Powerful municipal vehicles: a key focus for HYDAC Discover our solution for sweepers, equipment carriers, snow blowers and all other municipal machines today

Mobile machine electrification

Municipal and local authorities have some very ambitious goals: clean, quiet and, above all, emission-free. This is their vision for the cities of the future. Their initiatives focus on one thing in particular: switching from combustion engines to electric motors. With innovative solutions for e-mobility, HYDAC can support you on your journey towards zero-emission municipal vehicles.

Installation space optimisation

Agile and precise – the only way to work quickly and efficiently in urban areas. For this reason, system solutions for municipal machines are striving to become increasingly compact. After all, machines themselves keep on getting more multifunctional and smaller. HYDAC supplies space-optimised solutions and systems for this – compact, but powerful.

Comfort & noise reduction

More comfort and less noise are not just legally required, they are also increasingly in demand – on long work days, operator support and assistance systems enable high efficiency. Rely on functional machines with clever systems, without compromising on power density. Get to know our innovative system solutions.

Systems that can prove themselves both today and in the futureOur strategy for your optimal machine

As an expert in municipal machines, we develop future-proof systems, diverse problem-solving approaches and efficient synergies. And we do so on the basis of our seven key principles. This means that you too can find the optimal solution – tailored to meet your needs.

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Sustainable machine use

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Electrohydraulics & assistance systems

Main controls

In multifunctional municipal vehicles, multiple actuators work in parallel. To prevent this from leading to losses in efficiency, use our perfectly coordinated components for your electro-hydraulic main control. Our innovative and modular valve system can be perfectly adjusted to meet your needs – for top productivity, precision work and increased energy efficiency. Work with us to optimise your machine's control.

Energy-efficient working hydraulics

Optimise your machine’s efficiency: How can you use the strengths of robust and compact hydraulics while increasing their efficiency in the drive train? Rely on our tried-and-tested solutions for your electrified municipal machine – from the supply via the adaptive main control and actuators to the complete system view. Discover our compact hydraulic power units, for example, with variable-speed motors for increased energy efficiency so that you can provide your machines with hydraulic energy as needed.

For sustainable machine operation:
More information on HYDAC compact power units

Auxiliary steering

Flexibility and manoeuvrability: with our electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering, we can provide you with a system for one or two axles with auxiliary steering. Alternatively, you can combine our solutions for any number of axles. Make use of our modular steering system, which includes hydraulics, sensors and software, to achieve the perfect system configuration – so that your machine can meet all your requirements and, above all, stay safe. Minimise your tyre wear and soil compaction – find out more about our HYDAC AUXSteer auxiliary steering today.

Axle suspension

Being able to drive in comfort is essential when using municipal machines, such as sweepers and equipment carriers. After all, fatigue-free work at a custom ride height isn't just more efficient. It's also safer. What this means: intelligent systems boost productivity and increase driving stability. HYDAC provides perfectly coordinated system modules for this so that you can develop the hydropneumatic axle suspension that meets your needs. From front axle suspension to rear axle suspension and full suspension – discover the benefits of our expertise.

Greater productivity and driving stability: More information on axle suspension systems.

Rotary Drive Control

Rely on our tried-and-tested hydraulics paired with innovative closed-loop control technology: HYDAC Rotary Drive Control is the precise system for you. When speed-controlled functions with a high power density are called for, we have the optimal solution. Our electronic speed control is extremely dynamic and can increase your municipal machine's performance. Regardless of any fluctuations in pressure.

Discover our innovative speed-controlled system today

Tank optimisation

Compact machines with top performance: in urban areas, there is one thing that is lacking above all else – sufficient space. The more compact a municipal vehicle is, the more it is able to work with increased precision, speed and efficiency. With HYDAC, you can save on weight as well as installation space, saving you valuable money. Wondering how? It's quite simple – with our innovative filtration strategies that are perfectly tailored to your machine, we can reduce your tank volume by up to 40 %. And that's without compromising on efficiency: our experts develop solutions for the smallest of tanks with maximum degassing performance and optimal air separation.

The perfect filtration concept for your municipal machine. Read more now

Fan control

Noise reduction and fuel savings thanks to speed control: closed-loop fan controls generate significantly less noise than conventional fans in on/off operation. A must for municipal vehicles of any kind. And that's not the only advantage – with our consumption-oriented solution, you can reduce your fuel usage. A reduction in rotational speed of just 10 % lowers your energy consumption by no less than 27 %. Rely on our various sizes for needs-based configuration of your fan control. Contact our experts for advice on your optimal system.

Your tailored solution thanks to clever system engineering

Start making use of our innovative HYDAC tools: with state-of-the-art simulation and engineering methods, we are constantly expanding our system expertise. Get to know our HYDAC experts and get help with designing your competitive system.

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