert in technical cleanliness, we offer battery manufacturers an extensive product range to help them achieve maximum process reliability. From process chain analysis and laboratory analysis to products that you can use to set up your own cleanliness laboratory – HYDAC tells you everything you need to know.

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Our product solutions for technical cleanliness

HYDAC extraction units

The HYDAC extraction units determine the technical cleanliness of slightly contaminated components. The background to this is the ever increasing demands on the efficiency of battery systems and the associated growing requirements for the technical cleanliness in components and systems. By determining the type, size and quantity of the contamination, quality standards can be checked and documented and the necessary optimisation measures can be taken.

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HYDAC fluid technology optimisations

To meet the high demands of the market, battery manufacturers must keep an eye on technical cleanliness. This is the only way to produce a high-quality battery cell or battery pack. With an almost unrivalled range of filter elements and housings, HYDAC is your contact for fluid technology optimisation. In addition to standard products, we also cover special cases and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our insight into a wide range of industries helps us to find creative solutions.

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