Units & systems

Units & systems

Compact power units

Compact units are the most compact form of hydraulic supply, with minimum installation dimensions and high flexibility in connection with the dimensioning for the customer. Thanks to low flange dimensions and the optional loading with series connection modules, the unit can be adjusted to accommodate any installation position and be expanded to include new functions at any time. Depending on available space, the control can be flanged-mounted directly to the unit or integrated as an individual series connection in the vicinity of the consumers.

To cover the various operating mode requirements, the compact units are also offered in various designs. Units exist with air-cooled motors and submersed oil motors, water cooling is also optional with a unit.

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Hybox – a highly compact and efficient small unit

  • Flexible valve concept
  • Additional control blocks can easily be added
  • Integration of Hydac ML series possible
  • Tank size: 20–400 l
  • Max. pressure: 350 bar
  • Max. flow rate: 1–60 l/min
  • Short delivery time: <3 days
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Tank set

As a provider of system solutions, HYDAC supplies all the accessories that are needed for the function, enhancement, retrofitting, equipping, optimisation and maintenance and rapid and conclusive installation of fluid power systems.

Scope of delivery:

  • Tank (alum.)
  • Feet for the tank (alum.)
  • End cap seal
  • End cap prepared for return line filter, breather filter and bell housing
  • Return line filter RF
  • Breather filter BFP
  • Complete screw set for mounting all supplied components

Available sizes from 6.5 l to 70 l.

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Valve stacking systems

HYDAC series connection systems of the type series L and ML are controls made up of individual modules for oil-hydraulic plants in parallel switching. These systems are preferably designed for the control of small-volume consumers and for pressure-/force-holding tasks. Function modules with directional poppet valves, pressure and shut-off valves and pressure switches can be combined on a base module in any order in accordance with the sequence of the control tasks. The end is represented by an end module with or without additional functions. Different basic modules enable the attachment to HYDAC compact units or (with the aid of a pipe connection module) to any given hydraulic system. Thanks to its modular construction, this system enables the following: high flexibility through variable module alignment, individual solution of the control problems, small dimensions and great power density, leakage security and inexpensive control through modular fabrication in large-scale production.
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Small power unit accessories

HYDAC original accessories and replacement parts ensure a long product life and uninterrupted working. Various components such as seals, coils, tools, screws, etc. exist for practically all units.
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