Fluid condition monitoring: a must for your fluid management HYDAC has the key to preventive system maintenance

Clean fluids are fundamental to reliable system operation. Many companies know this and place value on fluid conditioning, fluid analysis and filling with clean oil. But when is a fluid really “clean”? What cleanliness requirements are there? Condition-based maintenance and system components that work flawlessly and are the cornerstones for high productivity. With fluid monitoring, you can detect damage early on and avoid system downtime. Find out more now!

Reliable, efficient, digital: smart condition monitoring with HYDAC

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Contaminated fluids, expensive consequencesWhy contamination shouldn’t be ignored

It puts your hydraulic system and lubrication system at risk! Contamination in your fluids leads to devastating component damage and unscheduled system downtime. Inadequate lubrication increases wear in your system's parts and results in high costs.

But be careful: there are two types of contamination that you need to keep an eye on. In the case of particulate contamination, particles in the fluid cause component damage and clog filter elements. When water collects in oil, this is referred to as aqueous contamination. It leads to increased oxidation, causing pumps, valves and drives to rust. But don’t worry: we have the solution for you.

The solution: fluid condition monitoring with HYDACClean fluids protect your machine from failure

Contamination is a normal occurrence that cannot be prevented entirely. What matters is how quickly it is discovered so that you can take the action required early on to prevent further damage. The solution is obvious: continuous condition monitoring can help with this – mostly in the form of smart sensors. But system solutions, such as those for mobile use, are also part of the HYDAC range. Would you like to combine monitoring and cleaning in one system? No problem – we have all-inclusive solutions for bypass flow.

With these intelligent solutions, contamination is detected straight away. This allows you to take steps to tackle the problem – with predictive maintenance and service work planning. Discover our product range for fluids that achieve the highest cleanliness classes.

HYDAC sensors for fluid condition monitoring

HYDAC ContaminationSen­sor 1000

Our fluid sensor CS 1000 monitors ultra-fine particle contamination in oil. An automatic alert is issued to proactively inform you when the specified limit values are exceeded. Perfectly designed to reliably monitor the condition of your systems. 

More information on the HYDAC CS 1000

HYDAC MetallicContamina­tionSensor 1000

Would you like to detect wear in gearboxes and drivetrains early on? We have the solution: the MCS 1000 uses inductive measuring to count the metallic particles in fluids. It's especially suitable for large industrial gearboxes, pumps and bearing systems.

More information on the HYDAC MCS 1000

HYDAC AquaSensor 1000

Precise, permanent, online – our AquaSensor 1000 is the perfect choice for online detection of water in oils. It measures the saturation level and temperature so you can tackle water problems early on.


All-in-one sensor: the HYDACLAB® monitors standard oils and bio oils in terms of their temperature, water saturation, electrical conductivity and dielectric constant. This makes it a smart all-inclusive solution for many different applications.

More information on the HYDACLAB® HLB 1400

HYDAC FluidMonitoring Module

Your machine has been set up, but you’re still missing a module for condition monitoring? We supply our FMM block with passive fluid conditioning ready for connection. This means that we're able to offer you an easy-to-integrate solution for your existing systems.

More information on the HYDAC FMM


HYDAC ConditionSensorIn­terface CSI-C-11

The CSI-C-11 is the interface for your sensors. It reliably transfers sensor readings via WLAN, Ethernet and fieldbus (Modbus®) and sends you e-mail notifications. Your data is stored safely on the CSI-C-11 at all times. You can set your own alert limits for fluid sensors – so that you can keep perfect track of your machines.

More information on the HYDAC CSI-C-11

HYDAC system solutions for fluid condition monitoring

HYDAC Contamination Sensor Module

Any combination, the choice is yours – our online condition monitoring system is fully tailored to your requirements. You decide which sensors you actually need. This means that the CSM-E can be installed as a cost-effective compact condition monitoring solution with active fluid conditioning.

More information on the HYDAC CSM-E

HYDAC Fluid Control Unit 1000

Are you looking for a mobile solution? Then take a look at our FCU 1000 – a portable service instrument for temporary measurement of solid particle contamination and water content. The data can be analysed on a PC with our FluidMonitoring Software.

More information on the HYDAC FCU 1000


HYDAC ConditionMonitoring Package 4000

Our solution for your complete fluid monitoring. The CMP is equipped with sensors that can measure particle contamination, metal particles and water saturation. Integrated network interfaces and data loggers enable simple installation in existing systems.

More information on the HYDAC CMP4000

HYDAC's combined solution for monitoring & cleaning your fluids

HYDAC MobileFiltrationUnit 10 Premium

Filling, flushing, cleaning: these are the main tasks for our portable service unit. Our MFU 10 takes care of your hydraulic systems – even in bypass flow. In combination with an integrated CS 1000 sensor, even solid particle contamination in your fluids can be monitored without any intervention.

More information on the HYDAC MFU-10P

HYDAC OffLineFilter 5 CM

Our OLF 5 series takes care of fine filtration of hydraulic oils in bypass flow. Do you like the sound of our condition monitoring model? It determines cleanliness classes and consistently supplies you with clean oil in line with the target cleanliness. Select the model that best suits your needs.

More information on the HYDAC OLF-5-CM

HYDAC OffLine Filter 15-60 CM

Designed for stationary use in hydraulic systems and lubrication systems, our bypass filters in the OLF 15/30/45/60 series can handle large volumes of oil. They enable energy-optimised cleaning right to the specified target cleanliness. They can also be upgraded with your choice of sensors.

More information on the HYDAC OLF-15-60-CM

Applications for fluid condition monitoring HYDAC is your fluid power expert

Test bench and flushing rig technology

High part quality is the goal – and to achieve this, your system needs to run cleanly and efficiently. In addition to our intelligent system monitoring, we offer complete servicing for your test benches in accordance with ISO 4406. We take care of flushing your valves, pumps and gearboxes and monitoring the flushing rigs. The cleanliness is measured in accordance with ISO 18413. Quality management and design validation are key advantages of working with HYDAC.  

More information on test bench technology

Hydraulic systems and lubrication systems

Hydraulic systems and lubrication systems are used in all mobile and industrial applications. This makes constant system availability all the more important. With our easy-to-integrate sensors and solutions, your systems can achieve maximum efficiency. Another advantage is that you can reduce your operating costs thanks to early damage detection with condition monitoring. Whether it’s on oil platforms, in wind turbines or on a construction site, with remote monitoring you can keep track of everything at all times.

More information on systems technology

Your advantages With fluid condition monitoring

Prevent system downtime and reduce material consumption with condition monitoring.

Higher productivity

System downtime is prevented, reducing your material consumption and your costs.

Extend your fluid service lives with continuous condition monitoring.

Extended fluid service life

As the oil cleanliness is high, fluids need to be changed less often, saving you money as well as time. 

Early detection of fluid contamination ensures plannable processes and first-class quality.

High process reliability

The reliable monitoring enables fluid contamination to be detected early on. The result: processes can run smoothly and flawless quality is ensured.

Using materials and fluids efficiently enables more sustainable production.

Sustainable production

Using materials and fluids efficiently enables more sustainable production.

Preventive service & maintenance planning  Our systems make predictive maintenance possible. Say goodbye to high service and maintenance costs.

Preventive service & maintenance planning

Our systems make predictive maintenance possible. Say goodbye to high service and maintenance costs.

Careful condition monitoring enables long service lives and high component quality.

Long service lives and high component quality

Contaminated fluids lead to increased wear and malfunctions. Thanks to accurate monitoring, this will soon be a thing of the past.


What fluid parameters can be monitored?

HYDAC sensors and systems monitor the following fluid parameters:

  • Contamination
  • Oil condition
  • Water content
  • Temperature
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Metallic abrasion
  • Dielectric constant


What does predictive maintenance mean?

Predictive maintenance is scheduling your maintenance according to your system's condition. By monitoring condition-related parameters, you can plan machine maintenance accurately, making sudden downtime a thing of the past.

Can I send the measurement data to my PC or my mobile device?

You can easily send all measurement data to your PC or smartphone via various interfaces. HYDAC has a large selection to choose from. Integration into your own cloud or the corresponding HYDAC cloud is also possible.

Your brochure for fluid and condition monitoring Everything at a glance – here you will find an overview of our sensors and monitoring systems.

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Intelligent condition monitoring for your fluids with HYDAC

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