Innovative sensors and system electronicsFor the optimal system architecture for your mobile machines

Unstoppable worldwide digitalisation is having a major impact on how mobile machines communicate with the external world and lays the foundations for new business models. This opens up new opportunities for machine use, machine handling, extended functionality, greater availability and increased productivity.

From sensors, controllers and displays to extensive connectivity applications and cloud applications – our comprehensive product range helps our customers to generate perfect solutions for their markets. For almost all products, HYDAC performs a large proportion of the development and manufacture in-house. For example, HYDAC is one of the few companies to develop and produce thin-film sensor cells for pressure transmitters in-house, allowing application-related requirements and special considerations to be accommodated for in the cell development process. This enables products to be produced which are tailored to the application with a high level of measurement quality and mechanical robustness.

System architecture

Your response to new business models and growing data volumes: HYDAC supplies an extensive product range consisting of sensors, controllers, displays and gateways. With supplemental software, simulations, testing and cloud applications, you have everything you need to create a high performance architecture. To meet the strict requirements of mobile machines, we find the perfect solution to challenges such as ease of servicing, ease of use and machine availability. With our many years of expertise, we are able to support you right from the planning stage and series launch to the after-sales business with products as well as consulting and engineering services.

Functional safety

Mobile machine functional safety is an essential component of every development process. Increases in machine complexity and the requirements relating to machine use in practice have given rise to a large number of national and international standards which must be observed by every machine manufacturer. HYDAC supplies an extensive range of sensors, controllers, subsystems and development tools that can help you to comply with mandatory standard requirements. The majority of our components are TÜV-certified according to ISO 13849, ISO 25119, ISO 26262 and ISO 19014, which verifies their safety-related quality.

Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance

Minimising downtime – maximising availability: new business models and forms of rental are making condition monitoring in mobile machines relevant in new ways. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance enable faster troubleshooting and better service management. Being able to access the machine remotely also gives you valuable machine data which you can use to detect failure early on, for example, or plan economical service intervals. You are able to analyse the behaviour of individual machine types globally and under many different environmental conditions. Our solutions enable efficient condition monitoring so that you can reduce downtimes and resource use and increase your machine availability.

Smart sensors

Keep track of everything: in light of automation, new business models and digital networking, it makes sense to use more innovative sensors, and in some cases, additional ones. In addition to their basic function – measuring variables – smart sensors can provide further valuable information such as recommended courses of action. HYDAC supplies smart sensors with a variety of functionalities. A variant with an additional black box function, for example, which allows historical data to be accessed as needed. Or a sensor that recommends action on the basis of algorithms.  Added value with real benefits: detect machine errors faster and reduce your costs for machine servicing and maintenance.

Position detection

Position sensors play a special role in the context of automation. From more complex closed-loop control tasks, such as inverse kinematics, to reliable working range restriction  ̶  the HYDAC product range offers innovative and robust linear position, angle and inclination sensors for all kinds of assistance functions,  closed-loop control functions and monitoring functions. Which sensor is most suitable is largely determined by the particular application, your environmental conditions and the potential for mechanical integration. Rely on our specialists: with our many years of practical experience, we can find the optimal solution for you.

Systems for digital field of vision enhancement

Rearview mirrors, side mirrors and working mirrors on mobile machines and vehicles often don't cover all areas of the machine – blind spots in particular pose a risk. This makes it all the more important to have tailor-made solutions for field of vision enhancement in mobile machines. Strict standards apply to the robustness and image quality as well as simple integration and handling. Choose HYDAC as your development partner. Based on your requirements, we develop tailor-made system solutions that will prove themselves both today and in the future. Get advice from our electronics experts on your custom field of vision solution. Read more now.

Future-proof system architectures: more information on digital field of vision enhancement from HYDAC


The advantages of electromobility are clear: the elimination of local exhaust emissions, a high drive torque right away and particularly quiet and low-vibration drive. HYDAC has a comprehensive electronics product range for hydrogen-powered and battery-powered vehicles and mobile machines. Thanks to extensive know-how, HYDAC has established a new series of hydrogen pressure transmitters on the market, for example, that are used successfully in fuel cell vehicles worldwide. The compatibility with hydrogen is ensured with the use of particular materials and the devices are certified to EC79/2009. But our range goes far beyond this: from hydrogen production and logistics to systems for hydrogen filling stations, our portfolio offers reliable, innovative and robust components – including a large number of approvals for potentially explosive atmospheres.

HYDAC sensors & system electronics portfolio Discover our comprehensive product range

HYDAC sensors

Sensors: the eyes of the machine. Accuracy, robustness, functional safety and a capacity for mechanical and electrical integration are the cornerstones of reliable application solutions. HYDAC offers an extensive range for this, covering sensors for measuring pressure, temperature, linear position, angle, tilt, fluid level, flow rate and rotational speed, along with particle contamination and oil condition. As well as products for standard applications, the product range also covers special applications such as potentially explosive atmospheres, hydrogen, ships and applications with increased functional safety.

HYDAC measurement technology

HYDAC has a large number of different measuring instruments for the performance of simple measurement tasks right up to large-scale and complex measurement tasks. These instruments mainly differ in their functional scope, for example the number of measuring inputs, the capacity for recording measured data and convenient graphic visualisation. The portable data recorders also feature intuitive operation and a plug and play mode that allows sensors to be recognised and installed automatically when they are connected.

HYDAC control technology

With the development of every new generation, the complexity of mobile machines and the electronics used in them increases. HYDAC’s programmable controllers offer the perfect platform for all kinds of requirements and applications – powerful, safe, reliable and flexible.

HYDAC visualisation

Ease of use and the provision of vehicle information have had a significant role in mobile machinery for some time. Displays need to be easy to read even under bad lighting conditions and intuitive to operate. To control increasingly complex operating functions, increasing volumes of data need to be collected from the machine and its environment and pre-processed. The new display generation Vision 3 was developed to meet the demanding requirements of mobile machine manufacturers even more effectively.

HYDAC connectivity

To be able to provide modern, service-orientated services, it is vital for a connection to be established with the outside world. Communication between vehicles is just as important as being able to exchange information with a control centre. We supply a selection of gateways with corresponding interfaces for internal machine communication and external communication of digital data.

HYDAC application software

From the machine control and display applications to the remote solution: we work with our experts to design application-specific solutions that have been tested and validated ready for series production. Find out more about HYDAC drive systems, controller systems and assistance systems, embedded software and software tools and our telematics and cloud applications.

HYDAC subsystems

Our product range covers software solutions for electro-hydraulic machine controllers as well as extensive solutions for electro-hydraulic steering systems, suspension systems and electro-hydraulic or electric fan controls. All subsystem solutions are perfectly coordinated to suit the HYDAC product range for controllers, sensors and valve technology and offer a diverse range of functionalities.