Compact power units for mobile machines

Electrify your mobile machines with electro-hydraulic HYDAC power units – for more energy efficiency and sustainable machine operation.

Make long-term energy savings thanks to the efficient electro-hydraulic compact power units from HYDAC

Energy efficiency Maximum machine operating times thanks to optimised system architecture

The electrification of mobile machines with the aim of sustainably reducing emissions has already become a reality. In order to power various main and auxiliary functions with a high power density even without a combustion engine, electro-hydraulic power units are needed. The design of these power units is focused on energy efficiency, to keep the battery as small as possible.

Flexibility & modularity Universal use for your mobile application

Mobile applications are highly varied – but as complexity increases, standardised, modular systems become more relevant. In order to allow for this, we opted for a modular system when developing our electro-hydraulic power units – made up of a variable-speed motor, powerful controller and various hydraulic components. This means you can enjoy maximum flexibility for your electrified machines.

Space optimisation & noise reduction Reduced installation space and noise levels with no compromise on efficiency

The limited space available in a mobile machine calls for a compact design. This is why HYDAC has chosen space-optimised power units with a high level of integration. In addition to the design, the noise level is another crucial factor. For the sake of people and the environment, our compact power units are noise-optimised.

Our solution: electro-hydraulic compact power units from HYDACCompact HYDAC power units for controlling main and auxiliary hydraulic functions

HYDAC compact power units control various main and auxiliary functions in electrified municipal machines, such as sweeping or steering. Thanks to the variable speed the system can be provided with the required power efficiently, in accordance with the operating status and power needs. This doesn't just save energy. It also gives the machine a longer operating life and allows the battery to be configured smaller.

Modular compact power units from HYDACDiscover the various components of our compact power units

Thanks to the modular system of our compact power units, you can put together the perfect power unit for your application while remaining highly flexible. Get in touch – we will find the right compact power unit for your electrified machine!

Variable-speed motors

HYDAC supplies variable-speed asynchronous or synchronous motors for battery supplies of 24 – 400 V DC.

Powerful controllers

For high-speed communication: thanks to variable speed control, HYDAC parameterised controllers provide a high level of efficiency. Whether integrated into the motor or externally – we adjust the components to suit your individual needs.

Tried-and-tested hydraulics

Tried-and-tested components for your machine: our extensive portfolio enables the integration of all required robust and coordinated HYDAC hydraulic components such as filters, valves, accumulators and sensors.

Noise-optimised pumps

Choose from various pump designs, such as single or multiple pumps.

Diverse areas of application

HYDAC compact power units are used in various electrified machines with a wide range of requirements. We will be happy to design the perfect power unit for your application.

Baggage trolleys & pushback tractorsBraking and other functions in airport technology

Existing battery-operated vehicles such as baggage trolleys and pushback tractors for airport technology are being switched over to autonomous driving. They are generally supplied with an 80 V DC battery voltage. Our power unit supplies the brake with a small efficient hydraulic unit, along with additional smaller auxiliary functions such as hydraulic locking.

Garden and landscape maintenanceOperation of hydraulic actuators in machines for landscape maintenance

In garden and landscape maintenance, there is a need for small, autonomously driven vehicles with hydraulic actuators that can be used almost constantly. For this purpose, we supply a suitable brushless power unit in a 48 V DC version. Our particularly high-resolution proportional valve technology also allows extremely sensitive control of the actuators and very high-precision work as a result.

Municipal machinesUninterrupted supply of the steering and other functions

The electrification of small multifunctional vehicles such as sweepers for parks or pedestrian zones is becoming more and more widespread. To ensure uninterrupted supply of the steering and the sweeper brushes, HYDAC supplies compact power units with up to 400 V supply voltage and up to 30 kW power. Our hydraulic power unit is also perfect for smaller auxiliary functions that are only needed sporadically and for a short time.


The advantages of HYDAC compact power units for electrified machines at a glance

HYDAC provides energy efficiency for mobile machines

Energy efficiency

Our compact hydraulic power units are particularly energy-efficient thanks to variable-speed motors which enable them provide hydraulic energy as needed.

HYDAC compact power units offer top flexibility and a compact design.

High flexibility

Benefit from increased flexibility thanks to our compact design and high level of integration.

HYDAC compact power units are durable and robust.

Durable & robust

Thanks to our high-quality, coordinated HYDAC components, HYDAC compact power units are durable and robust.

HYDAC compact power units enable low noise levels.

Noise reduction

Our various pump designs enable low noise levels and help you to reduce your noise emissions.


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