Introduction to HYDAC Condition Monitoring - HYDAC CMX The hardware and software that supports your digital transformation

CMX is a tool, that collects, structures and visualizes sensor data. Through customizable dashboards and alerts as well as algorithm and AI based methods it helps optimizing production.


CMX - Condition Monitoring - will support you sustainably in every phase of your digitalization projects. Building on your process and machine data, it takes your insights to the next level.

CMX structures and visualizes your data. Thus, it allows you to cut through the noise and keep track of your operations, while the integrated alert system ensures that you don't miss anything unexpected.

CMX can be used completely local or via cloud, while communicating with your sensors, modules and machines. You can monitor your data on customizable dashboards and trigger alerts based on the measured values, while the use of algorithms and AI methods allows you to gain valuable insights to optimize your production.

CMX works with either HYDAC, third party products or a combination of both.

We are CMX

Digitalization projects require flexibility, creativity and expertise from a wide range of disciplines. These requirements are reflected in our global teams, which consist of specialists from various fields and backgrounds. Our collaboration with each other and with you reveals application-specific and creative solutions and enables the implementation of simple up to complex and innovative projects. Whether you want to start small or expand your existing infrastructures - we support and accompany your digital transformation!

Be an Xpert!

But how does it work? - Fortunately, the process is easy!

From the initial contact, we will guide you to find the right approach. Our agenda is flexible: Choose from an informal meet and greet, a presentation of our CMX product variety, an idea workshop to find suitable projects, or an on-site meeting where you can describe your specific matter.

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Afterwards, we plan the project together, calculate the costs and take the first steps of your digital transformation. From the selection of the right sensor technology to the commissioning of hardware and software - CMX will support you sustainably in every phase of your digitalisation projects.

You prefer to try our Software yourself and contact us for support only? - Here you go! With our DATA+ Box and the LTE router kit, we offer you just that. A cost efficient and user-friendly approach to your digital transformation.

Your Concern

Our Solution

Long downtimesTime reduction through preventive, needs-based maintenance
Lack of resources or experienceSupport from our specialists and comprehensive service
Tracking and interpretation of disturbancesTransparency through dashboards and data analysis including recommended actions
Insufficient knowledge of relevant parametersCooperation in the selection, planning and positioning of sensors
Reluctance to make decisions in the IoT and I4.0 areaSimple implementation thanks to ready-to-plug-in, stand-alone systems and use of existing interfaces
Justification of new investmentsDocumentation of operating times and causes of failure


  • Continuous monitoring of the machinery
  • Demand-based planning of maintenance intervals
  • Early detection of defects and imminent damage
  • Avoidance of unplanned machine and system downtime
  • Increased availability, safety and productivity of systems
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Greater understanding of high-energy consumers and insights to potential areas of energy wastage
  • Ability to highlight site, area or even machine specific recommendations

Discover CMX


Our hardware to accompany the CMX Suite

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Industry 4.0 Vehicle

Our fully networked exhibition and training bus to demonstrate HYDAC products in the context of Industry 4.0

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CMX - Your solution, no matter the industry!

CMX can be used in different fields and industries and allows for flexibility and innovation while building on the experience and expertise of the HYDAC ecosystem. Use CMX to monitor your machinery, ensure the smooth operation of your product line or secure the technical availability of your wind park. While HYDAC is a global player in the shown industries, we are open to new ideas - contact us anyway!

Machine Tools

Modern automation solutions and high productivity combined with energy efficiency

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Pulp & Paper Industry

HYDAC products for production that runs smoothly

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Maritime Technology

Whether it's winches, lifting equipment or stabilisers. Discover our products for shipping applications. Your partner in the maritime industry.

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The right solution for every task

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Fluid engineering

Whenever a system is optimised, there are individual challenges. To tackle them, HYDAC designs tailored fluid engineering solutions.

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Oil and Gas

Whether it's upstream, midstream or downstream – HYDAC is your contact for components and systems in the offshore and oil and gas industries.

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Power Generation

HYDAC: Your partner in optimising auxiliary processes relating to machinery

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Renewable energy

HYDAC supplies solutions for solar power plants, hydropower plants and wind turbines

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