Measurement, display & analysis technology

Measurement, display & analysis technology
HYDAC measurement, display and analysis technology provides controlled safety thanks to concrete diagnosis.

Display units

The universal display device HDA 5500 offers the opportunity for visualisation and further processing of the signals of our sensors. The device is designed for front-panel installation with standard 92 x 45 mm cutout.


  • HDA 5500, microprocessor-controlled display and monitoring unit for control panel installation

The SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1100 is a minimum-size control unit for displaying and saving measurement value data in a PC network. The SensorMonitoring Unit SMU1200 is a display unit for HYDAC’s fluid sensors which is conceived for the display and storage of the measured data.

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Analysis instruments

HYDAC analysis devices are utilised in particular where processes are to be analysed and optimised professionally in the context of a Contamination Management (cleanliness management) from the point of view of the cleanliness of components, systems and the fluids used.
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Measuring instruments

HYDAC measuring instruments are a helpful companion for many measurement tasks in fluid power.
HYDAC offers an extensive array of easy to use measuring systems. Whether it be solid particles or fluid contamination, for sporadic checking or as a permanent installation, under rough field conditions or in the laboratory.
Projectable availability of systems & components
- Avoidance of sudden downtimes
- Reduction of operating costs
- Prevention of catastrophic consequential damages to systems and associated delivery bottlenecks
- Preventive and condition-based maintenance
- Portable data recorders
- Clogging measuring instruments
- Measuring instruments for condition monitoring

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Spare parts and accessories

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