All digital HYDAC shopping options at a glance

Whether the HYDAC online shop, OCI punchout interface or via your own ERP system: digitised procurement accelerates your purchasing and makes the process more efficient. You can rely on different ordering routes with us - tailored to your individual needs. We have listed our e-procurement options for you so that you can quickly and easily find the right way to place your order. 

Shopping basket

Online shop

For customers who want to order directly and without detours

  • Register once for free and start using it immediately
  • View custom prices and request products directly
  • Add any number of part numbers to the shopping cart with just one click using a quick order feature

OCI Punchout interface

For customers who already use an ERP system with an OCI punchout functionality

  • Compatible with Ariba, SAP, Oracle, ERP, and much more.
  • Reduced manual effort to create orders 
  • Quick implementation and low costs

EDI interface 

For customers with complex supply chains and high transaction volumes

  • Direct link from ERP to ERP
  • Accelerated business processes and reduced response times
  • Immediate digital exchange of documents

E-procurement very easily via your browserHow the procurement process works via the HYDAC online shop

Do you want to get information and order from HYDAC quickly, independently and directly? Then we recommend buying through our HYDAC online shop. You can view custom prices through your my HYDAC profile here as an existing customer. For a transparent e-procurement process, after ordering you can always view and download the order confirmation and invoice as well as the delivery note. 

How it works: 

  • Register your company and the associated user for free by specifying your customer number in our myHYDAC area 
  • Search in our catalogue for your desired product or view your custom products in your profile
  • Add your desired products to the shopping basket and make the order
  • We automatically receive your order and process it as quickly as possible. Please note the respective confirmation of receipt and order. 

Go to the quick order view with just a click

As an additional function, you can add as many part numbers to your shopping cart as you want at once with just one click through the HYDAC online shop. That's how you save time! Whether manually or – even more conveniently – via CSV file. 

How it works: 

  • In the myHYDAC area, open the "Quick order" menu tab and enter the desired part numbers, including the desired quantity and delivery data, or, even easier, simply add these via CSV upload.
  • Add your desired products to the shopping cart and place the order.

To the myHYDAC area

Implement an OCI punchout and order conveniently from your system Purchasing processes optimally integrated – with cXML- or OCI interface

Connect your own ERP system to the HYDAC online catalogue via an OCI punchout interface. This way you can view all HYDAC products directly from your system and transfer the shopping cart to your own procurement. This ensures maximum efficiency, because the automated process reduces the manual effort of data entry. Product information, prices, availabilities and other relevant information are automatically synchronized in your ERP system – in real-time. 

How it works: 

  • Implement an interface to the HYDAC online catalogue together with us in your own OCI punchout-capable ERP system. 
  • Find your desired product via the online catalogue, which is directly implemented in your ERP.
  • Place an order in your own system and transfer the order to HYDAC via your desired path. 

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Optimise your process efficiency with EDIOrder via your own ERP system

Electronic data exchange (EDI) has become established globally for communication between business partners. This allows users to save time and costs by automatically transferring business documents in line with industry-specific standards. HYDAC has been successfully using this standardised connection for many years. 

Does your ERP system meet the technical requirements and do you want to implement an EDI data exchange with us? Then contact us now. 

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