Oil in the Washing Bath – Not With HYDAC Oil in the washing bath? – Not with HYDAC

Improve quality and lengthen service lives thanks to more efficient oil separation with HYDAC – your partner for efficient solutions in the conditioning and treatment of various fluids.Improve quality and lengthen service lives thanks to more efficient oil separation with HYDAC – your partner for efficient solutions in the conditioning and treatment of various fluids.

Oil in the washing bath? – Not with HYDACImprove quality and lengthen service lives thanks to more efficient oil separation

More efficient system operation is enabled by responsible and sustainable use of resources. Increasing the service lives of fluids and consumables inevitably leads to savings in operating costs and increases in productivity, which is particularly significant in the case of industrial part washers. If the wrong products are used, this can quite often lead to high resource consumption. A large financial burden over the long term and potential quality losses are the result. As a long-standing expert, HYDAC is your contact in the conditioning and treatment of various fluids.

Your industrial part washer – optimised together!Reduce workload effectively, thanks to HYDAC product solutions

The customer turned to HYDAC, as a manufacturer of hydraulic and fluid engineering products, to find a joint solution to the customer’s problem. Valve blocks are machined at two honing machines in the customer’s production. The following complications were occurring in the downstream industrial part washer:

  • High foreign oil ingress in the washing bath because of parts that trap liquid
  • Supplementary cleaning with compressed air and additional washing cycle needed because of residual oil adhering to parts, resulting from the high oil load that the plate phase separator that was originally used could not manage
  • Weekly change of the washing bath because of reduced cleaning effect of the medium – caused by the oil droplets binding with the tensides.

These conditions not only entailed a considerable use of resources, washing media and filtration technology and high financial expenses, but also disrupted the subsequent process. The dissatisfaction with the current situation led the company to consider procuring a new, costly industrial part washer – with the HYDAC solution, this was no longer necessary.

Our product solutions: HYDAC oil separator, series OLSW

Instead of procuring a new washer, a decision was made to make smaller modifications. Starting with the use of the HYDAC oil separator, series OLSW. This is used to separate free oil from water-based fluids and is a cost-effective unit for de-oiling. When it is used, it reliably reduces the foreign oil content to <0.2 vol. % over the entire fluid service life. The need to calm the washing bath for de-oiling was thus eliminated. The adhesion of residual media to the parts was also significantly reduced – blowing with compressed air and post-cleaning were also no longer needed.

HYDAC oil separator, series OLSW 30

HYDAC oil separator, series OLSW 100

Our product solution: HYDAC Wombat filter element

We also recommended that our customer optimise their filtration technology by replacing the previously installed conventional bag filter. The high-quality HYDAC Wombat filter element came into play – it can be installed in almost any conventional bag filter housing with an adapter kit. The high contamination retention capacity guarantees maximum fluid cleanliness. It also greatly lengthens service lives. An optimisation that undoubtedly paid off for our customer: in combination with the HYDAC oil separator, the Wombat filter element increased the service life of the washing bath by eight times.

HYDAC Wombat filter element

The result

Thanks to the intensive coordination with our customer and the individual assessment of their specific challenges, we verifiably saved operating fluid – service lives were lengthened and the environment also benefited sustainably from the optimisation of resource use. Additional manual rework was made obsolete thanks to the new oil separation and the higher-quality filter elements. All of this meant that the industrial part washer could be operated with less maintenance work. As more parts could now be washed per year, the productivity of the entire “hone–wash–package” process increased.

Using our products made it possible to:

  • Increase the service life of the washing bath by eight times
  • Separate roughly 70L oil in one month
  • Eliminate additional process steps
  • Reduce the heat-up times of the washing baths
  • Save over 85% of the water and cleaner costs

At the same time, there was an 80% cost reduction in relation to the industrial part washer. Our customer benefited from our joint collaboration in less than 12 months – the HYDAC products had already paid for themselves. In addition to the reduction in costs resulting from the lower use of resources, our optimisations provided process reliability – across the entire fluid service life. Over the long term, we were thus able to ensure consistent qualityfrom the perspective of technical cleanliness, with reduced particulate and film contamination of the parts produced.

Before: Washing bath without HYDAC oil separator, series OLSW

After: Washing bath with HYDAC oil separator, series OLSW

Quote from HYDAC expert:

“It is important for us to work with our customer to find the solution to their needs that works best for them over the long term. We are delighted that using our products increased the productivity of the system by as much as 10% and will support a sustainable reduction in resource use for years to come.”

Your advantages with the HYDAC product solution:

Conservation of resources

Conservation of resources

Save cleaning fluid and cleaning elements sustainably thanks to longer service lives.

Reducing costs

Cost optimisation

Reduce your costs over the long term thanks to efficient use of resources.

System availability

System availability

Minimise your maintenance work thanks to longer service lives and high-quality filter systems.

Fast payback period

Rapid amortisation

Don’t miss out on the rapid amortisation of your expenses in the optimisation of your industrial part washer.


Process reliability

Fulfil the requirements of consistent, defined cleanliness in your washing medium.

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