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Scrap shears & scrap baling presses

Short cycle times, large forces and extremely high speeds: scrap shears and baling presses are faced with a variety of challenges. To help you put demolition debris and single-origin press remnants back into the economic cycle, we support you with efficient drives as well as solutions for tank optimisation and cycle time calculation. All from a single supplier.

Briquetting press

To dispose of loose chips and dust in a space-saving way, they are compacted and pressed into a briquette shape. This is how briquetting presses make a valuable contribution to optimising transport and storage. We support you on the way to sustainable and energy efficient operation of your briquetting presses with installation space-optimised components and innovative drive concepts.

Baling presses & channel baling presses

Baling presses and channel baling presses are used to reduce material volumes by up to 95% and lower transport costs. Paper, cardboard, film, PET and many other materials can be put back into the economic cycle. To ensure that your presses are equipped to the best possible standard, HYDAC supplies you with custom solutions anywhere in the world.

Press containers

At logistics companies, recycling centres and discount stores: press containers efficiently compress all recyclable and waste materials. When developing our products, the advantages for our customers are our top priority. For example, we can facilitate low filling heights thanks to compact drive units with installation space-optimised tanks. We work with you to find the optimal solution for your press container.

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Whether it's commercial waste, mixed construction waste, mattresses, rubble, bio-waste or waste wood – stationary and mobile shredders shred all kinds of waste. Thanks to our many years of expertise we're able to support you with space-optimised product solutions and tailor-made solutions in cooling, sensors, valve technology and filter technology. For a more sustainable future.


Do you need sustainable solutions for your applications in recycling technology? We prepare your machines for tomorrow's challenges with installation space-optimised components and systems. Needs-based energy design, weight reduction and tank size reduction: HYDAC makes it possible. 
Whether it's shredders, press containers, briquette presses, baling presses or scrap presses – use your machines to their full potential and reduce your financial input!

Sustainability in recycling technology: our product solutions

HYDAC simulation technology

Installation space optimisation, weight reduction, needs-based energy supply and optimal drive solution designs – our numerical simulations support sustainable operation of your machines in recycling technology: you can count on us!

HYDAC Air-X filter technology

Save up to 60 % of your tank volume and reduce fluids used by 60 % – with HYDAC Air-X filter technology. With this technology, you can even reduce your CO2 footprint at the same time. Our technology actively supports and accelerates degassing from the hydraulic oil. This means that the space required for your machines is minimised.

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HYDAC KineSys variable-speed drive solution

More efficiency and reduced complexity: benefit from our modern drive systems and save resources sustainably. Thanks to the intelligent combination of hydraulics and electromechanics, we're able to provide you with energy saving solutions which boast many advantages for your applications.

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Energy efficiency & conservation of resources

Let's maximise your performance! As a full-range supplier, we take a holistic approach when considering your application. The results in custom solutions tailor-made to your needs. With our system solutions, we're able to optimise your machine's system availability and use of resources thanks to specific cycle time calculations. Contact us now!

Energy efficiency in recycling technology: our product solutions

HYDAC combined system solutions

Achieve the optimum economic result in terms of costs and power losses: HYDAC considers your machine as a whole. Taking into account the cycle time, we develop tailor-made hydraulic system solutions whose components are adapted to your machine in terms of their nominal size, performance and specific losses.

HYDAC pumps

Whether it's gear pumps or axial piston pumps – HYDAC supplies a complete range of pumps. With the right controllers, e.g. power controllers, motor power can utilised in the best way possible and energy-efficient solutions can be designed. Discover our robust pump technology.

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HYDAC cycle time calculation

Identify and exploit the potential for optimisation – HYDAC assists you with detailed mapping of the machine sequence and cycle time calculation. This enables the size, number and type of pumps and the average nominal motor power to be optimised. Contact us for more information!

HYDAC cooling systems

To perfectly match the required cooling capacity to your applications, an exact determination of the power loss is necessary. We're at your side with our many years of expertise as a cooling specialist. Learn more about our comprehensive product range!

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HYDAC compact power unit CO1

Constant operational readiness without energy consumption - thanks to the accumulator charging function with an integrated safety valve and accumulator pressure release, our compact unit supports energy-efficient operation of your presses. Find out about our low-noise, modular CO1 power unit.

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Digitalisation, connectivity & transparency

Increase system availability and plan maintenance intervals more efficiently: HYDAC paves the way to Industry 4.0 with digitalised components and smart sensors. We support your machine condition monitoring with our extensive expertise. Get in touch with us – we're happy to help you.

Digitalisation in recycling technology: our product solutions

HYDAC p₀-Guards for hydraulic accumulators

Minimise your downtime costs with the reliable HYDAC EDS 3400. Our pressure switch monitors the pre-charge pressure of your hydraulic accumulator so that errors can be detected and isolated quickly. Find out more now!

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HYDAC clogging indicator Virtual Fluid Lab

Reduce your costs over the long term – our smart sensor helps you to optimise your system availability and resource consumption. Increase the profitability of your application with intelligent calculations of the remaining filter element service life.


More transparency in recycling technology. HYDAC's CMX suite is equipped with hardware and software kits that provide individual modules for digitalising machine functions, states and processes, saved either on local servers on the customer’s premises or in the cloud.

HYDAC portable data recorder

Mobile, flexible, user-friendly – our portable data recorder is the ideal choice for the measurement of e. g. pressure, temperature, flow rate and distance in your hydraulic system. Other variables can also be analysed. Learn about its advantages!

More information on the HYDAC HMG 4000

HYDAC sensors with an IO-Link interface

Use IO-Link to speed up the commissioning of your systems. The remote parameterisation made possible by this simplifies your servicing and minimises sources of error. This reduces your costs. Rely on the technologies of the future for your applications in the recycling industry.

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HYDAC smart pressure transmitter

Specially developed for series use in extremely small installation spaces – our HPT 1400 with an IO-Link interface detects high-frequency pressure peaks and monitors subsystems and components. Get important information for your press operation and future press designs.

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Optimising scrap baling presses with compact and efficient hydraulic power units


Optimising scrap baling presses with compact hydraulic power units. HYDAC – Your partner for tailor-made hydraulic solutions in presses. Find out more

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Optimising briquetting presses with compact and efficient hydraulic power units


Optimising briquetting presses with compact and efficient hydraulic power units. HYDAC – Your partner for tailor-made hydraulic solutions in presses. Find out more.

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Sustainable solutions for shredders, press containers, briquetting presses, baling presses & scrap presses

Sustainability & energy efficiency

Energy efficiency, conservation of resources and digitalisation – with our smart, space-optimised designs, you'll always be at the cutting edge.

Increase the productivity of your machines in the recycling industry

System availability

Increase productivity and reduce costs – with HYDAC's efficient solutions, you can optimise your maintenance strategies and increase the service lives of your press containers, shredders and other recycling presses.<br/>  

HYDAC is your system expert for tailor-made solutions

Custom solutions

We work with you to develop specific solutions for your challenges in the recycling industry. 

We're at your side as a development partner in recycling technology

Development partnership

From designing new products to retrofitting your existing application – our engineers are here to support you in the recycling technology sector.<br/>  

An international network with local roots – we develop solutions for your regional requirements

Local to local

Local support within a global network. We're at your side worldwide with our expert service partners for final assembly and maintenance. 

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