Determine the key parameters for selecting the optimal hydraulic accumulator for your field of application in just a few clicks. Our online tool ASPlight calculates the required variables, such as accumulator volume, pressure ratio and maximum and minimum operating pressures, taking into account real gas behaviour.


With ASPlight, you can find the right hydraulic accumulator quickly and reliably in just a few steps. In a few easy steps, you can obtain all the information that you need for interpretation (required gas volume, exchanged fluid volume and upper and lower operating pressure).

  1. Select the appropriate pre-settings and enter the general conditions for your calculation. 
  2. Click the output value that you would like to calculate.
  3. Enter your values – using the input field or the slider.
  4. In the “reference values” tab, you can have p0 calculated automatically or input it manually. The reference value for the temperature is T0 = 20 °C.
  5. Depending on your selection, the result will be the accumulator volume / exchange volume or the upper and lower operating pressures.  

You will also receive information on the volume ratio, pressure ratio and pre-charge pressure at Tmin and Tmax
On the basis of these values, you can identify whether a bladder accumulator, piston accumulator or diaphragm accumulator is the right hydraulic accumulator for your field of application.

Notice: Basic knowledge of the operating characteristics of hydraulic accumulators is required for the calculation of the values.

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