Mobile hydraulics

Mobile hydraulics
More efficient, safer, smarter: HYDAC is already developing tomorrow's components and systems for mobile work machines today. Because our engineers combine many years of expertise in electro-hydraulics with comprehensive application knowledge. In this way, we recognise the potential of your machine and develop your custom-fit application - from customer-specifics product to holistic industry solutions. As a competent development partner, we transparently accompany you in every phase of your project. Even after the series phase, you can count on HYDAC as your reliable contact partner.
Hydraulics paired with intelligent closed loop technology: in addition to standardised and pre-developed solutions, which we parametrise to your machine to save you time, our portfolio also includes individual complete systems for your vehicle. Tailored to your risk analysis, our solutions are certifiable and meet the highest functional safety requirements. Thanks to an efficient system design, verification by means of simulation models and on our test benches as well as in field and hall tests on site, you can always rely on the tried-and-true HYDAC quality.
Implement the technologies of the future together with HYDAC, increase your machine performance or rely on our compact systems with maximum flexibility. Find out more about our portfolio of construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines, municipal machines as well as lifting and material handling machines now.

Mobile systems

With vehicles increasing in complexity and capacity requirements increasing, intelligent systems are called for that make work easier and ensure safety during work and driving.

We supply electro-hydraulic systems from a single source. From the control block to the sensors, incl. controller, and the software, the right solution for the customer’s needs can be put together.

Our in-house experimental laboratory in conjunction with various test tracks provides support in development with practical tests and know-how. Customer machines can be assembled with the desired products here and examined systematically.  

Application-oriented engineering for customer-specific, economical system solutions form the basis for this.

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Hydropneumatic suspension

Convenience and driving safety – these are the first concepts that should come to mind in connection with our suspension systems. Our suspension systems help to level out uneven terrain, reduce the driver’s exposure to oscillation and increase driving stability.

Various types of suspension of importance, depending on the vehicle model:
 - Axle suspension(front axle/rear axle/full suspension)
 - Cab suspension (partial and full load-bearing systems) and
 - Boom suspension

The suspension should be appropriate for your vehicle and improve driving performance.
 Whether it’s suspension components, subsystem or a complex total system with controller and software – what we provide is determined by your needs.
 As a large percentage of all system components are produced in-house, we are able to coordinate system parts optimally and achieve the best driving performance.
 We will gladly advise you on what your options are for your special requirements and support you in implementing them.

We remain available as a contact – from the product definition phase to series production and beyond.

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Electrohydraulic steering

Modern vehicles must cope with increasingly large loads. Furthermore, on multiple axle vehicles, more flexibility and manoeuvrability are required. This is where the active electrohydraulic addition steering comes in handy. Auxiliary axles are steered via the main steering system in accordance with the vehicle-specific steering strategy.

No mechanical connections are required between the steering axes. Due to the integrated safety function which monitors all steering operating conditions, system errors are recognised and the appropriate safety reactions are triggered. The detected errors can be read out for servicing via a diagnostic interface.


  • Suitable parameterisation for the specific vehicle
  • Less tear wear
  • High driving stability thanks to optimal lateral forces
  • Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to co-rotating or counter-rotating steering
  • Rear swivel minimisation
  • Adjustment to suit the vehicle’s usage profile
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Customer-specific central hydraulics

Central hydraulics for any application
 Combining complex functions in one housing, optimally coordinated to suit the available space, with the option of surface-mounting additional functions, is one of this solution’s major advantages.
 Custom central hydraulic blocks are generally cast in a dead-mould casting process with cores and supplied fully equipped and tested by us.   The central hydraulic system replaces multiple valve housings with many screw fittings, pipes and hoses. Sources of error are reduced and leaks are avoided. In addition, the installation costs can be significantly reduced. The optimised channel layout results in lower pressure losses and makes it possible to improve the overall system’s energy efficiency.
 Overall, the central hydraulics represents the most economic solution for the particular applications.


  • Optimised installation space
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reduction in leakage points
  • Cost-optimised design
  • Everything from a single source

The central hydraulics concept is applicable across industries.

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